Oberman Auctions

Oberman Auctions
Oberman Auctions - Antiques & Collectibles - Auction Closes Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 starting at 7:00PM CST

Item Description
1.Ca. 1870 Walnut Spool Leg Paymasters or Station Masters Desk - Hand Cut Dovetails, Square Nails - 60" H x 57.5" W x 33.5" D

2.Pulaski Furniture Oak 2 Door Corner Curio Cabinet w/Interior Light - 72" H x 31" W x 22" D

3.Oak Top & Green Painted Base Desk - 30" H x  57" L x 30" D

4.Round Oak 5 Leg Dining Table w/1 Leaf and 4 - Oak Pressed Back Chairs - 29.5" H x 45" Dia.

5.Carved Quarter Sawn Oak Vanity w/Beveled Mirror - 60" H x 42" W x 20" D

6.Flame Birch 1 Drawer 1 Door Commode - 35" H x  42" W x 19" D

7.Rectangular Wrought Iron Glass Top Table w/4 - Matching Wrought Iron Chairs - 29" H x 54" W x 32" D

8.Walnut Queen Ann Style Knee Hole Desk - 30.75" H x 41.75" W x 19.75" D

9.Pine Hand Cut Dove Tail Trunk w/Inner Tray - 22.25" H x 44.5" W x 22.5" D

10.Flax Spinning Wheel - Wheel Measures 45"W - Overall Measurement 72" L x 56.75" H x 4.5" D

11.Oak 1 Door Commode - 31" H x 27.75" W x 21" D

12.Quarter Sawn Oak Library Table - 29" H x 42" W x 26" D

13.Oak Bent Leg Lamp Table -  30" H x 23.75" W x 23.25" D

14.Flat Top Steamer Trunk w/Decorative Metal Work - 24" H x 34" W x 21.5" D

15.Vintage Wood Base Candle Stick Floor Lamp w/Claw Feet - 61" H

16.Maple Carved Back Rocker -  38.5" H x 20" W x 21" D

17.Pine Potato Bin - 29.5" H x 24" W x 22" D

18.Mahogany Beveled Glass Top Display Table - 30" H x 20.75" W x 17.75" D

19.Walnut Carved Door Music Cabinet - 35" H x 15.5" W x 17.75" D

20.Painted Love Seat Size Bench - 37" H x 46" W x 22" D

21.Oak Child's Morris Chair - 33.5" H x 21" W x 23" D

22.3 Pc. Oak Dove Tail Card File Cabinet - Marked U.S. Selective Service System - 37.5" H x 16" W x 16" D

23.White Wicker Planter - 63" H x 28" W x 12" D

24.Art Deco Brass Color Glass Top Coffee Table - 17" H x 29" W x 19" D

25.Flat Top Steamer Trunk w/Inner Tray - 22" H x 32" W x 18.25" D

26.Victorian Walnut G.W. Gates Patent Folding Table - Pat. June 19, 1877 - Needs Work - Top Measures 33" W x 24" D

27.Oak Fire Place Mantel Surround - 52" H x 51.25" W x16.25" D

28.Wrought Iron Wicker Back Scrolled Chairs - 38" H x 21" W x 17" D

29.Pine Blanket Chest w/Inner Tray -  24" H x 42.5" W x 18" D

30.Butler Mfg. Co. Minneapolis Barn Cupola - 75" H x 36" Square

31.Oak Console Table - 27" H x 59.75" W x 14.75" D

32.Wicker Plant Stand w/Tin Planter Insert - 27" H x 28" W x 11" D

33.Maple Ladder Back Side Chair - 36" H x 17.75" W x 15.75" D

34.Painted Wicker Cabinet - 39" H x 19.5" W x 12" D

35.Candle Stick Style Floor Lamp - 55" H

36.Wrought Iron Scrolled Back Chair - 39" H x 13.5" W x 14" D

37.Oak Quilt/Blanket Rack - 38" H x 37" W x 12" D

38.Grained Oak 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet - 29" H x 36" W x 19" D

39.Chrome Bar Stool w/Vinyl Seat - 28.75" H x 16.5" W x 16.5" D

40.Northwood Louis XV Custard Glass Footed Bowl - 5" H x 10.5" L x 7.25" W

41.Hull Glossy Woodland W13 Wall Pocket - 7.5" H

42.Hall Cobalt and Gold Airflow 6 Cup Tea Pot #0443 - 7" H

43.Unmarked Weller Louwelsa Art Pottery Vase - 10.25" H

44.Shawnee Tom The Piper's Son Tea Pot - 7" H

45.1940's McCoy Penguin Cookie Jar - 11.25" H

46.2 - Prov. Saxe E.S. Germany Game Plates - Quail & Ring Necked Pheasants  - 11.25" W

47.4 - Civil War Book Plates Suitable For Framing:  Union Naval Officers Engraved by J.C. Buttre, New York 1864, Our Heroic Dead Engraved by A.H. Ritchie 1866, Defenders of the Union Engraved by J.C. Buttre New York and Engraved by H.B. Hall Jr. - 10" H x 6.25" W

48.Pickard Hand Painted Bowl - 3.25" H x 8.75" W

49.Hall's Orange Poppy Coffee Pot - 8" H

50.6 Pc. Germany Floral Decorated Berry Set - Master Bowl  2.5" H x 9" W

51.Black Amethyst Shell & Dolphin Base Compote - 5.75" H x 8.5" L x 6.5" W

52.Victorian Era Velvet Cover Photo Album - 11" H x 9" W x 2.5" D

53.Pink Depression Wheel Cut Ice Bucket and Tongs - 6" H x 5.25" W x 5.25" L

54.62 pc. Set of Holmes and Edwards Silver Plate Flatware w/Chest: 8 - Dinner Forks, 12 - Salad Forks, 16 - Teaspoons, 8 - Soup Spoons, 12 - Dinner Knives, Fruit/Berry Spoon, Meat Fork, 2 - Serving Spoons, Master Butter Knife, Sugar Spoon

55.Theodore Haviland Limoges France Soup Tureen w/Ladle - 6.5" H x 12" L x 8" W

56.RS Prussia Floral Decorated Bowl - 3.5" H x 10.5" W

57.Red Wing Blue Band Beater Jar - 5.25" H x 5.25" W

58.Hull Glossy Woodland W15 Double Bud Vase - 8.75" H

59.Goodell Cast Iron Hand Crank Apple Peeler - Pat'd May 27, 1898 - 10.5" L

60.Germany Beer Stein -14" H

61.Dove Tailed Wood and Cast Iron Hand Crank Coffee Grinder - 7.5" H x 7" W x 6" D

62.Victorian Floral Decorated Candy Ribbon Edge Bride's Bowl - 4" H x 12.25" W

63.Boy and His Blanket Bronze by Jim Knox  - Limited Edition #2 of 15 - 19" H x 17" W x 12" D

64.Pair of Figural Pink Southern Belle Dresser Lamps - 9" H

65.Set of 17 Belleek Plates w/Green Mark: (6) 10 3/4" Dinner Plates, (7) 8 3/8" Plates, (4) 8" Plates

66.4 Pcs. of Cambridge Rose Point: Serving Platter - 15" W, Handled Bowl - 8.5" W, Handled Candy Bowl - 6.5"  W,  Sauce Bowl 

67.Shawnee Corn Pitcher - 8.25" H, Covered Sugar, Salt & Pepper Shakers - 5" H

68.5 Pcs. of Pink Depression Cherry Blossom Glassware: Handled Tray - 12.75" W, Footed Bowl -10.25" W, Handled Bowl - 10.75" W, Serving Bowl - 8.5" W and Oval Bowl - 9" W

69.Kellogg Oak Hand Crank Wall Phone - Pat. Nov. 26, 1901 - Missing The Magneto -  23.5" L x 9" W x 10" D

70.Shawnee Pottery Granny Ann Tea Pot - 8.5" H

71.Pair of Coronet Limoges Monk Plates - 10" W

72.RS Prussia Floral Decorated Bowl - 11" W

73.Warwick Fruit Decorated Pitcher - 6.5" H

74.9 Pc. Germany Pink Pearl Luster Canister Set w/Lids - 4.5" & 8.5" H

75.CH Field Limoges Floral Decorated Bowl - 9.75" W, D & Co Limoges France Rose Pattern Bowl - 9.25" W and T & V Limoges France Rose Pattern Bowl - 9.5" W

76.5 Pc. of Custard Souvenir Glass:  Hancock, MN Salt/Pepper Shakers - 3" H, Aitken, MN Cup - 3.25" H, Hawley, MN Toothpick Holder - 2.25" H and Sunburg, MN Liqueur - 4" H

77.18 Pc. Rosenthal Germany Luncheon Set: 6 - Plates, 6 - Cups (1 Chipped) and 6 - Saucers 

78.Large Wheel Cut Glass Vase - 11.75" H

79.2 - Fenton Silver Crest Candy Ribbon Edge Bowls - 10.5" W and 11.75" W

80.Pair of Charleton Hand Decorated Glass Geese Figures - Approx. 7.5" L

81.Electrified Pink Banquet Lamp w/Crystal Drops - 29" H

82.Hummel "Stormy Weather" Figurine - 6" H

83.Wall Mount Sugar/Flour Clear Glass Dispenser - 12.5" H

84.Victorian Racine Silver Plate Water Tippler - Engraved "Susan W. Adams August 8th 1878" on Front  - 18.5" H

85.Bohemian Ruby Cut to Clear Glass Footed Candy Dish w/Lid - 5" H

86.Fenton Blue Opalescent Hobnail Basket - 10" H

87.29 Pcs. of Green Roulette Pattern Depression Glass: 10 - Tumblers - 5.5" H, 4 - Sherbet Cups, 3 - Coffee Cups, 6 - Saucers, 4 - Plates - 8.5" W and 2 - Serving Bowls - 9.5" W

88.7 - Cambridge Rose Point Goblets - 8" H and 6 - Cambridge Rose Point Goblets - 7" H

89.Set of 10 Belleek Tirdacna Cups & 12 - Saucers w/Green Mark

90.Celluloid Cover Photo Album w/Young Woman Peering Out Window - 12" H

91.10 - Great Northern Railway Winold Reiss Native American Calendar: Cut Nose Woman, 2 - James White Calf, Juniper Buffalo Bull and Little Young Man, Double Steel and Two Cutter, Chief Short Man, Mameia and Spopeia Blackfeet Indians, Night Shoots Indian - 7 Are 12.5" H x 9.5" W and 3 Are 14" H x 12" W

92.Arcade Crystal No. 3 Coffee Grinder w/the Original Cover - 18.5" H

93.3 Pc. Fostoria Willowmere Console Set: Bowl - 11" W and Candle Holders - 5" H

94.Western Germany Beer Stein - 13.25" H

95.13 Pcs. of Nippon Including: Pedestal Bowl, Floral Decorated Mayo Bowl w/Ladle, Candle Holder, Salt/Pepper Shakers, Cup w/Saucer, Sauce Pitcher w/ Saucer, Sugar Shaker, Spoon Holder, Hat Pin Holder

96.5 Pcs.of Fostoria Candlewick Glassware: Cake Stand -10" W, Cake Stand - 11" W, Serving Platter - 12", Serving Platter -12.5" and Handled Serving Plate - 10" W

97.Hummel "Village Boy w/Basket" Figurine - 6.75" H

98.Hummel "Accordion Boy" Figurine - 5.25" H

99.Hummel "Angel w/Horn" Figurine - 5.25" H

100.Hummel "Begging his Share" Figurine - 5.25" H

101.Hummel "Shepherd's Boy" Figurine - 5.5" H

102.Empire Metal Ware Corp. Porcelain and Tin Child's Electric Stove and Oven - Pat. June 17, 1924 - Tested/Got Warm - 16.5" H x 20" W x 8.5" D

103.Cast Iron and Tin Hand Crank Grater - 9" L

104.Victorian Era Floral Decorated Banquet Lamp - Has Been Electrified - 23.5" H

105.11 Pcs. of Flashed Ruby Flash Souvenir Glass - Set of 4 City Furniture Co. Omaha Goblets - 4" H, State Fair 1910 Mug - 2.75"H,  Kerkhoven Mug - 2" H, Elbow Lake , Minn. Toothpick Holder - 2.25" H, Footed Toothpick Holder - 2" H, Emma Notbohm Toothpick Holder - 2.25" H, Gustave Quarde 1901 Toothpick Holder - 2.25" H and Harold 1909 Mug - 2" H

106.Belleek Swan Figure w/Brown Belleek Mark - 6" L

107.Boy Eating Cherry Chalk Ware Figure - 27" H

108.25  Pcs. of Pink Miss America Depression Glass: 2 - 10" Plates, 12" Cake Plate, 9" 4 Compartment Relish Plate, 2 - 6" Bowls, 7 - Sherbet Cups, 4 - Tumblers,  3 - Goblets, 2 - Sugars, 3 - Creamers

109.Rutenber Electric Table Stove - 7" W

110.Red Wing #639 Fan Vase - 12" H x 11.5" W

111.9 - Judge Magazine Prints Suitable For Framing: The Judge Vol. 1 No. 24 New York April 8th 1882 "The Chinaman's Friend" by JA Wales, "Clubs" by Tho Worth, The Judge Jan. 1, 1882 by Tho Worth, "Items" by Hopkins, "Liberty" by Tho Worth, "The Surprise" by Tho Worth, The Judge by Tho Worth, "An Incident of the Great Snow Storm" by Tho Worth, "Our Imitation English Sports: Fox Hunting in America" - 14" H x 11" W

112.4 Pc. Saint Louis Silver Plate Tea Set

113.7 Pc. Bulls Eye Pattern Glass Water Set - Pitcher Is 8.25" H

114.2 - Wire Rug Beaters - Both are Approximately 32" L

115.Assortment of Kitchen Utensils: Ricer, Nutmeg Graters, Rolling Pin, Tin Match Holder, Tin Bread Mold, Hand Scoop, Can Opener, Jar Opener, Butchers Knife, Knife Sharpener and More

116.Keramos Wien Art Pottery Vase Made in Austria - 10" H

117.Hand Painted Enamel Three Light Candelabra w/Prisms - 18" H

118.2 - Candle Stick Telephone & a Lantern Candy Containers

119.Hull Glossy Woodland Art Pottery Ewer - 6" H

120.Floral Decorated Kerosene Lantern w/Chimney - 17.75" H

121.Prov. Saxe E.S. Germany Portrait Tray - 8.5" L

122.Bohemian Gold & Floral Decorated Green Glass Cruet - 8.5" H

123.2 - Pattern Glass Pedestal Compotes - 7" H and 8.25" H

124.Red Wing 8 Gallon Lid - 2 Bottom Rim Chips - 14.25" W

125.60 Pc. Rogers Bros First Love Silver Plate Flatware Set w/Chest: 8 - Dinner Forks, 8 - Salad Forks, 16 - Teaspoons, 8 - Table Spoons, 8 - Dinner Knives, 2 - Serving Spoons, Slotted Spoon, Meat Serving Fork, Gravy Ladle, Master Butter Knife, Lemon Fork, Cream Soup Spoon, Boullion Spoon, Child's Fork, Baby Spoon

126.35 Pcs. of Pink Mayfair Depression Glass: Water Pitcher, Juice Pitcher, Cookie Jar, 4 - Luncheon Plates, 8 - Salad Plates, 12 - Cups, 2 - Saucers, 2 - Bread/Dessert Plates, Oval 14" Platter, Oval Handled Bowl, Relish Bowl, Vegetable Bowl

127.Universal Anders, Frary & Clark Waffle Iron

128.14 - Vintage Nemadji Pottery Vases - 3.25" to 7.5" H

129.8 - Cambridge Rose Point Champagne Goblets - 6.5" and 8 - Rose Point Wine Goblets - 4.5" 

130.10 Pcs. of Hand Painted Nippon: Hat Pin Holder, Condensed Milk Container, Cracker Jar, Gravy Boat, Creamer, Cup w/Saucer, Salt/Pepper Shakers

131.Minnesota Stoneware Albany Slip 1 Gallon Jar - 8.5" H

132.Shirley Temple Mug - 3.75" H & Pitcher - 4.5" H

133.Hummel "Boots" Figurine - 5" H

134.Hummel "Home From the Market" Figurine - 4.5" H

135.Hummel "Boy w/Toothache" Figurine - 5.5" H

136.Hummel "Happy Traveler" Figurine - 5" H

137.Pair of Royal Bavaria Germany Bowls - 1 Floral and 1 Pictorial - Both Are 8.25" W

138.Aladdin Model No. 8 Brass Electrified Lantern w/Aladdin Chimney and Frosted Shade - 24" H

139.Bretby Pottery Dutch Scene Wall Plaque - Made in England - 14.5" W

140.Skookum Native American Doll - 6" H

141.McCoy Stoneware Mixing Bowl - 5" H x 8" W and a Pair of Bauer Pottery #12 Green Mixing Bowls - 4.5" H x 9.5" W

142.4 Pcs. Custard Souvenir Glass: Providence, Minn Liqueur - 4" H, Le Sueur, Minn Toothpick Holder, Center City Minn Creamer - 5" H and Lake Osakis, Minn Battle Point Buck Point Footed Creamer

143.Cast Iron and Dove Tail Wood Hand Crank Coffee Grinder - 7.25"H

144.42 Pc. Set of Lenox Weatherly Dinnerware: 9 - 10.5" Dinner Plates, 8 - 7.75" Salad Plates, 8 - Dessert/Bread Plates, 8 - Cups, 8 - Saucers and Footed Serving Bowl 

145.17 Pcs. of Yellow Florentine Poppy Depression Glass: 7.5" Pitcher, Meat Platter w/Gravy Boat, 4 - Candle Holders, Relish Tray, Oval Bowl, 3 - Juice Tumblers, 2 - Water Tumblers, Cream Soup Cup, 2 - Sherbet Cups 

146.12 Pcs. of Pattern Glass: 10" Pitcher, 7" Vase, 4 - Water Tumblers, Covered Sugar, 2 - Spooners, Oval Bowl, Rose Bowl, Goblet

147.5 - Wood Shaping Planes & a Smoothing Plane

148.10 Pcs. of Blue Opalescent Glass: 4 - Hobnail Sherbet Cups, 12.75" Vase, 6.5" Hobnail Basket, 2 - Hobnail Cruets (One Missing Stopper), Cream & Sugar

149.12 Pcs. of Flashed Ruby Souvenir Glass: East Grand Forks, MN Toothpick Holder, Garrison, N.D. Toothpick Holder, Mamie K. Omalley Mug, 1909 Inter State Fair Cup, W.A. Shaw Cup, Waukon Junction IA Mug, Camp Point, Ill. Mug, Spooner, Minneapolis Cup, Ortonville Liqueur, Cup and Ritzville, Wash Footed Glass

150.19 Pc. of Fostoria American Glass: 8 - Sherbet Cups, Sauce Dish, Handled Bowl, Candy Compote, 2 - Candle Holders, 4 - Ash Trays, Cream & Sugar Under Tray, Round Handled Tray

151.Cast Iron Official City of Saint Paul Minnesota Raised Letter Seal - 13" H - 21 Pounds

152.Aladdin Electric Table Lamp - 27" H

153.A Century of Progress - 1833 Chicago 1933 World's Fair Tin Tray - Featuring The Federal Building and States Group, Fort Dearborn, Hall of Science, Electrical Group and Travel & Transport Building - 17.25" W x 12.25" H

154.22 Pcs. of Cambridge Rose Point Glassware 14.5" Serving Platter, 2 - 8.5" Plates, 2 - 7.5" Plates, 6 - 6.5" Plates, 5.5" Footed Crimped Edge Handled Bowl, 7" Handled Bowl, 7.5" Divided Relish Bowl, 2 - Corn Cob Plates, Cream, Sugar, 2 - 6.5" Goblets, 8 3/8" Goblet, Individual Nut Dish/Salt Cellar

155.Velvet and Celluloid Photo Album - 10.5" H x 8.5" W

156.8 Pcs. of Marked R.S. & Unmarked R.S. Porcelain: 2 - Cream & Sugar Sets, Creamer, Relish Tray, Rose Decorated Plate & a Shaker

157.8 Pcs. of Marigold Carnival Glass: 14.75" Round Platter, 8.5" Ruffled Edge Bowl, Hobnail Opalescent Pedestal Rose Bowl, 2 - Vases, Orange Tree Ice Cream Cup, Rays Small Bowl, Ruffled Edge Bowl

158.10 Pcs. of Lenox Porcelain: 3 - Swan Figures, 9" Vase, Shell Bowl, Decorated Covered Box, Small Oval Bowl, 2 - Shell Ash Trays & a Cornucopia - 2.5" H

159.Victorian Era Lap Desk - 12" L x 8.5" W x 3.75" H

160.32 Pcs. of  Pink Depression Cherry Blossom Glass: 8.5" Serving Bowl, 4.5" Tumbler, 10 - 9" Dinner Plates, 12 - 6" Dessert/Bread Plates and 8 - 4.75" Bowls

161.11 Pcs. of Pattern Glass: Beaded Rim Pitcher - 8.75" H, Covered Butter Dish, 2 - Handled Trays - 11.25" & 13.5" W, Small Pitcher - 5.25" H, 2 - Spooners, 3 - Goblets & a Jelly Compote

162.33 Pc. of Rorstrand Sweden Porcelain: 12 - Dessert Plates- 6.75" W, 11 - Cups & 12 - Saucers 

163.Child's Hair Pin Back Ice Cream Chair - 20.75" H

164.3 - Vintage Beer Steins - 7.5" & 9" H

165.Pattern Glass Cake Stand - 6.25" H x 9" W

166.Pair of Cast Iron "Gazelle" Bookends - 4.75" H

167.Custard Glass Pedestal Bowl - 5.5" H x 7.5" W

168.3 - Scenic Hand Painted Nippon Plates - 8.75", 9" and 10.25" W

169.16 - Tintype Photographs - Approximately 3.5" H x 2.5" W

170.Bristol Glass Vase w/Hatched Chick Decoration - 12" H

171.2 - Marble Urn Shaped Table Lamps - 13" & 21" H 

172.50 Pcs. Copeland Spode "Wicker Lane" Dinnerware:  Oval Serving Platter - 16.75" W, 7 - Dinner Plates, Luncheon Plate, 8 - Berry/Fruit Bowls, 4 - Boullion Bowls, 10 - Large Cups, 5 - Small Cups, Boullion Saucer, 6 - Large Saucers, 6 - Small Saucers, Butter Plate

173.6 Pcs. of Noritake Porcelain: Spoon Holder, Floral Decorated Handled Bowl, Floral Vase - 6.75" H, Covered Creamer w/Plate, Covered Mustard w/Plate, Scenic Salt/Pepper/Mustard w/Tray

174.2 - Wire Rug Beaters - Approx. 26.75" L

175.22 Pcs. of Green Clover Leaf Depression Glass: 9 - Luncheon Plates,  4 - Tumblers, Footed Tumbler, 4 - Cups, 4 - Saucers

176.9 Pcs. of Pattern Glass: Footed Pitcher - 9" H, 4 - Goblets, Covered Butter Dish, Spooner, Handled Tray & Rectangular Bowl

177.11 - Salt and Pepper Sets: Crystal Made in Germany US Zone, Pipestone, MN Teepee, Shawnee Owls, Red Wing Brittany, Royal Winton Grimwades England, Evans Nickel Silver, Pattern Milk Glass, Hand Painted, Shelley England, "Farmers Elevator Co. Kimball, MN", Sailing Ships

178.3 Pcs. of Custard Souvenir Glass: Mora, Minn Footed Creamer - 3.25" H, Avon, Minn Mug, and Upsala, Minn Toothpick

179.Roseville Art Pottery Brown Clematis Vase - 103-6"

180.Crackle Glass Floral Decorated Dresser Jar - 3" H

181.1950's Brown Pottery Table Lamp - 26.75" H

182.Hummel "Happy Pastime Girl" Covered Dish - 5.5" H

183.Hummel "Doctor" Figurine - 4.75" H

184.Hummel "Soloist" Figurine - 4.75" H

185.Hummel "Singing Lesson" Figurine - 3" H

186.Hummel "Angel Joyous News Accordion" Candle Holder - 2.25" H

187.2 - Victorian Era Photo Albums w/an Assortment of Photos - Both Approx. 11.5" H x 9" W

188.5 Pcs. of Belleek w/Green Mark: Clover Leaf Basket Weave Plate - 10.25" W, Limpet Creamer, Ribbon Creamer, Boat Dish, Heart Candy Dish 

189.Jade Carved Mountain Scene - 7.5" W and 3 Pcs. of Carved Soap Stone: Pair of Book Ends - 4.25" H and Double Urn Vase - 4" H

190.8 - Vintage Christmas Light Bulbs: Santa, Blue Bird, Star and Moon, Bell, Clown, 2 - Figures, Asian Lamp

191.88 pc. Set of Oneida Queen Bess Silver Plate Flatware w/Wood Chest: 27 - Dinner Forks, 17 - Salad Forks, 16 - Teaspoons, 7 - Soup Spoons, 12 Dinner Knives, 2 - Dessert Servers, 2 - Iced Tea Spoons, 3 - Child's Forks, 2 - Child's Spoons

192.8 Pcs. of Pink Windsor Depression Glass: 2 - Pitchers - 6.5" H, Pair of Salt/Pepper Shakers, Creamer, Sugar Dish w/ Lid, Boat Shaped Bowl - 11.5" L and Handled Serving Platter - 12" W

193.7 Pcs. of Fostoria Willowmere Glass: Console Bowl - 12" W, Divided Relish - 12" L, 2 - Footed Bowls - 7.25" W, Cream, Sugar & Butter Dish Bottom 

194.Cast Iron and Dove Tail Wood Painted Hand Crank Coffee Grinder - 7" H

195.13 Pcs. of Pattern Glass: Crimped Edge Pitcher - 8" H, Bottle/Decanter - 11" H, Vase - 8" H, Compote, 3 - Tumblers, Heart Pattern Bowl - 9" W and 5 - Goblets

196.Assosrtment of Vintage Tools: Spring Scale, Ball Peen Hammer, Square, Hog Ring Pliers, Screwdrivers, Oil Can, Folding Rule, Wrenches, Roller

197.14 - Native American Made Items: Leather and Rabbit Infant Shoes, Beaded Necklace, Miniature Vases, Ashtray, Ceremony Tie and More

198.Pair of Orrefors Crystal Candle Holders - 2.25" H

199.German Silver Chain Mesh Purse - 5.5" H x 4.25" W

200.Hall Cobalt Blue & Gold Floral Decorated 5 Cup Tea Pot - 5" H

201.5 - Limoges France Plates: Elite Works Gold Floral - 6.75" W), Haviland France Floral Decorated - 7.5" W, Haviland Floral - 8.75" W, Haviland Limoges for Gimbel Bros. Floral Plate - 8.75" W, Bird Game Plate - 10" W

202.Reproduction Lutted's S.P. Cough Drops Amber Glass Log Cabin Lidded Dish - 7.5" H x 8.5" W x 5.5" D

203.6 - Straight Edge Razors: Lander's, Frary and Clark, Gottlieb Hammesfahr Solingen, Razor Roll w/ Durham Duplex, Cattaraugus Cutlery, Union Razor Cutlery Co. & Litt's Multi-Blade Razor Spencer, IA Pat. Nov. 19, 1912

204.Bristol Glass Floral Decorated Vase - 11" H

205.Brass Blow Torch - 11.5" H

206.Pattern Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp w/Chimney - 18.25" H

207.Album of 30 Assorted First Day of Issue Covers: Honoring the Women of United States Armed Forces Sept. 11, 1952, 500th Anniversary of the Printing of the Gutenberg Bible Sept. 30, 1952, Honoring the Newspaper Boys of America Oct. 4, 1952, International Red Cross Nov. 21, 1952 and Many More

208.40 Pcs. of Imperial Candlewick Glass: 12 - 8.5" Luncheon Plates, 12 - Cups, 12 - Saucers & 4 - Salt Cellars

209.5 - Cup & Saucer Sets: KPM, Leuchtenburg Germany, Royal Grafton, Shelley & Unmarked

210.6 Pcs. of Occupied Japan: Cup w/Saucer, Tomato Cream/Sugar w/Tray, 3 - Figurines & a Square Bowl

211.Pottery Barn Kids "Old MacDonald Had A Farm" Quilt - 48" H x 34" W

212.12 Pcs. of Pink Open Lace Depression Glass: Divided Relish Tray - 10.5" W, 2 -  Serving Bowls - 9.5" W, 2 - Dinner Plates, 3 - Luncheon Plates, 4 - Saucers

213.12 Pcs. of Pattern Glass: Pitcher - 8.5" H, 2 - Vases - 7 ' H, 3 - Goblets, Small Covered Butter Dish, Spooner, Pedestal Compote Bowl, 2 - Bowls & a Cruet (Missing Stopper) 

214.6 - Vintage Plat Maps: Buckman Township Morrison Co. Minn - 19.5" W x 16" H, Graham Township - 16.5" H x 14" W, Ripley Township Morrison Co. Minn -  20.5" W x 16" H, St. George Township - 16.5" H x 14" W, Morrison County Minnesota - 19" W x 16" H and Buckman Township/Royalton Bellevue Township/Village of Vawter - 19.5" W x 16" H

215.Pair of Art Deco Dual Arm Wall Sconces - Approx. 12" H x 16" W x 9" D

216.Imperial Crown China Austria Cleopatra Portrait Plate - 8.5" W & a Bavaria Cobalt & Floral Portrait Bowl - 10.25"W

217.3 Pc. Derby Silver Plate Tea Set: Tea Pot - 8.5" H, Creamer & Covered Sugar

218.5 Pcs. of Custard Souvenir Glass: Pair Elk Creek, Wis. Liqueurs - 3.75" H, Waterloo, Iowa Cup, Mountain Drive at Hot Springs, Ark. Cup and Phillips Academy New Rockford, N.D. Toothpick Holder

219.Brass Perkins & House Kerosene Oil Safety Lamp - Pat. Nov. 18, 1871 w/Chimney - Missing Filler Cap - 17" H

220.11 Pcs. of Ceramic Arts Studio: Pair of Peasant Figures - 4.75" H, Peasant Girl - 4.75" H, 2 - Eskimo Salt/Pepper Shaker Sets, Scottish Salt/Pepper Shakers, Asian Figure Bud Vase - 6" H, Girl Shelf Sitter (Mini Anvil NOT Included)

221.7 Pcs. of Hand Painted Nippon: Gold Floral Nappy, Floral Plate - 9.5" W, 7 Pc. Floral Nut Set, Scenic Relish Tray, Floral Tray, Scenic Nut Bowl, Boullion Cup w/Saucer

222.11 - Fostoria Willowmere Goblets - 4.25" 

223.33 Pc. Set of Alvin Sterling Silver Flatware w/a Wood Chest: 8 - Dinner Forks, 8 - Salad Forks, 8 - Teaspoons, 8 - Hollow Handle Knives, Serving Spoon - Approximately 29 Troy Ounces, Does Not Include Hollow Handle Knives.

224.3 - Wire Rug Beaters - Approx. 31" H

225.21 Pcs. of Green Georgian Love Birds Depression Glass: 4 - 8.5" Luncheon Plates, 12 - Dessert/Bread Plates, 2 - Creamers, Sugar, Soup/Cereal Bowl and a Saucer

226.4 - Sad Irons: Child's Size - 3.5" L,  Geneva, Ill. Star Iron, M 5R Kenrick Iron, Child Size Asbestos Sad Iron Pat. May 22, 1900, The Cleveland Foundry Co. Cast Iron Trivet (Cracked) and Asbestos Sad Iron Cast Iron Trivet (Cracked)

227.16 Pcs. of Germany Porcelain: State Normal School, St. Cloud, Minn. Cup, Blue Lady w/Basket Toothpick Holder, Erphila Germany Victorian Couple Figurine - 6" H, J.S.V. Germany Floral Nappy, The Auditorium, Omaha, Neb. Footed Creamer, Figural Cow Creamer, Floral Basket Dish, Royal Blue Medallion Portrait Vase, "A Present" Mug, Rose Decorated Trivet, Floral Plate, Scenic Plate, "The Coming Woman" Plate, 2 - Nut Dishes & a Pocket Watch Tray

228.Art Deco Style Beaded Purse - 7.5" H x 5.5" W

229.8 - Straight Razors: Genco, Wade & Butcher Sheffield, Germania Cutlery, Rangoon, Unmarked, Simmons Hdwe. Co. No. 421 Barber's Pet, O.F. Lager Co. & Joseph Rodgers & Sons With a Leather Roll Up Case

230.2 - Maroon Lipton's Tea Pots - 6" H

231."Aloha" Hula Girl Bobble Figure - 7.25" H

232.Eastlake Comb Tray - Missing Mirror - 15" H x 10.5" W

233.Pair of Vintage Floral Ceramic Vase Table Lamps w/Shades - 24" H

234.Pair of Monmouth Stoneware Pitchers - Brown Pitcher Marked Inside "Hanson Hardware Zimmerman, Minn." -  Both 6" H

235.Walnut Cigar Humidor - 4" H x 10.75" w. x 7.75" D and a Rosewood w/MOP Inlay Document Box w/the Key - 4.75" H x 11.75" W x 8.75" D

236.8 Pcs. of Fostoria Meadow Rose Glass: Jelly Compote - 4.5" H, 4 - Footed Tumblers, Footed Bowl - 11" W, Oval Relish Bowl, Double Candle Holder 

237.24 Pcs. of Pink Royal Lace Depression Glass: Pitcher - 8.25" H, Cookie Jar - 7.25" H, 5 - Dinner Plates - 10" W,  Luncheon Plate, 3 - Soup/Cereal Bowls, 3 - Tumblers, 2 - Sherbet Cups, 2 - Cups, 5 - Saucers, Handled Oval Serving Bowl - 11" W 

238.6 - Vintage Plat Maps: Woodland Township - 16" H x 11.5" W, Maywood Township - 16" H x 14" W, Crow Lake Township - 19" H x 15.5" W, North Fork Township - 19" H x 15.5" W, Crow River - 19" H x 15.5" W and Brooten - 18.75" H x 15.75" W

239.Cast Iron Sure Grip 56 Nail Puller, 12" Wood Level, Folding Yard Rule, Large Wood Screw Clamp, The K & B Co. Alligator Wrench, Keen Cutter Scissors, Watch/Jewlers Hammer, Screwdrivers, Caliper, Ford Wrench

240.12 - Vintage Toys: View Master w/6 - View Master Reels, Flintlock Cap Gun, Kilgore Pal Cap Gun, Walt Disney Productions Gund Pluto Puppet, Kellogg Co. Crackle Hand Puppet, Kiddie Production Balancing Santa, Wood Postman, Paper Mache' Rabbit, Spiral Push Toy, Tootsie Toy Trailer, Chief's Headress, Wood Flute

241.18 Pcs. of Pattern Glass: Small Butter Dish, Set of 6 Goblets, Creamer, Sugar, Vase, 3 - Goblets, Spooner, Sherbet Cup, Berry Bowl, Liqueur, Cup

242.Cast Iron and Dove Tail Wood Hand Crank Coffee Grinder - 7.5"H

243.Cobalt Blue & Gold Decorated Jardineire - 6.75" H x 8" W

244.Cut Glass Banana Bowl - 7.5" W

245.4 Pcs. of Made in Czechoslovakia: Toby Type Creamer, Floral Decorated Candle Holder, Cat Handled Creamer, Erphila Winged Angel Candle Holder - 4.5" & 4.75" H 

246.Vintage Asbro Beaded Purse - Since 1870 Paris/New York - 7" H x 5.5" W

247.Pattern Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp w/Frosted Chimney - 17.25" H

248.5 - Coin Banks: - Pottery Pig - 6" H, Nash's Mustard Lucky Joe, Liberty Bell,  Grapette Clown - 7.25" H & a Metal Sunbury Trust & Safe Deposit 

249.3 - Syrup Pitchers: Pattern Glass, Milk Glass Floral Decorated (Cracked), Fraunfelter Royal Rochester Floral Lustre - 5.5" to 6.5" H

250.Pair of Pattern Glass Candle Holders w/Prisms - 9.75" H

251.5 - Cup & Saucer Sets: Royal Albert "Yuletide", Bavaria, Rosina, Unmarked and Victoria Czechoslovakia

252.21 Pcs. Pink Octagon Depression Glass: 6 - Handled Plates - 8.5" W, 5 - Dessert/Bread Plates - 6" W, 6 - Cups, 4 - Saucers

253.59 Pc. Set of Oneida Silver Plate Flatware w/a Wood Chest: 13 - Dinner Forks, 23 - Teaspoons, 10 - Butter Knives, 2 - Salad Forks, Luncheon Fork, Table Spoon, Soup Spoon, 2 - Serving Spoons, 2 - Dessert Servers, Meat Fork, 2 - Master Butter Knives, Individual Butter Knife

254.7 Pcs. of Souvenir Glass: Maple Lake Flashed Ruby Vase - 6" H, Waterloo Cup, Foley, Minn. Milk Glass Pin Tray, Greensburg, Kas. Clambroth Toothpick Holder, Oskaloosa Flashed Ruby Toothpick Holder, Dent, Minn Milk Glass Shovel and Albany, Minn Green Covered Pin Dish

255.8 - Fostoria Willowmere Wine Goblets - 5.25" & 6 - Willowmere Water Goblets - 5.5" 

256.17 Pcs. of Hand Painted Nippon: Floral Cracker Jar, Floral Handled Bowl - 13.25" W, 6 Pc. Gold Decorated Nut Set, Floral Chip n' Dip, 4 - Gold Decorated Nut Dishes, Floral Relish Tray, Floral Plate, Gold Decorated Cup w/Saucer

257.10 - Mustache Cups: Made In England, Japan, Altenburg Saxony & Unmarked

258.4 Pcs. of Silver Overlay Glass: Footed Bowl - 11.5" W, Candlewick Split Sauce Bowl, Candlewick Platter - 14.25" W and a Caprice Platter - 14" W

259.8 - Straight Razors: Famous Tang Sheffield, Duplex Dresser, 4 - J.R. Torrey, Sterling Service, Durham Duplex & Mandarin

260.5 pcs. of Pickard Hand Painted Porcelain: Creamer, Handled Bowl - 7" W, Floral Plate - 6.75" W, Boullion Soup Cup, Tea Cup

261.Keuffel & Esser Drafting Set

262.Art Deco Era Table Lamp w/Shade - 17" H

263.Cut Glass Cruet w/Stopper - 6.25" H

264.1971 Hummel First Edition Annual Plate of the Year w/Original Box

265.9 Pc. Porcelain, Ceramic & Glass Shoes: Most Are Marked Germany

266.5 - City Plat Maps: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Sioux City, New Orleans and Indianapolis - 15" H x 12" W

267.8 Pcs. Yellow Depression Glass: 4 - Cameo (Ballerina) Grill Plates - 10.5" W and 2 - Princess Sherbet Cups

268.Assortment of Office Supplies: Faymus Quality B&M Rubber Type Kit, Brass Sliding Book Stand, Ideal Pocket Seal Number 1 Raised Letter Seal, Swingline Stapler, Advertisment Pencils and Letter Openers, File Organizers, Ink Wells, Lightening Calculator, Duplex Addition Calculator

269.10 - Toothpick Holders: Germany Figural, Flashed Ruby Glass, Tacoma Washington Silver Plate, Germany Take Your Pick, Three Handled, Porcelain, Pattern Glass, Silver Plate 

270.10 Pcs. of Imperial Candlewick Glass: Divided Relish Tray - 9" W, Covered Butter Dish, Serving Bowl - 11" W, Creamer, Covered Sugar, Salt/Pepper Shakers w/Tray and a Divided Sauce Bowl

271.18 Pcs. of Japan Porcelain: Cup w/Saucer, Handled Dish, Boy and Bird Figure, Cats w/ Yarn, Victorian Lady Wall Pocket, Victorian Couple "Thames" Figurine, Nut Dish, Hat Pin Holders, Toby Type Pitcher and More

272.Large Assortment of Ephemera: Soo Line Railroad, Company's Freight Way-Bill, Geo. H. Daggett & Co., James & J.E. Carlon Dealers in Grain, C.H. Canby & Co. Stock Brokers, The Chambers & Farwell Grain Commission Merchants, The Van Dusen Harrington Co., Whitney & Gibson Grain Shippers, Central Minnesota Power and Milling Co., Etc. 

273.2 - Wicker Rug Beaters - 28" H

274.Framed Oil on Canvas Milk Maid-Young Woman w/Cow - 44" H x 30" W

275.Framed Oil on Canvas Fruit Still Life Signed L.B.S. - 16.5" H x 29" W

276.Framed "Home of the Bluebird" Print by Zula Kenyon - 14.75" H x 11.75" W

277.Framed "The Butterfly" Print by Bessie Pease Gutman - 17.75" H x 12.75" W

278.Framed "The Organ Grinder" Print by Frank X. Leyendecker - 19.5" H x 15.75" W

279.Framed European Street Scene Print Signed Lee Buchray - #316 of 500 - 18" H x 14.75" W

280.Decorative Wood Framed Print - 20.5"W x 14.75"H

281.Framed "Guardian Angel" Print - 16.75" H x 13.25" W

282.Pair of Oval Convex Glass Sacred Heart Prints - 25" H x 18.5" W

283.Framed "Two Strikes" & "Fanned Out" Prints by Charles Dana Gibson - 15.5" H x 34.75" W

284.Wines of the World Shadow Box - 9.5" H x 31.5" W

285.Framed "Wood Ducks" Print by Kathy Flynn - 32" H x 26" W

286.Decorative Metal Frame Oval Convex Glass "Mothers Birthday" Print - 16.5" H x 25" W

287.Hollow Copper Building Decoration From Saint Benedict's Monastery - 27.75" H x 51" W

288.Wood and Steel Strap Trunk - 13" H x 26.5" W x 16" D

289.Spindle Back Youth Chair - 23" H x 13" W x 12" D

290.Quarter Sawn Oak Shoe Shine Stool - 13" H x 24" L x 13.5" W

291.Flat Top Steamer Trunk - 10.5" H x 18" W x 10.75" D

292.Evinrude Elto Outboard Motor No. 4266 01422 - Has Compression, Motor is Free - 31" H

293.Universal Photo Art Stereoscope w/170+ Cards

294.Pint Jar of Marbles: Clay, Cats Eye, Shooters and More

295.4 - Unmarked Porcelain Floral Decorated Plates - Approx. 9" W

296.Approximately 85 Saint Cloud Area Post Cards

297.Pair of Cambridge Caprice Candle Holders w/Prisms - 7.25" H and Cambridge Caprice 3 Part Relish

298.Whiting & Davis Mesh Clutch - 4.5" H x 4" W and a Whiting & Davis Style Mesh Purse - 5.25" H x 8" W

299.5 - Pink Cherry Blossom Depression Glass: Handled Tray - 12.75" W, 2 - Handled Serving Bowls - 10.75" W, Sugar Dish and a Juice Tumbler

300.Commemorating Col. Lindbergh First to Navigate the Air in Continuous Flight From New York to Paris 1927 Plate - 8.75" Square

301.Pattern Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp - 10.5" H

302.11 Pcs. of Fostoria Meadow Rose Pattern Glass: Handled Serving Platter - 12.5" W, Oval Relish Bowl - 11" L, Footed Tray - 7.75" W, Salad Plate,  Salt/Pepper Shakers, 4 - Wine Goblets, Champagne Goblet

303.4 - Vintage Purses: Walborg Beaded, Golden Bead Mesh, Black Soft Side & Silver Colored

304.9 Pcs. of Flashed Ruby Glass: Bull's Eye Spooner - 6.25" H, "Take One on Me" Toothpick Holder, Bowl - 4" W, Worlds Fair 1893 Toothpick Holder, Souvenir of La Moure, N.D. Kettle Toothpick, Beaded Foot Bowl, Bull's Eye Toothpick Holder, Mug Toothpick Holder and Creamer

305.9 Pcs. of Pink Floral Depression Glass: Oval Platter - 10.75" W, 6 - Luncheon Plates - 8" W, Creamer and Cover Sugar Dish 

306.Set of 6 Aynsley England Bone China Cups and Saucers

307.8 Pcs. of Silverplate: Reliance Handled Bowl, Webb Bride's Basket, Racine Pickle Castor Frame, Spooner, Benedict Tea Pot, Farber Small Bowl, Child's Cup, Acme Small Footed Bowl

308.Fostoria Navarre Round Platter - 13.75" W and a Pair of Navarre Double Candle Holders

309.Pair of Duchin Creation Weighted Sterling Candle Holders - 2.75" H

310.1920's Meeker Art Nouveau Design Tooled Leather Purse - 7.75" W x 7" H

311.Bristol Glass Enameled Decanter w/Crown Style Stopper - 9.75" H

312.The Forum Vol. XI & XII by The Forum Publishing Co. Copyright 1888, 1890 & 1891

313.Victorian Era Banquet Lamp Base - Electrified - 12.5" H

314.Chinese Cloisonne Dragon Bowl w/Original Box - 10" W

315.Assorted Vintage Toys: Rolling Pin, Jello Mold, Iron, Betty Taplin Beater, Robin Hood Flour Cookie Cutter, Porky the Pig Cookie Cutter, Bat Cookie Cutter, 2 - Aluminum Santa Cookie Cutters, 4 - Doll Hangers, Clothes Pins

316.Set of 11 Haviland Limoges Floral Cups & a Set of 10 Haviland Limoges Leaf Cups

317.15 Pcs. of Imperial Candlewick Glass: Jelly Compote, Candy Compote, Handled Bowl - 9.5" W, Pair of Candle Holders, Covered Sugar Dish - 4.25" H, 4 - Salt Cellars, Divided Relish, Handled Tray - 14" W, Salt/Pepper Shakers, Spoon 

318.Over 500 Minneapolis/St. Paul and Other Minnesota Area Post Cards - Many Dated Early 1900's w/1 Cent, 2 Cent, 3 Cent and 4 Cent Stamps

319.9 Pcs. of  Green Cameo (Ballerina) Depression Glass: Cake Plate - 10" W, Grill Plate, 4 - Goblets, Dinner Plate, Dessert/Bread Plate, Sugar

320.Over 100+ Early 1900's Children's Portrait Photos

321.Weller Art Pottery Jardineire & 3 - Weller Vases - 6.75" H to 7.75" H

322.600+ Holiday Post Cards Including Easter, Christmas, Valentines, Birthday, Forget Me Not

323.2 - Pattern Glass Cake Stands - 6.5" H x 12" W and 4" H x 9.5" W

324.Rochester 5 Pint Coffee Pot, Gray Graniteware Roasting Pan and Gray Graniteware Pot

325.Assortment of Child's Dishes - Tea Pots, Cups, Saucers, Cream, Sugar

326.16 - Assorted Salt Cellars

327.3 - Vintage State Maps: Illinois - 14.5" H x 11.25" W, Mississippi - 14.5" H x 11.25" W and Kentucky - 23" W x 15" H

328.26 Pcs. of Fostoria Colony Glass: 12 - Cups, 12 - Saucers, Sauce Dish w/Under Plate & Ladle

329.12 Pcs. of Pink Holiday (Buttons and Bows) Glass: Pitcher - 6.75" H, Round Serving Tray - 10.5" W, Plate, Creamer, 5 - Cups, 3 - Dessert/Bread Plates

330.5 - Pattern Glass Handled Baskets - 8.5" H to 10.5" H

331.Assorted Lot of 8 - Including 1943 Roseville Water Lily Console Bowl 442-10" *Has 2 Small Chips, Gmundner Keramik Hand Made Vase Made in Austria (8.75"H), Red Wing U.S.A. Brown Stoneware Kettle w/ Lid *1 Small Chip, Cornucopie Vase (5.75"H), Pink Fluted Vase (5.5"H), Yellow Handled Vase (5.25"H), RumRill Art Deco Vase (6"H) and a Poppy Trail 112 Vase (5.25"H)

332.Assorted Lot of 6 Silverplate Ware - Including Monarch Plate Brand Footed Lidded Candy Dish (5.5"H), Fairpoint Manufacturing Co. Handled Basket (3"H), Meriden B. Company Handled Dish (6.5"H), Queen City Silver Co. Footed Dish (9.5"H), Aurora Manu. Co. Soap Dish (3.75"W), Footed Handled Dish Holder (9"H) and Wallace Bros. Silver Co. Candle Holder

333.Large Assorted Lot of  20 Ephemera - Including Studebaker, Oldsmobile, Olds Motor Works, New Holland, The General Tire, Peerless, 1925 Model D Roadster, 1904 American Napler, Red Crown Gasoline, AC Fuel Pumps, Texaco Ethyl, Ethyl Corp., Buick, Mobilgas and More 

334.Assorted Lot of 7 Clear Pattern Glassware - Including Large Serving Bowl (9.25"W) and 6) Smaller Bowls (4.5"W)

335.Assorted Lot of 6 Antique Books - Including Royalty of Friendship by Alice L. Williams Copyright 1886 by S.E. Cassino, Seven Hundred Album Verses by J.S. Ogilvie Copyright 1884 by J.S. Ogilvie & Co., Two Year's Residence on the English Prairie of Illinois by John Woods Copyright 1968, Two Views of Gettysburg by Sir Arthur J.L. Fremantle and Frank A. Haskell Copyright 1964, The Cup of Loving Service by Eliza D. Taylor Copyright 1892 and Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice Copyright 1982

336.The Pool in the Desert by Frederic Remington Copyright 1909 by P.F. Collier and Son

337.Lot of 4 Antique Hand Painted Gilded Shaving Mugs - One is Marked Three Crown China Germany - Measure 3.75"H - 4.25"H

338.Lot of 4 Coin Purses - 3 Beaded Coin Purse(s) and 1 Fringed Coin Purse - Measure Between 3.5"L and 5"L

339.Assorted Lot of 18 Vintage Books - Including Betty Zane by Zane Grey, The Big Valley by Charles Heckelmann, Heidi by Johanna Spyri, Etc. 

340.Assorted Lot of 8 Pink Depression Pattern Glassware - Including 1) Handled Serving Platter (12"W), 4) Bread Plates (7"H), 1) Serving Bowl (9.5"W), 1) Footed Serving Plate (10"W) and 1) Plate (9"W)

341.Large Assorted Lot of 24 Pattern Glassware - Including Pair of Salt and Pepper Shakers, Creamers, Vases, Sugar Dishes, Salt Cellars and More

342.Assorted Lot of 9 Antique Hand Painted Gilded Ceramic and Porcelain Ware - Including Mutual China Co. Indianapolis Serving Dish (11.75"W), Noritake Nippon Bowl (2.25"H), Ogden Saucer (6.25"W), Footed Royal Rudolstadt Prussia Dish (5.5"W), Jul H. Brauer Sugar and Creamer Dishes (2.25"H), Etc. 

343.Assorted Lot of Antique/Vintage Cigar Boxes - Including Harvester, Cremo, La Azora, Ben Franklin, Muriel Senators, Dutch Masters, DeLuxe, Euneva, King Edward and Roi Tan

344.Assorted Lot of Militaria - Including The Bluejackets' Manual 1944, Large Assortment of Black and White Military Post Cards, Black and White Photos, Canadian Training School 6th Course June 1941 Photo, The Norcross Red White and Blue Book, Large Lot of Daily War News Summary From 1944, Etc.  

345.Antique Early 1900's Double Sided Toaster 

346.Lot of 2 Etched Glass Vases (5.5"H & 6.25"H)

347.Lot of 3 Brown Salt Glazed Stoneware Crocks - Including 1) Peoria Pottery (8.75"H) and 2 Unmarked Crocks Measuring (8"H and 8.75"H)

348.Dove Tail Wood and Cast Iron Hand Crank Coffee Grinder - 7.5"H

349.Orrefors Sweden Swirl Crystal and Brass Table Lamp - 21.5"H

350.Assorted Lot of 400+ Antique Postcards From Seattle to New York and Everywhere in Between 

351.18 Pcs. of Pink Depression Glass: Cherry Blossom Pitcher - 7" H, Florentine Cream & Sugar, 6 - Cherryberry Sherbet Cups, Strawberry Sherbet Cup, 5 - Cherryberry Dessert/Bread Plates, 3 - Strawberry Dessert/Bread Plates

352.8 Pcs. of Art Pottery: Stangl Black w/Gold Vase - 7.75" H, Tokay Cornucopia, Abingdon Handled Vase - 9.5" H, Blue Bowl, Buchan Portobello Scotland Stoneware Vase, Hull Swan Dish - 4.25" H, Hotel Washington Indianapolis Ash Tray and Unmarked Brown Bowl - 8" W

353.10 Pcs. of Pattern Glass: Gold Rim Pitcher - 8.25" H, 3 - Spooner's, Covered Butter Dish, Vase, Boat Shaped Bowl - 13" L, Small Covered Butter Dish, Oval Platter - 12" L and a Cup

354.Gold Mesh Purse - 9" H x 10" W, Gold Tone Croc Pattern Purse - 10.5" W x 5" H, Round Beaded Purse - 7" H x 8" W 

355.New Geography Book Two by Wallace Atwood 1921, Pictorial History United States by John Clark Ridpath Story of Columbus and The New World by J.W. Buel 1894, McGuffey's New Sixth Reader Eclectic Series by W.M. H. McGuffey 1866, Reprints of 5 Original McGuffey's Eclectic Series - Including Eclectic First Reader, Eclectic Second Reader, Eclectic Primer, Eclectic Pictorial Primer and Eclectic Progressive Speller Copyright 1982,

356.2 - Ice Tongs, 3 - Cast Iron Shoe Lasts, Wood Shoe Form, Cobbler's Hammer, 2 - Swivel Hooks, Hand Drill, Box End Off Set Wrench, Sanding/Buffing Wheel

357.9 Pcs. of Silver Plate: Pair of Lurelle Guild Tumbler - 5.75" H, Oneida Silversmiths Pitcher - 8.25" H, Small Compote, Reed & Barton U.S.N. Gravy Bowl, C.G. Hallberg Tea Pot, Rogers "Meadowbrook" Dish, Rogers Platter -  14.25" W  and Small Bowl

358.6 Pcs. of Opalescent Glass: Green Hobnail Vase - 3.5" H, Blue Compote, Blue Vase, Candy Ribbon Edge Bowl, Hobnail Vase, Green Pattern Butter Dish (Chip) - 6.5" H

359.11 Pcs. of Ruby Glass: Serving Bowl - 11.25" W, Salad Bowl - 8.5" W, Flower Shaped Bowl, Handled Sauce Bowl, Nappy, 5 - Goblets - 4.5" H, Tumbler

360.Set of 12 Pattern Glass Goblets - 6.25" H

361.19 Pcs. of Amber Madrid Depression Glass: 4 - Dinner Plates - 10.5" W, 4 -  Salad Plates, 4 - Cups, 6 - Saucers and a Pitcher - 5.75" H

362.6 Pcs. of Germany Porcelain: Floral Nappy, Floral Handled Plate, Floral Plate, Pair of Floral Plates, Floral Trivet and Armour's Vigoral Cup

363.10 Pcs. of Restaurant China: Arthur Schiller and Son Cup w/Saucer, Scammell's Lamberton Gravy Boat, Shenango Gravy Boat, Floral Sauce Boat, Emporium Oval Plate, Syracuse Oval Plate, Toller's Plate, 2 - Syracuse Small Oval Plates

364.Kitchen Glass: Measuring Cup, 3 - Jelly Jars w/Horseshoe Bottoms 4 - Kerr Jelly Jars w/ Bee/Angel and Crown Bottoms, Layton's Baking Soda Jar, Urban's Liberty Flour Plates, 2 -Glass Juicers, 7 - Cookie Cutters, Ice Pick and a Masher

365.75 Pcs. of Various Silver Plate Flatware w/a Chest : 11 - Rogers Dinner Spoons, 6 - Community Teaspoons, 8 - Argyle Salad Forks, Holmes & Edwards Meat Fork, Rogers Meat Fork, E.P.N.S. Sheffield Dessert Forks, 6 -  Butter Knives, 6 - Argyle Dinner Knives, Canterbury Master Butter Knife, Canterbury Ladle, 6 -  Canterbury Dinner Forks, 6 - Canterbury Teaspoons, 6 - Canterbury Table Spoons, Rogers Slotted Spoon, Community Ladle, Community Serving Fork, and 4 Additional Forks/Spoons

366.Pair of Fostoria Navarre Double Candle Holders (5.5"H), Fostoria Chintz Ice Bucket, - 8" H, Heisey Orchid Candy Compote, Heisey Orchid Sugar and Creamer and Fostoria Bouquet Small Bowl

367.9 Pcs. of Porcelain: Roesnthal Donatello Chocolate Pot - 8.5" H, Marx & Gutherz Carlsbad Chocolate Pot - 9" H, Rosenthal Germany Vase - 3" H, Austria Water Lily Handled Plate, Royal Vienna Pictorial Plate (Repaired), Gold Bavaria Pickard Plate, Bavaria Floral Trivet, Austria Floral Trivet, Royal Munich Floral Plate - 7.75" W, Hutschenreuther Bavaria Handled Plate - 10" W

368.Imari Bowl - 10" W, Imari Platter - 11" W and a Blue & White Serving Platter - 13.75" W

369.11 - Vintage Advertisements: Fancy California Pears G.H. Anderson, Lake County Diamond Mountain Bartlett Pears J.L. Annette, 1954 Coca-Cola Company Ad Featuring Eddie Fisher, Coca-Cola "Sign of Good Taste" in Exotic Acapulco, 2 - 1963 Coca-Cola Ad "The Pause That Refreshes",  1964 Coca-Cola Ad "Things Go Better With Coke", 2 - Imperial Candlewick Ad, Heisey Rose Crystal Ad, 2 - Fostoria Glass Company Ad's, Etc. 

370.Assortment of 11 Green Depression Pattern Glassware - Including 6) Drinking Glasses, 1) Water Glass, 1) Appetizer Platter (8.5"W), 1) Serving Bowl (9.25"W), 1) Serving Plate (11"W) and 1) Serving Tray (12"W)

371.6 Pcs. of  Hall Kitchenware: Rose White 6.5" H, Autumn Leaf Bowl - 9" W, Autumn Leaf Mixing Bowl, Autumn Leaf Pitcher, Yellow Rose Creamer,  Rose White Lid

372.8 - Antique Bottles: Soo Falls Brewing Co. Ontario P.O.A. Sault Ste Marie  - 11.75" H, Fleckensteins Bottling Works Columbia, PA. - 9.75" H, Cobalt Blue,  Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, Knorr's Genuine Hien Fong Essence Detroit Mich., Dr. Thompson's Eye Water New London, Conn., Unmarked Jar and Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound

373.80+ Early 1900's Photos: River Fall's Basketball Team, Families, Salem Lutheran Church St. Cloud, MN 1939, Reunions, Outdoor Scenes, Wood Photo Album 

374.13 - Porcelain/Ceramic Figurines: Lefton, Coventry, Josef Originals and Others

375.9 Pc.s of Art Pottery: Abingdon Console Bowl, York Blue Vase - 5.75" H, Pink Floral Form Vase, McCoy Brown Vase - 5.5" H, Brush Green Bowl, Multi-Color Pitcher - 6" H, Black Vase,  Pair of Maroon Candle Holders

376.21 Pcs. of Blue Depression Era Glass: 4 - Sail Boat Tumblers, 2- Modern Tone Tumblers, Madrid Sugar, 7 - Modern Tone Custard Cups, Aurora Cup w/Saucer, Modern Tone Sugar, Modern Tone Salt/Pepper Shakers, Covered Butter Dish

377.9 Pcs. of Child's Porcelain/Ceramic: Nursery Rhymes Pitcher & Bowl, Japan Dutch Bowl & Cup, Germany Pitcher & Cup, Monkey Plate, Child Scene Plate,  B.T. Nursery Rhymes Humpty Dumpty Plate

378.4 - Kerosene Oil Lamps: Pattern Glass w/Frosted Chimney - 6.5" H, 2 - Bracket Lamp Type Fonts, Metal Finger Loop

379.14  pcs. of Pink American Sweetheart & Dogwood Depression Glass: Oval Serving Bowl - 11" W, Round Serving Bowl - 8.5" W, Dinner Plate, 4 - Saucers, Sherbet Cup, 6 - Luncheon Plates Bread Plates

380.Set of 12 Elegant Glass Paneled Goblets - 6.5" H

381.Assortment of Vintage Women's Handkerchiefs

382.6 Pcs. of  Amber Glass: Covered Candy Dish - 8.5" H, Basket, Bulbous Vase - 8" H, Pattern Pitcher, Footed Covered Candy, Compote

383.17 - Vanity & Dresser Pieces: Porcelain Figural Pin Box, French Style Portrait Box, Pattern Glass Box, Silver Plate Hair Receiver, Pattern Glass Hair Receiver, 2 - Art Nouveau Jewel Boxes, Evening In Paris Perfume Bottle, Cobalt Blue Perfume Bottle, Blue Pattern Glass Box, Figural Brush, 2 - Curling Irons, 2 - Oval Mirrored Trays, 2 - Perfume Bottles

384.Pressed Wood Glove Box, Embossed Collars and Cuffs Box - 4.75" H x 6.25" W, Leather Collar Box - 4.5" H x 6.5" W, Cedar Dove Tailed Jewelry Box

385.24 Pcs. of  Haviland Limoges Various Patterns Porcelain: 3 - Cups w/Saucers 2 - Soup Bowls, 6 - Dinner Plates, 5 - Saucers, 3 - Dessert Plates, 2 - Bone Dishes

386.14 Pcs. of Green Depression Glass: Adam Pitcher - 8.25" H, 6 - Cherry Blossom Juice Tumblers, 2 - Lorain Dinner Plates, Parrot Luncheon Plate, Horseshoe Divided Relish, Cherry Blossom Salad Plate, Cherry Blossom, Dessert Plate, Cherry Blossom Saucer

387.9 - Vintage Tin Containers: Complexion Pozzoni's Powder, Swee-Touch-Nee-Tea The Consolidated Tea Co., 2 - Horner's Boy Blue Toffees , Mars J.S. Staedtler, Confectionery Made by Clarnico Ltd., Official First Aid Kit Boy Scouts of America, Allen Qualley Saint Paul Chocolates and Whitman's Chocolates 

388.6 - Prints for Framing: 4 - Margaret Evans Price - 14" H x 11" W, 1920's Woman - 8.25" H x 6.5" W, Father & Son w/Cows - 13" H x 11" W

389.Assortment of Vanity/Dresser Items: 4 - Brushes, 4 - Hand Mirrors, Comb, Nail File, Button Hook, Nail Buffer

390.10 - Vintage Board & Card Games: Parker Brothers Lindy The New Flying Game, Jajaco Round Playing Cards, Know Your United States US Rummy, Milton Bradley Rumme and Ten Other Good Games, Parker Brothers Pit, The Embossing Color Cubes, Lubbers & Bell Puzzle Peg, Milton Bradley 12 O'Clock High Card,, Parker Brothers Hokum and Polygon King Square Game

391.3 Pcs. of Stoneware: Bean Pot w/Lid, Bennington/Rockingham Pitcher - 8.25" H and a Butter Crock

392.20 - Late 1800's Early 1900's Wedding Photos

393.22 - Porcelain/Ceramic/Pottery Animal Figurines Including Wades

394.18 Pcs. of Black Amethyst Depression Glass: 3 - Vases - 5.5" to  6.25" H, 5 - Clover Leaf Sherbet Cups, 3 - Clover Leaf Luncheon Plates, 3 - Clover Leaf Saucers, Clover Leaf Coffee Cup, Handled Floral Plate - 8.25" W, Clover Leaf Shaker

395.8 Pcs. of Porcelain: Floral Handled Bowl, KPM Lobster Dish (Chipped), Floral Compote, Floral Candle Stick, Turnip Decorated Plate, Floral Leaf Shaped Dish, Cupids Decorated Plate, Floral Trivet

396.17 Pcs. of Pink Depression Glass: 6 - Sharon Tumblers, Applied Handled Pitcher - 7.75" H, Princess Juice Pitcher - 6" H, Heisey Handled Bowl, Covered Candy w/Gold Edge - 9" H, Sharon Divided Relish, 6 - Block Optic Luncheon Plates

397.28 Pcs. of Silver Plate Serving Items: Ice Tongs, Berry Spoons, Mother of Pearl Handled Ladle, Sugar Spoons, Master Butter Knives, Pickle Forks

398.3 Pairs of Stove Top Salt & Pepper Shakers: Black Amethyst, American Bisque Lambs, Shawnee Mugsy Dog Shakers and a Shawnee Rooster Individual

399.Assortment of Approximately 30 Crocheted Doilies

400.13 pcs. of Brass and Copper Items: Spittoon, 3 - Candle Sticks, Flower Pot, Tea Pot, Candleabra, Bowl, Oblong Bowl, Oval Tray, 2 - Trivets, Small Ash Pot

401.11 - Clear Glass Candle Holders - 2" H to 7.5" H and a Crystal Cut Horse Vase - 7.75" H

402.Framed Tonka Toy Ad and Framed Cream of Wheat Ad - Both 16.75" H x 13.75" W

403.12  Pcs. of English Pottery: Wedgewood Coffee Server - 9" H, Pair of Wedgwood Vases - 6.75" H, Spode Christmas Tree Tea Pot, Lancaster Sandland Cream, Sugar & Tray, Jasper Ware Cup w/Saucer, Coalport Creamer, Allertons Longton Copper Luster Creamer and a Toast Stand

404.8 Pcs. of Art Glass: 4 - Vases - 3.5" to  6" H, 2 - Platters - 11" W, Green Bubble Bowl and a Clear Crystal Bowl

405.2 - Albums of Approximately 115 Vintage Post Cards

406.12 Pcs. of Blue Transfer Ware: 5 - B & M Midsummer Dinner Plates - 10" W, 2 - B & M Midsummer Soup Bowls, Ridgways Grecian Gravy Boat, 3 - Ridgways Grecian Dinner Plates and a Ridgways England Grecian Vegetable Bowl

407.12  Pcs. of Pink Depression Glass: 3 - Columbia Candle Holders, Vase - 8.25" H, Cube Bowl - 7.25" W, Cube Covered Sugar, Old Cafe Handled Dish - 8.75" W, Old Cafe Olive Dish, Flower Frog, 3 Handled Toothpick Holder, Old Cafe Single Handle Bowl, Old Cafe Cereal Bowl

408.16 Pcs. of Nippon and Nippon Type Porcelain: 7 Piece Lazy Susan Set, 2 - Hat Pin Holders, Covered Sugar w/Plate, Floral Decorated Vase, Nut Dish and a Salt/Pepper/Mustard Set

409.Crocheted Bed Spread - Approximately 80" W x 100" L

410.13 Pcs. of Ephemera: St. Paul Sunday Pioneer Press Comic Section July 5, 1925, St. Paul Sunday Pioneer Press Comic Section April 11, 1926, St. Paul Sunday Pioneer Press Comic Section Aug. 19, 1934, The Ladies Home Journal Philadelphia Sept. 1886, The Ladies Home Journal Christmas 1891, The Ladies Home Journal April 1886, The Youth's Companion Autumn 1903 and More

411.12 - Vintage Games: Parker Brothers Rummy & Other Games 1942, Parker Brothers Mad Magazine Card Game 1980, Parker Brothers Flinch 1938, Parker Brothers Mille Bornes 1971, Parker Brothers Crossword Lexicon Educational Cards Word Rummy 1950, 3 - Parker Brothers Rook Card Games, Assortment of Wood Game Pieces, The Psychic Circle Board Game, The Mythic Tarot by Julie Sharman-Burke and Liz Green Book and Assortment of Tarot Cards w/ Mat

412.6 Pcs. of Ironstone: Johnson Bros Pitcher - 9.25" H, Cockson & Seddon Butter Dish, Johnson Bros Bowl - 7.75" W, 2 - Creamers, Relish Tray - 8.5" W

413.6 - "The Beatles" Tumblers w/Album Covers - 5.75" H

414.16 Pcs. of Cobalt Blue Glass: Hanging Music Note Vases, Pitcher - 7" H, Round Ball Lighter, 3 - Vases, Pair of Candle Holders and 6 - Figural Bird Salt Cellars

415.Framed "A redBarn Holiday 2004" Print Signed David J. Neron - #8 of 100 - 28.5" H x 24.5" W

416.Framed Grape Vine Still Life Painting by Peggy Hall - 23.25" H x 30.25" W

417.Framed "Age of Innocence" Print By Sir Joshua Reynolds - 23.5" H x 19.5" W

418.Gesso Framed Wall Mirror - 27.75" H x 24" W

419.Framed "Magnolia Gardens Charleston, SC" Water Color By Harris - 11.75" H x 14.75" W

420.Framed Gold Decorative Wall Mirror - 13.5" H x 16.5" W

421.Framed "Foshay and Friends Minneapolis" NPL '02 Print - 15 1/2" H x 12 1/2" W

422.Framed Train Leaving Fox Hill Depot By Belck - 12.75" H x 18.5" W

423.Framed Water Running Down Rocks Print - 26.75" H x 22.75" W

424.Framed "Head of Christ" by Warner Sallman - 1940 Copyright  - 22.75" H x 18.5" W

425.Framed "Christ at Hearts Door" by Warner Sallman - 1942 Copyright - 22.75" H x 18.5" W

426.Oak Pressed Spindle Back Sewing Rocker - 38.5" H x 17" W x 18" D

427.Hollow Copper Building Decoration From Saint Benedict's Monastery - 27.75" H x 51" W

428.2 - Antique Suitcases:  Accordian Style - 20.5" W x 13.5" H x 9.5" D and a  Double Sided Metal Clad - 21.5" L x 14" H x 12" D

429.Tucker & Dorsey Cabbage Cutter Pat. Aug. 22, 1893 - 30" L x 10.75" W

430.Perfection Wall Mount Clothes Drier - 35.25" H

431.Art Deco Cast Iron Barley Twist Goose Neck Floor Lamp - 62.5" H

432.Set of 4 Ford Model T 21.5" Wood Spoke Steel Rim Wheels (2 Have Inner Brake Drum) and a 17.5" Wood Spoke Steel Rim Wheel

433.Foot Locker Trunk - 31" L x 17.25" W x 12.25" D

434.GE 40 Pint Dehumidifier - Powers On

435.Sanyo 1.6 Cu. Ft. Mini Refrigerator - Works - 18.5" H x 18.5" W x 19.5" D

436.Child's Bent Wood Spindle Back Chair - Missing 2 Spindles - 24" H x 11.5" W x 11.25" D

437. Oak Plant Stand - 17" H x 12" W 

438.Pine Coal Hod w/Cast Iron Handle and Hinges - 10" H x 12.75" W x 16.5" D

439.Murano Art Glass Vase - 11.75" H

440.Victorian Brass Electrified Banquet Lamp w/Shade - 23.5" H

441.4 - Steins - 5.25" to 10" H

442.Pair of Hull Art Pottery Glossy Woodland Cornucopia's - W10 11" 

443.Chalkware Peach String Holder - 9" H

444.5 Pc. Nippon Floral Hand Painted Lemonade Set

445.Oak Wall Shelf/Coat Rack w/Antique Door Knobs and 2 Wood Shoe Last - 24" W

446.14 - Vintage Kitchen Utensils: Food Chopper, 3 - Sifters, 2 -Mashers, 2 - Hand Crank Beaters, 2 - Sieves, Grater, Butter Paddle, Whisk, Aluminum Ladle

447.5 - Tobacco Tins: Union Leader Cut Plug Lunch Box, Bare Foot Boy, Union Leader Can, Velvet Pipe & Cigarette Can and Charles Denby Cigars

449.Oval Carved & Pyro-Art of Gibson Type Girl - 15.5" H x 11.25" W

450.2 - Vintage Canister Jars, Leonard's Dairy Swoyersville, PA Quart Milk Bottle, Kingsway Glen Oaks Quart Milk Bottle, Goody Soda Bottle and 3 - Glass Juicers (1 Pat'd July 30, 1889 and 1 Marked California Fruit Growers Exchange)

451.Oak Dovetailed Recipe Box, Roll Front Recipe Box - 2 - Pyro-Art Boxes and a Windsor Club Cheese Box

452.11 Pcs. of Porcelain/Ceramic Ware: Aunt Jemima & Uncle Mose Coin Banks, Pink Art Pottery Pitcher - 8" H, Rooster Pitcher - 6.5" H, Dutch Kitchen Jam Jar, Lady Head Vase, 3 - Glass Shoes & a Pottery Shoe 

453.Ashcroft WM. Bros Boiler & Mfg. Minneapolis, Minn. Boiler Steam Gauge - 13.75" H

454.Coca-Cola Faux Stained Glass Hanging Lamp - 10" H x 16.5" Square

455.Fenton Lime Green Basket Weave Bowl - 3.5" H x 5.25" W

456.German Fokker Dr.1 Tri-Plane Model - 6.25" H x 8.5" W x 7" L

457.Reproduction Cast Metal Vanity Mirror - 14.5" H

458.Theodore Haviland Limoges France Hand Painted Gilded Set of 12 Tea Cups, 2) Lefton China Swan Ring/Jewelry Holder, Antique Opalescent Cruet, Hand Made Noritake Sweet Heart Lidded Dish, Hand Painted Gilded Handled Vase, Set of Hand Painted Gilded Salt and Pepper Shakers

459.Assorted Lot of 15 Native American Made Items - Including Handmade Navajo Doll w/ Certificate of Authenticity, Genuine Hand Made All Natural Papago Basket, Handmade & Handpainted Indi Moppets, 5) Native American Made Miniature Vases, Hand Made Stone Buffalo, Etc. 

460.Arcade No. 40 Cast Iron Coffee Grinder, Dovetail and Cast Iron Hand Crank Coffee Grinder and Cast Iron Foot Peddle w/ Rheostat

461.Assorted Lot of 4 Antique Screwdrivers - Including Stanley No. 1221, Mohawk Shelburne and 2 Additional 

462.Lot of 6 Antique Wood Cheese Boxes - Including Kraft Velveeta, Velveeta and Bordens

463.Antique Wall Mounted Drying Rack 19"W x 17"H x 32"L

464.Assortment of 6 Antique Items - Including Crucifix Sick Call Set, Apple Blossom Pitcher and Bowl Set, Lionstone Pottery Inc. Handpainted Bowl, Lefton's Art Glass Pitcher and Hand Painted Antique Vase

465.2 Pairs of Antique Spoon and Fork Chalk Ware - Including 21" Spoon and Fork Chalk Ware Wall Plaques and 30" Spoon and Fork Chalk Ware Set *Fork is Apart at Top Have Piece to Fix and 

466.Assortment of 8 Antique Porcelain/Ceramic Ware - Including Hand Painted Gilded Footed Creamer Depicting High Bridge Over Mississippi River, Clinton, IA (2.5"H), Hand Painted Gilded Serving Bowl (9"W), Hand Painted Gilded Pitcher (4.5"H), Hand Painted Gilded Handled Basket (3"H), Hand Painted Celery Dish (11.5"L), Hand Painted Gilded Dessert Plate (6.25"W), Etc. 

467.Large Assortment of 110+ Handkerchiefs - Including Silk, Cotton, Dacron, Waltzing Matilda, Silk Souvenir France Handkerchief, Imported From Switzerland, Mother Goose, Floral Pattern, Sweet Heart Pattern, Bucking Bronco Pattern, Etc. 

468.Large Assortment of 500+ Antique/Vintage Postcards - Including Niagara Cave Harmony, MN, Haynes Souvenir Folder Yellowstone National Park, Santa Catalina Island, New York by Night and Day, Missabe Range, Red Wing, Minn., Coney Island New York, Buffalo, New York, Etc. 

469.Assortment of 12 Porcelain/Ceramic Ware - Including Large Hand Painted Gilded Serving Platter (16"L), Porcelain Pitcher Marked "B" on Bottom (7"H), Hand Painted Gilded Custard Bowl and Saucer Set, Etc. 

470.Assortment of Carnival Glassware - Including Lidded Poodle Dish (6"H), Crimped Edge Bowl (7"W), Pattern Glass Bowl (6.75"W) and Large Serving Bowl (10"W)

471.Assortment of 17 Green Depression Pattern Glassware - Including 4) Drinking Glasses, 6) Dinner Plates, 4) Sherbet Cups, 1) Dessert Plate, 1) Bread Plate and 1) Serving Tray

472.Lot of 2 Fringed Embroidered Blankets - Measuring Approx. (6' x 6') and 68"W x 90"H)

473.Assorted Lot of 5) Vases and 1) Pitcher - Including Hand Painted Enameled Beaded Gilded Scalloped Rim Blue Glass Pitcher (9"H), Hand Painted Footed Vase Marked E.S. 113 (8.5"H), Hand Painted Gilded Vase (10.75"H), Clear Glass Pitcher (8"H), Footed Pink Depression Glass Vase (7"H), Etc. 

474.Vintage Glasbake 55 Casserole Dish, Custard Glass Mixing Bowl, Blue Ball Jar w/ Wire Basket, Etc. 

475.Assortment of 14 Silver Plate Items - Including 1) Antique Vinegar/Condiment Server, Handles, Scraps and Pieces, Etc. 

476.Lou-Walt Corp. Zuhrah Fez Hat and 2) The Vogue Shop St. Cloud, Minn. Hat Boxes

477.Set of 7 - Framed Matted Artist Signed Originals by "dodie" - 11.5"W x 9.5"H

478.Assorted Lot of Antique Shaving Items - Including 2) Razor Strops, 3) Eversharp Schick Razors, 1) Shaving Mirror, 6) Boxes of Pal Double Edge Razor Boxes, Pencil Sharpener, Cross Pen, Etc. 

479.19 Pcs. of Pink Depression Glass: - Including 2) Serving Trays, Pair of Salt/Pepper Shakers, 2) Handled Serving Bowls, Round Glass "Vase", Lidded Candy Dish, Etc.  and 4) Footed Goblets (3.25"H)

480.Assortment of 18) Spoons and 1) Fork - Including The Walt Disney Co. Minnie Mouse Spoon, The Christmas Carol Spoon, 2) Hemnesberget Spoons, 6) Dirigold Corp. Minneapolis, Minn. Gold Tone Spoons, 1) Cream Top Bent Handle Spoon, 1) GTA The Co-Op Way Spoon, 1) NWA Spoon, 1) United Spoon, 1) Hall's Liquors Spoon/Bottle Opener, Etc. 

481.Assortment of 15 Table Clothes, Runners, Place Mats, Doilies, Etc. 

482.Assortment of 13 Antique Glassware - Including 6) Milk Glass Cups (4.25"H), 1) Footed Bowl (10"W), 1) Candle Holder (4"H), 1) Gilded Lidded Dish (4.25"W), 1) Hand Painted Gilded Saw Edge Dish (6"W), 1) Large Footed Pattern Glass Bowl (10.5"W), Etc. 

483.Large Assortment of Antique Metalware - Including Antique Curtain "Rods", Hinges, Drawer Pulls, Barrel Tap, Flower Frogs, Etc. 

484.Assortment of 24 Ring Boxes & Jewelry Boxes

485.Assortment of 20+ Antique/Vintage Toys - Including Toy Town Corp Green Piggy Bank, Mangelsen's Sleeping Baby, Baby World N.Y.C. Space Ship to the Moon, Gold 'n Plump Chicken, Cork Toys, Etc. 

486.Large Assortment of 42 Matted Prints - 20) Measure 8" x 10", 21) Measure 11" x 14" and 1) Measures 16" x 20"

487.Lot of 3 Antique/Vintage ABC Approved Bowling Pins - Red, White and Blue - 15"H

488.2) Large Hand Painted Metal Serving Platters - Floral and Black Platter Measures (28"L x 23"W) and the Floral and Maroon Platter Measures (26.5"L x 19.25"W)

489.Footed Clear Glass Cake Stand w/ Lid - 10.5"H

490.EM & Co. 793 B Footed Dual Light Table Lamp w/ Shade - 24"H

491.Assortment of 10 Antique/Vintage Glassware - Including Ruby Lid Dish (6"W), 2) Pearlescent Serving Trays (9"W & 11"W), Yellow Glass Vase (10"H), Oil/Vinegar Decanter (7.5"W), Clear Pattern Glass Pitcher (7"H), 2) Cut Crystal Wine Stemware (6.75"H), Etc. 

492.Antique Metal Ice Cream Tray *Cannot Make Out Brand of Ice Cream - 17.75"H x 11.75"W

493.Vintage Gilded Drinkware Set - Including 4) Gilded Drinking Glasses and 1) Gilded Pitcher (8.5"H)

494.Assorted Lot of 15 Antique Framed Black and White Photos - Including Rembrandt Photo Studio Flint, Mich., 5) Rydholm Melrose, Minn., Guy's Studio St. Cloud, Minn., Rydholm Studio Sauk Centre, Minn., Drysdale & Perry Superior, Wisc., Etc. 

495.Assortment of 11 Garden Hand Tools in Large Basket - Including 5) Hand Shovels and 6) Hand Hoes - Basket Measures 18"L x 12"W x 11"H

496.Hand Carnk Cast Iron and Ceramic Coffee Grinder, 12) Beeswax Candles, 1) Rotating Pencil Holder, Carved Wood "Peacock" Art and Wall Bracket

497.Large Assortment of 100+ New Old Stock Wooden Thread Spools

498.Large Assortment of 60+ Antique Drawer Pulls, Triple Coat Hooks, Kerosene Lamp Wall Brackets, Door Locks, Wood Knobs, Etc. 

499.Assortment of 13 Hobnail Pink Depression Glassware - Including 5) Sherbet Cups (3.25"H) and 8) Matching Saucers (6.25"W)

500.Large Assortment of 120+ Antique Handkerchiefs - Including Gazelle, LA Bretonne San Fransisco, All Cotton Made in Switzerland, Silk, Floral Patterns, Souvenir of Canada, Greetings From England, Herrmann, All Irish Linen, Etc. 

501.Assortment of 6 - Oak Framed Matted Artist Signed Originals - Creative Imaginations by Paul D. Simonson Bemidji, MN - 3) Small Art Measures (8.5" x 6.75"), 2) Medium Art Measures (9.5" x 7.5") and Largest Art Measures (12.5" x 15.5")

502.Assorted Lot of 14 Pattern Glassware - Including 1) Decanter (11"H), 6) Footed Goblets (4"H), 6) Tea/Coffee Cup (2.25"H) and 1) Footed Wine Glass (4.75"H) 2 are in Photo, however, 1 broke

503.Assortment of 12 Porcelain/Ceramic Ware - Including 1) Pitcher (8.5"H), 1) Hand Painted Cruet (7.75"H), 1) Hand Painted Gilded Dish (6"W), 1) Hand Painted Gilded C. & N.W. Depot Mug (3"H), Etc. 

504.Assorted Lot of 5 Metal Candle Holders and 1 Metal Bowl 

505.Assorted Lot of 8 Lamp Globes/Shades/Chimneys - Including 1) Milk Glass Hobnail Globe, 1) Milk Glass Hobnail Shade, 1) Art Deco Frosted Shade, 1) Art Deco Milk Glass Sconce Shade, 1) Clear Glass Chimney, Etc. 

506.Assortment of 11 Glassware - Including 1) Custard Glass Serving Bowl (9.5"W), 1) Custard Glass Plate (8.75"W), 3) Milk Glass Tea/Coffee Cups, 1) Amethyst Glass Sugar Dish and Creamer, 1) Scalloped Edge Milk Glass Plate (10"W) 2) Milk Glass Saucers, Etc. 

507.Large Assortment of 14 Kerosene Lamp Parts - Including 2) No. 2 Queen Anne Burners, 1) P & A Burner, 1) Banner Burner, 1) Eagle Burner, Etc. 

508.Assorted Lot of 11 Cook Books, Almanacs, Playbill, Menus, Souvenir Album, Etc. - Including Goodrich Almanac 1941, Metropolitan Cook Book, The Coconut Treasure Book 1934, Karo Cook Book, The 12 Days of Christmas, Eddie's Cafe Souvenir Photo 1944, Meals Men Like, Watkins Almanac and Home Book 1940, Etc. 

509.Scalloped Edge Serving Bowl (10.25"W), Pattern Glass Serving Bowl (9"W) and Handled Scalloped Edge Saucer (7.75"W)

510.Assorted Lot of 9 - Framed Antique Photos - Ranging in Size From 6.25" x 6.25" - 12.5" x 14.5"

511.Assorted Lot of 8 - Including Amethyst Glass Mid Century Serving Bowl (15"W), Footed Amethyst Glass Dish (6.5"H), Footed Amethyst Glass Pealescent Shell Dish (6.5"L), Scalloped Edge Inverted Bubble Amethyst Glass Bowl (5"W), Light Blue Transluscent Scalloped Edge Ashtray, Etc. 

512.Hen Egg Co. Wood Egg Crate - 9"L x 6.5"H x 7.25"W

513.Assorted Lot of 40+ Vintage Place Mats, Table Clothes, Embroidered Cloth Napkins, Etc. 

514.Light Blue Bubble Glass Dinnerware Set of 15 - Including 10) 9.25" Dinner Plates, 4) 6.5" Dessert Plates and 1) Candle Holder 

515.25 Reference Books - Including More Cruets Only, Millersburg Carnival Glass, Celluloid Collectibles, Oriental, Identifying American Brilliant Cuy Glass, Depression Glass, Collectible Aunt Jemima, Complete Guide to Watches, Miniature Lamps, Doll Values, Americana & Collectibles, Etc. 

516.3 Vintage/Antique Cloth "Dolls/Puppets" - Including Shotgun Red Brainard, MN (15"H), Captain Hook (22"H) and Victorian Era Doll (20.5"H)

517.Hand Painted Gilded Tea Set - Including Picher, Creamer, Sugar Dish, Tea Cup w/ Saucer and Hand Painted Gilded Lidded Dish

518.Large Assortment of 44 Misc. Antique/Vintage Goods - Including The Bungalow Motel Ashtray, Stolen From Bozo's Ashtray, Kerosene Lamp Shaped Lighter, Meister Brau Coasters, Brass Pulley, Watches, Button/Pins, Somerset Mashie Hickory Shaft Golf Club, Bells, Oil Can, Tape Measure, Etc. 

519.Two Display Racks w/ Large Assortment of Hundreds of Antique/Vintage Buttons - Including Le Chic 1803, Streamline, Lansing, MPW Style 160, Brass Military Buttons, Ribbon, La Petite, Etc. 

520.Pair of  Mid-Century Gilded Lamps - 16"H

521.Footed Electrified Kerosene Lamp Pat. July 1872 w/ Beaded Rim Chimney *Chimney is Broken - 20"H

522.Framed Matted Artist Signed Print "From the Shadows" by Derk - 17.25"W x 9.75"H

523.Antique Youth Metal Folding Ironing Board - 26"L

524.Pair of Vintage Alfred's Johnson Men's Two-Tone Leather Ice Skates Size 9W and Pair of Antique/Vintage Leather Kid's Shoes

525.Vintage Pool Billiards Snooker Hanging Score Keeper Tally Counter & 3 Piece Hickory Shaft Gun Cleaning Rod 

526.Set of 6 Cast Iron French Scroll Decor - 29"W

527.2 Hand Made Wicker Baskets - White Basket Measures 22.5"L and Green Basket Measures 13"H

528.Antique Leather Briefcase w/ Pink Purse Shaped Push Button Phone, Nordstrom Clutch and 7 Vintage Children Books 

529.Wood Carpenters Box, Wood Handled Tray, The Everyday Company Metal Cake/Pie Safe and Handled Cloth Bag

530.Assorted Lot of 24 Black and White Post Cards Featuring Celebrities of Yesteryear - Including Van Johnson, Robert Walker, John Payne, Carmen Miranda, Ann Sheridan, William Eythe, Harry James, Deanna Durbin, Etc. and 13 Additional "Cards" Featuring "Kissing" Scenes, Etc. 

531.Hall 6 Cup Gilded Tea Kettle - 7"H

532.Lot of 3 Clear Glass Lamps - Including Dual Light Lamp (25"H) and Pair of Footed Etched Glass Lamps (9"H)

533.World Poker Tour Poker Chip Set in Case

534.Vintage Fisher Price Lighted Globe - Tested/Works - 17"H

535.Assortment of Antique Youth Clothes - Including 1) Pair of Gloves, 2) "Silk" Night Hats, 3 Night Gowns

536.Assortment of 17 Green Depression Pattern Glassware - Including 3) Drinking Glasses, 1) Gilded Pattern Water Glass, 1) Souvenir of Rochester, Minn Footed Gilded Goblet, 1) Sugar & Creamer Set, 1) Lidded Candy Dish, 3) Bread Plates, 1) Serving Tray, Etc. 

537.Assortment of 17 Clear Glassware - Including 4) Footed Sherbet Cups, Sugar and Creamer Set , Salt and Pepper Shakers, 6) Saucers and 2 Serving Bowls

538.Assortment of 8 Matted Prints - Including "Common Fox" by W. Kuhnert (10.5"W x 7.25"H), "Charrada-Salamanca" by Castella Marte (14"H x 10.5"W), "The Modonna of Victory" by Andrea Mantegna (15"H x 10.5"W), "The Coronation of the Virgin" by Fra Angelico (14.5"H x 13"W), "I Valdres Norge" by E. Aschenbach (16"W x 13"H), "Vinter Billde Fra Norge" by Carl Moe (15.5"W x 13"H), "Sweet Corn" by Norman Rockwell (16"H x 14.75"W), "The Dreadnought Division" by Henry Reuterdahl (11.75"W x 16.5"H)

539.Large Assortment of 90+ Antique Black & White Photos - Including Carlson Ortonville, MN., F.J. Lee Ortonville, MN., Heighstedt Minneapolis, MN., Flaten Moorhead, MN., Chas Aldons Norwich, E. Olson Preham, MN., Shepherd Photo Co. St. Paul, MN., N.E. Pierce Opposite Fortner House, Etc. 

540.Science of Trapping by E. Kreps 1944, The University of Minnesota Dept. of Ag. by F.L. Washburn 1914, The Sportsman's Way Compliments of Fitger Brewing Co. Duluth 2, MN. 1944, Flora of Mount Rainier National Park Dept. of the Interior 1922, Crater Lake National Park Oregon United State Dept. of the Interior, The Niagara Parks Commission Welcomes You, Through the Heart of the Rockies Selkirks National Parks of Canada 1929, Farm and Home Directory & Plat 1987, Atlas Stearns Co. Minnesota Compliments of Thomas O. Nelson Company 1955 and Testimonials Tendered Walter Scott Clark 1872-1922

541.Antique Hand Made Youth Blanket - 38"W x 63"L

542.Large Assortment of Sewing Supplies - Including a Portable Miniature Sewing Machine, Vintage Metal Sew Basket, Assortment of Buttons, Thread, Marbles and Sew Patterns

543.Dovetail Index/Recipe Card Box (4.75"H x 9.5"L x 5.75"W) & Hand Made Wood Inlay Jewelry Box (4.5"H x 9.25"L x 6.25"W)

544.Antique Spoon Carved Wall Mirror - 18"H x 15"W

545.Seneca No. W 1143 Portable Iron, Presto Timer, Dainticuts Quick Cooking Macaroni Box, Wood Recipe Card Box, Milk Glass Mustard Dish, 3) Spice Tins, Graniteware Spoon and Ladle

546.Clear Glass Decanter (10.25"H), Clear Pattern Glass Lidded Jar (13"H) and Frosted Glass Corked Jar (8.5"H)

547.Assortment of 25 Haviland & Co. Limoges - Including 8) Dessert Plates, 12) Dessert Bowls, 1) Bowl and 2) Tea Cups and Saucers 

548.A & R Lawn Maintenance Rain Gauge, Bow Saw, Hedge Trimmers and 25 Ft. Extension Cord

549.Assortment of 48 Antique Black and White Photos - Including A. Larson Minneapolis, MN., Kahn's Studio Waverly, IA., Gehrig Gallery of Fine Arts Chicago, ILL., Christine Erikson Nassjo, Fotograf H.F. Kosmo Skjaerstad, N. Hassan Glencoe, MN, S.V. Mosher Waverly, IA, Etc. 

550.Assortment of 11 Antique Ceramic Ware - Including Aberdeen and Sons Dish (8"L), F. Winkle England Platter (10"W), Parisian Granite Beacon Hill Pattern T.G. & F. Booth England Plate (9.75"W), Alfred Meakin Royal Semi-Porcelain Plate (10"W) and 6) "Liquor" Cups

551.6) Antique/Vintage Porcelain/Ceramic Plates - Including 2) Mongolia Johnson Bros England Dessert Plates, 1) "Queen Anne" Royal Winton Grimwades England Gilded Plate, 1) Royal Albert Bone China England "Holly" No. 12 Plate, Royal Albert Bone China England "Blossom Time" Plate, Etc. 

552.Assortment of 14 Jewelry/Costume Jewelry - Including Truly Radiant Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Bracelet (7.5"W), Styled by Crosby Bracelt and Clip on Earring Set, Elgin 17 Jewel Ladies Watch, Sterling Silver Bangle, Shuror Glasses, Necklaces, Etc. 

553.Footed Gilded Hand Painted Candle Holder (14.75"H), Porcelain Gravy Boat (9"H), Zenith Gouda Holland Footed Sugar Dish, The Foley China England Gilded Hand Painted Creamer, Wedgewood Bone China England Appledore Lidded Gilded Hand Painted Dish (5"W), Gilded Bread Plate, Fruit Platter, Trivet and Tray

554.Assortment of 6 Table Clothes and Runners - Various Size(s)

555.Clear Pattern Glass Knife (8.5"L), Assortment of 8) Porcelain, Ceramic, Clear Glass and Metal Lids, 1) Candlabra/Fruit & Nut Server and 5) "Sugar" Spoons

556.Pair of Footed Serving Bowls by Georges Briard, 1) Frosted Glass Gilded Kerosene Lamp (8.5"H), 1) Hand Painted Gilded Kerosene Lamp (6.5"H), 2) Antique Perfume Bottles, Hand Painted Crackle Glass Votive Candle Holder, Pearlescent Saucer and Bread Plate, Etc. 

557.Assortment of 10 Porcelain, Ceramic and Stoneware - Including Sioux Pottery Made by Sioux Indians "American Horse" Bowl, Daisy Bottom Stoneware Bowl, Greenwald Lockers Greetings C.A. Uphoff, Prop. Advertising Stoneware Bowl, Etc. 

558.Antique Hand Made Patchwork Quilts - 75" x 82" and 68" x 72"

559.Vintage Poker Set w/ English Ovals Cigarettes Playing Cards and Hafners Cocktail Lounge Restaurant Bowling Cards, Diet Pepsi Playing Cards, The Official Rule of Card Games 47th Edition Book 1950 and "J-R Official" Aluminum Duplicate Bridge Boards Set of 4 in Original Box

560.Vintage Rattan Sun Hat, Hand Painted Gilded Jewelry Box (8"H), Hand Painted Gilded Crum Tray and Knife, Hand Painted Gilded Vase Made in Japan (6.5"H), Hand Painted Collapsible Lantern in Original Box and "Man of Wisdom" Metal Statue (6.5"H)

561.Large Assortment of 39 Collectible Art Works - Including 12 Portfolio of Art Masterpieces Series 1 Book of the Month Club (Woman at the Casement by Jan Vermeer, George Washington by Gilbert Stuart, Tahitian Landscape by Paul Gauguin, Miss West by Sir Thomas Lawrence, Vase with Flowers by Odilon Redon, Self Portrait by Rembrandt Van Rijn, Mme. Charpentier and Her Children by Pierre Auguste Renoir, Etc. All Measure *13" x 11"), Fork Tailed Flycatcher by John James Audubon (12" x 9"), 5) Prints by Harrison Fisher Copyright 1911 (11.75" x 8"), "Smooth Get-Way" by W.J.F. Brown (8.25" x 10.5") A Portfolio of 13 Birds of America by John James Audubon (11" x 8.5") and 7) Prints by CM Coolidge Including "A Waterloo, Poker Sympathy, A Friend in Need, Etc." (16.5" x 12.75")

562.Assortment of 5 Collector's Plates - Including 1982 Father's Day Plate Porsgrunds Porselaensfabrik Norway, 1981 Mother's Day Plate Porsgrunds Porselaensfabrik Norway, Pickard "Galliope Hummingbird and Gladioli" by Cyndi Nelson Plate No. C, Avon Independence Hall Bicentennial Plate by Enoch Wedgewood, "Spring Innocence" w/ COA

563.Lot of 5 Antique/Vintage Framed Prints - Including Oak Framed  "Little boy" by Bessie Pease Gutman (11.5" x 9.75"), Framed "Rosebud" by Bessie Pease Gutman (10.75" x 14.5"), Etc. 

564.Antique Hand Painted Shoe Polishing Kit w/ Accessories, Brushes, Rags, Shoe Polish, Etc. 

565.100% Wool Blanket - 48" x 78"

566.Large Assortment of 100+ Antique Black and White Photos - Including Olson Montevideo, Minn, Fuller Merrill, Wis., Shaker Eau Claire, Wis., Green Duluth, Minn., Anthony Gozanski West Superior, Wis., Etc. 

567.Assortment of 12 Porcelain/Ceramic Ware - Including Household Institute "Priscilla" Gilded Pitcher, Vitreous Hand Decorated China Porcelier Tea Pot, Blue Ridge China Hand Painted Platter, Club Aluminum Products Co. Gilded Table Tile, Set of 6 Blue Ridge Hand Painted Dinner Plates, Etc. 

568.Hamilton Penny Weight Scale, Soundesign AM Pocket Radio *Appears Unused in Box, Terrier Book Ends, Bausch & Lomb Binoculars w/ Case and Large Assortment of Buttons, Pins, Key Chians, Bottle Openers, Etc. 

569.Gilded Picture Frame, Wendell August Forge Solid Bronze Plate Female Golfer Plate, 3) Assorted Bells, 5) Painted Spice Tins, Cast Iron Pump Bowl, Etc. 

570.Large Assortment of Plate Holders 

571.Assortment of 13 Reference Books - Including Wedgewood ABC But Not Middle E by Harry M. Buten, Small Antique Silverware by G. Bernard Hughes, Presidential Campaign Memorabilia by Stan Gores, Collector's Guide to Post Cards by Jane Wood, Collector's Guide to Wall Pockets Book II by Joy and Marvin Gibson, Schroeder's Collectible Toys Antique to Modern, Akro Agate Glassware by Gene Florence, Etc. 

572.AIwa Model CX-770U Stereo Cassette Receiver w/ Aiwa Model PX-E770 Stereo Turntable System - Powers On

573.Set of 4 Steel Cased File Cabinets - Including Cole and Steelmaster - 16"L x 7.5"W x 6"H

574.Ideal School Supply Company Ingento Paper Cutter - 13" x 13"

575.Heavy Duty Steel Cased Lock/Cash Box w/ Three Keys - 13"L x 9.5"W x 3.75"H

576.Wood "Antiques" Sign (20.5"L x 5.25"H), "SALE" Sign/Flag (48"W x 24"H), Open/Closed Store Sign (15.75"H x 12.75"W) w/ Replacement Letters and Large Assortment of Adhesive Letters and Numbers

577.Pair of Black Lights - 18" & 24" - Both Tested/Work

578.Tech Solutions Paper Shredder, 3) Power Strips and 2) Extension Cords

579.Large Assortment of Plate Holders 

580.Bausch & Lomb Illuminated Rectangular Reader, Magnifying Glass, Bremer Bank and Humboldt National Bank Bags and Tom Tom GPS Unit 

581.Assortment of 21 Reference Books/Guides - Including Standard Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass 6th Edition by Bill Edwards & Mike Carwile, Hummel Art by Hotchkiss, Fostoria Stemware by Milbra Long & Emily Seate, The Collector's Encyclopdia of Nippon Porcelain by Joan F. Van Patten, Hall China by Margaret & Kenn Whitmeyer, Collecting Brides Baskets by John Mebane, Hummel by Ehrmann, Collectible Golfing Novelties by Beverly Robb, Etc. 

582.Assortment of Plate Holders, Card Holders, Ornament Holders, Etc. 

583.Assortment of 45 Antique Holiday Cards - Easter, Christmas, Etc. 

584.Assortment of 5 Framed Prints - Including Remembrance of Solemn Holy Communion 1945, Antique Framed Doilie, Framed Wall Mirror, Etc. - Measuring From 7" x 10.5" - 8.75" x 13.75"

585.Lot of 2 Hand Stitched Patchwork Quilts - Measuring 24" x 24" and 36" x 44"

586.Assortment of 14 Owner's Manuals & Ephemera - Including Kodaks Junior Six 20 and Siz 16 Series II, How to Make Good Pictures Eastman Kodak Company, K & D Staking Tools, Jacobsen Power Lawn Tools 22" Tillager II Rotary Tiller, Fyro-Place, Sears Craftsman Wet Sharpening and Honing Attachment, Wards Sickle Bar Mower Attachment, Garrison Hydraulic Powered Steering Boosters, Etc. 

587.Magnus Bakelite Organ No. 1510 by Magnus Harmonic Corp - Tested/Works - 10.75"L x 5.75"D x 7.5"H

588.Lot of 6 Porcelain/Ceramic Gilded Hand Painted Mugs - Including Gilded Hand Painted "Present" Mug, Gilded "Forget Me Not" Mug, Gilded Hand Painted Z.S. & Co. Bavaria Mug, Etc. 

589.Victorian Era Photo Album, Rexall Tiny Tot Water Bottle, Davol No. 372 Water Bottle, 3) Tin Recipe Card Box w/ Recipe Cards and 6) Silver Tone Salt/Pepper Shakers

590.Large Footed Clear Glass Dish - 10"H x 10.5"W

591.Assortment of 18 CD's - Including Treasures Robin Berry Harp, Charlie Parker Bird's Nest, John Coltrane Spiritual, Scott Fraser Eclectricity, Breakfast in Bed, Spyro Gyra, Bud Powell Jazz Piano Masters, Etc. 

592.Assortment of 9 Mirrors - Including 7) 12" x 12" Square Mirrors, 1) 12" Round Mirror and 1) 10" Round Mirror

593.Crystal Glass "Swan" Music Box, 3 Piece Monogrammed Towel Set *New and Mikasa Votive Candle Holders 

594.Dovetail Utensil Organizer, Kler Vue Knife Rack by A.E. Rosenberg, Bamboo Picture Holder and Three Drawer Jewelry Chest

595.Assortment of 5 Lamp Shades - Including Metal Pin Hole Star Shade, Plain White Shade, Floral Off White Shade, Multi-Color Floral Shade, and an Apple Themed Shade

596.Large Ceramic Vase Made in Italy - 17"H

597.Lot of 4 Baskets - Including Multi-Color Basket (12"H), Round Hand Woven Basket (13"H), Oval Shaped Basket (13.5"H) and Large Lidded Basket (18"L x 12"D x 8.75"H)

598.American 4 Ft. Wood and Brass Level, Antique Henry Disston& Sons Keystone Tool Works 26" Wood and Brass Level and Aluminum Extenda-Reach

599.R.J. Bald Stainless Barrel Pump - 43"H

600.Oak Coat Rack (38"W), Hand Painted Miniature Oar (22.75"H) and Organ Pipe Wood Flue

601.Pair of Creative Imaginations by Paul D. Simonson Oak Framed Wall Clocks, Matted Water Color by Peggy Fall (20"H x 16"W) and Framed Print by E. Mohn (18.5"H x 14.5"W)

602.Set of 3 Hand Wrought Buenilum Bowls, Set of 12 Graniteware Bowls and Plates and 1 Metal Serving Platter (16"L)

603.Gilded Framed Wood Inlay Art of Man and Woman Dancing (7.75" x 7"), The Edinburgh Coach Wall Plaque (6" x 9"), Limited Edition 234/1100 Sunbonnet Pals (8.25" x 8.5"), The Garden of Content Framed Thermometer (8.75" x 10.75") and Framed Hand Made Porcelain Art (11.75" x 11.75")

604.Wrought Iron Scroll Foot Metal Planter/Plant Stand - 35"H x 32"W

605.Mosaic Peace Sign Mirror - 14.5"W x 14.75"H

606.Assorted Lot of 4 Framed Prints/Art WOrk - Including Gilded Framed Print (8" x 10"), Gilded Wood Frame "In the Bay Rowing" Print (15.25"W x 10.25"H), Framed "Pears Made in Great Britain" Advertisement (16.75"W x 13.75"H) and Hand Painted Canvas by Marie Grey 2010 (20"H x 16"W)

607.Lot of 3 Antique Wood Framed - Measuring 24.25"H x 20.5"W, 20.5"W x 16.5"H and 23.5"W x 19.75"H

608.Antique Carved Wood Frame Mirror - 28.5"H x 14.5"W

609.Wood Framed Chalkboard Calendar - 24"W x 19"H

610.Large Wood Framed Wall Mirror - 30" x 30"

611.Antique Wood Framed Mirror - 34.75"H x 26"W

612.Antique Spool Frame Mirror - 56.75"H x 32.25"W

613.Pair of Vintage Chrome Framed Youth Chairs - 21.75"H x 12"W x 10.25"D

614.Assortment of 10 Wood Frames and Pair of Art Deco Frames - Measuring 8"W x 10"H - 18.25"H x 15.25"W

615.Assortment of 8 Antique Frames, Prints, Etc. - Including Oval Convex Frame w/ Damaged Portrait (25" x 19"), Framed "A Night on the Train w/ the Paratroopers Fort Benning to _____" by Norman Rockwell (24.25" x 17.25"), Wood Framed "Mountain Landscape" by W.M. Thuin (21.5" x 17.5"), Wood Framed "Little Peace of Heavan" by Bessie Pease Gutmann (20.5" x 15.5"), Etc. 

616.Antique Wood Framed Mirror (33.5" x 23")

617.Antique Gilded Carved Wood Frame (27"W x 30"H)

618.Pair of Portable Adjustable Bar Clamp Dual Work Lights (60"H)

619.5 Tine Garden Cultivator and Steel Bow Rake

620.Pair of Antique Wood Spindle Magazine Racks - 27"H & 12.5"H

621.Pair of Collapsible Plexiglass Display Cases - Measuring 22"H x 16"W x 11.25"D & 15"H x 16"W x 9"D

622.Set of 3 - Cube Storage Shelfs - Measuring 15.25" x 15.25" x 15.25" Each

623.Pair of Sterilite Clearview 45 Qt. Storage Drawer (20"W x 17.5"D x 11"H) and Sterilite 3 Drawer Storage *Missing 1 Drawer (9.5"H x 11.25"W x 12.25"D)

624.Sterilite 35 Gallon Storage Tote *Missing Lid (30"L x 18"W x 21"D), Cambro Clear Food Storage Box w/ Lid (18"W x 26"L x 5"H), Sterilite 32 Qt. Clear View Storage Tote *No Lid (23"L x 16"W x 6"H) and Sterilite 12 Qt. Clear View Storage Tote *No Lid (16"L x 11"W x 5.5"H)

625.Pair of Heavy Duty Storage Totes *No Lids (23.25"L x 15.5"W x 12"H)

626.Set of 3 - The Storage Tote Model 170 Lidded Storage Totes *2 Missing One Side of Hinged Lid - (21"L x 15"W x 12"D)

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