Oberman Auctions

Oberman Auctions
Oberman Auctions - Rockville Personal Property - Auction Closes Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 starting at 7:00 PM

Item Description
00.Due To Governor Walz's Shelter In Place Directive The Auction Has Been Extended.

We are concerned about Covid-19 right now, just like you. Neither Steve, Dave or myself have been ill or out of the country or state in the last 30 days, nor have we come in contact with anyone who has been out of the country. We do plan on continuing our regular schedule of auctions, preview and pick up. We will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments as necessary.
That being said we ask that our customers who have been ill with the flu, Covid-19 or anything else to please respect the space of others. If you are ill or are concerned about being around people right now and can't pick up your merchandise, then please contact us with your credit/debit card so we can at least close our books on the auction. We are limited to space but will make every effort to keep your merchandise safe until such time that it can be picked up.


0.1. We will be limiting the number of people allowed inside during preview and pick up to no more than 10 in the building at a time. We ask that you do not bring your children so that we can accommodate those that want to preview and pay. Please respect everyone's space.

2. We can offer "curb side pick up" of your merchandise. Just call us when you get in the parking lot. We will come out and get your payment, process your payment and bring your merchandise out. However, BE PATIENT should you choose this method.

1.Winchester Advertising Clock - 1866-1966 A Century of Leadership by Pam Clock Co. - Clock Works, Light Does Not - 15" W x 15" H

2.Wire Weasel Trap - 16" L

3.D.C. Ripley & Co. Kerosene Oil Marriage Lamp - Pat. Sept. 20th 1870 - Has A Crack In One Bowl - 11.25" H

4.Big Little Book - Buck Jones and the Two-Gun Kid by Gaylord DuBois - 1937

5.Red Wing 3 Gallon Large Wing Jug

6.Vintage Winchester Super Speed 12 Ga. Shotgun Shell Box - Full

7.Cast Iron Wood Handle Coal Iron - 7.75" H

8.United Four Horse Wagon Electric Illuminated Clock - 19.5" L

9.Hand Wrought Iron Rail Road Tie Lifter - 29" L

10.2 - Wood Mallard Decoys w/Weights - 16" L

11.Hall Westinghouse Blue Water Pitcher - Made for Westinghouse by The Hall China Co.  

12.Oneida Victory Large Animal Trap 

13.3 - Made In Germany Scenic Calendar Tops: Farm, Mountain & Winter 

14.Griswold American No. 9 Cast Iron Waffle Maker w/Stand

15.1st Edition "The Great Outdoors" by Brown & Bigelow St. Paul, Minn 1947 w/Original Box

16.5 - Vintage Sports Afield Magazines: May 1939, June 1940, June 1941, July 1942 and Nov. 1946 

17.Reliance Folding Handle Draw Knife

18.Better Little Book "Terry and the Pirates in the Mountain Stronghold" by Milton Caniff - 1941

19.Minnesota Stoneware 1 Gallon Wide Mouth Brown Beehive Jug - Small Crack Around Spout

20.Remington "hi-speed" 22's The Clean 22 - The Most Powerful You Can Buy! - Countertop Display Case - 12.5" H x 12" W

21.Randall Decoys "Preferred by Old Timers" Wood Spear Fishing Decoy in Original Box - 9.5" L

22.T-Handle Beam Drill w/3 Bits - 19" L

23.Wood and Brass "Stereo-Graphoscope" Pat. Feb. 1, 1896 w/90+ Viewing Cards 

24.Pattern Glass & Cast Iron Base Kerosene Oil Lamp w/Chimney - 18.5" H

25.Shakespeare Special No. 6546 Fishing Lure w/Original Box - 4" L

26.DuPont Farmers' Hand Book of Explosives - 1920

27.Wrought Iron Ice Tongs - 14.5" H

28.Assortment of Military Plane Playing Cards, Spotters Guide Military Plane Cards, Standard Novelty Pocket Signal Disk, Jan. & Feb. 1955 Wings Literary Guides

29.Vintage Western "Xpert" 16 Ga. Shotgun Shell Box - Full

30.Louis Marx No. 4685 Carry All Action Fort Apache Play Set w/Accessories

31.2 - Cast Iron Corn Bread Pans: Corn on The Cob and Cactus 

32.Henry Troemner Gram Balance Scale w/Weights

33.6 - Straight Razors in Leather Roll-Up Pouch - Including Waterville Cutlery Co., H. Boker & Co., S. Hecht and Son Germany, Solingen 415 Wald Germany, The Palmer Chicago, Etc. 

34.Set of 8 Seattle World's Fair 1962 Tumblers

35.6 - Hall Autumn Leaf Cups and Saucers 

36.Embury Supreme No. 160 Kerosene Lantern - 19.5" H

37.Winchester Repeating Arms Co. Small Arms Ammunition Shot Gun Cartridges Dove Tailed Crate - 9" H x 15.25" L x 9.5" W

38.Circa 1876 French Bayonet w/Scabbard - 26" L

39.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy - 7.5" L

40.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy - 8.5" L

41.Flashed Ruby & Milk Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp w/Chimney - 17" H

42.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy - 7.25" L

43.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy - 6.5" L

44.Peters Target Loads 12 Ga. Shotgun Shells Box - Full

45.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy - 5.25" L

46.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy - 4.5" L

47.Hall Montgomery Ward Blue Ice Lip Pitcher - 9" H

48.Big Little Book "Dan Dunn Secret Operative 48" by Norman Marsh - 1934

49.6 - Straight Razors w/Original Boxes - Including Pearl Duck Dubl Duck Satin Edge, Shumate Razor Co., Geneva Cutlery Co., Henry Sears & Son 1865, Etc. 

50.Victorian Ingraham Black Mantel Clock w/Key - 11.25" H x 15" W

51.Enterprise Cherry Stoner No. 2 - 12" H

52.Hall Flare-Ware Mid-Century Modern Atomic Star Pattern Coffee Warmer w/Stand - 13"H

53.12 - Comic Books: 10 - Walt Disney's, 1 - Walter Lantz Comic Books and 1 - Quality Comic Buster Bear 

54.Vintage Burlap Wrapped Wood Decoy - 13.5" L

55.Gifford-Wood Co. Ice Tongs - 14" L

56.5 - Vintage Ladies Hats w/a Penney's Marathon Hat Box

57.Hen Egg Co. Wood Slat Egg Crate w/Egg Flats - 9.5" H x 12.75" L x 12.75" W

58.2 - Framed Antique Barb Wire Displays - 17" H x 23.25" L and Barbs, Prongs, Points, Prickers and Stickers Book by Robert T. Clifton 

59.6 - Vintage Figural Bird Planters & Vases 

60.Assorted Lot of 6 Antique Tea Cup and Saucers - Including Taylor and Kent Bone China, Lefton's January Carnation, Crown Staffordshire, Victoria "Annette" Bone China, Etc. 

61.Paw Paw Lucky Lures Jointed Fishing Lure w/Box - 4.75"

62.Wood Fishing Lure - 3.25" L

63.Creek Chub Wood Fishing Lure - 5.5" L

64.Creek Chub Wood Fishing Lure - 4.75" L

65.Bomber Plug Rattler Fishing Lure - 3.75" L

66.Creek Chub Jointed Pikie Fishing Lure w/Box - 6.25" L

67.Marx Tin Belgian Horse & Plastic Wagon w/Logs - 13" L

68.3 - Griswold Cast Iron Pans: 2 - No. 3's & a No. 6

69.Ruckel's 1 Gallon Stoneware Jug 

70.A.J. Wilkinson Folding Handle Draw Knife - Pat. July 16, 1895 - 13.5" L

71.Genuine Gretsch Chromatic Harmonica No. 235 w/ Original Box

72.Federal  Hi-Power 12 Ga. Shotgun Shell Box - Full

73.Pint Jar of Marbles 

74.2 - Hatchets - One Plumb

75.Better Little Book "Don Winslow of the Navy and the Great War Pilot" by Frank V. Martinek - 1940

76.Vintage Herter's Walnut Predator & Duck Calls 

77.Gray Graniteware Coffee Pot - 12.5" H

78.Cabbage/Kraut Cutter w/The Box - 26" L

79.Brass Tube w/Rubber Bulb Auto Horn on Cherry Wall Plaque - 12" H x 18" W

80.T - Handle Beam Drill - 20" L

81.8 - Vintage Minnesota License Plates: 1950, 1953, 1956, 1960, 1965

82.Set of 3 Hall Morning Glory Mixing Bowls

83.Set of 4 Vintage Clear Pattern Glass Covered Refrigerator Jars

84.Du Pont Explosives Red Cross Extra Dynamite 50 Lb. Dove Tailed Wood Crate - 8.25" H x 18" L x 13.25" W

85.Takito Japan 24 Piece Scenic Lusterware Dessert Set: 8 - Dessert Plates, 8 - Saucers, 6 - Cups, Cream and Sugar

86.Falls City My Buddy Steel Tackle Box w/Assortment of Lures, Sinkers, Gibbs Model "A" Spinning Kit, Scale, Stringer, Hook Bonnets

87.Vienna R/A Regulator Wall Clock - 32" L

88.Better Little Book "Pilot Pete Dive Bomber" by Gaylord Du Bois - 1941

89.Vintage Battery Powered "Tornado" Boat Motor - 4" L 

90.The 5th Don Cossack Cavalry Regiment Badge - 1.75" H x 1.75" W

91.Pint Jar of Marbles

92.Nickel Plate Kerosene Oil lamp w/a Pat. Mar. 1905 on Burner - 20.5" H

93.Pair of Cast Iron Polychromed "Indian Chief" Bookends - 5" H

94.Vintage Gamble's Ace 12 Ga. Shotgun Shells Box - Full

95.6 - Boy Scout's of America Folding Pocket Knives: Ulster and Imperial 

96.Antique Andrea Patterns Ladies Hat w/Feather Plumes & Stand

97.Vintage Wood Horse and Cart Toy - 17.5" L

98.Stoneware "Cherry" Pattern Cookie Jar - 7.75" H

99.15 - Comic Book: Bugs Bunny, Mr. Magoo, Francis, Henry Aldrich, Daffy, My Little Margie, Dennis the Menace, Beetle Bailey, Li'l Kids, Mutt & Jeff, Blondie, Reddy Goose, Marmaduke Mouse

100.Wrought Iron Ice Tongs - 19.75" L

101.6 - My Book House by Olive Beaupre Miller:  In The Nursery, Up One Pair of Stairs, Through Fairy Halls, The Treasure Chest, From the Tower Window and The Latch Key -  Copyright 1921

102.Assortment of 63 ABC Wood Blocks

103.24 - Vintage Soda Bottles in Rock Spring Beverages Wood Crate: Hennepin Bottling Co., Nu-Grape Soda, Coca-Cola, B1 Lemon-Lime Soda, Bob-O-Link Bottles, Sun Rise Beverages, Orange Crush, Dad's Junior Size Root Beer, Hires Root Beer, Ol' Smoothie Root Beer, Whistle & Others

104.5 - Quart Milk Bottles:  Kangas Jacobsen Dairy, 2 - Bridgeman, Ucker Diary Farm & Plain 

105.12 - Vintage Salt/Pepper Shaker Sets: Millie/Willie, Sword Fish, Dutch Wind Mills, Bird Nodders, Frieda/Cleve, Razorback Hogs, Rooster/Hen & More

106.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy - 5" L

107.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy - 7.75" L

108.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy - 6.5" L

109.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy Signed Larry Lange - 7" L

110.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy - 8" L

111.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy Signed J. Stany - 8" L

112.1940's United Westinghouse Brass Tone Horse Mantle Clock - 17" L

113.Big Little Book "G-Man Vs. The Red X" by Stephen Slesinger - 1936

114.6 - Straight Razors w/Boxes: C.V. Heljestrand w/Garland Cutlery Co. Germany Box, E.C. Simmons Keen Cutter w/Original Box, Blue Seal w/The Waterville Cutlery Co. Box, Wade & Butcher Sheffield the Celebrated "Horse Hoof" Razor w/ The Waterville Cutlery Co. Box 

115.4 - Vintage Advertisement Lighters: Penguin Midwest Auto Parts Co. w/Original Box, Penguin DC Sales Advertising w/Original Box, Nash Allis Chalmers Thompson-Stolee Co. w/Original Box and Penguin General Electric Automatic Dishwashers/Super Grind Disposall w/Box

116.Shaving Mirror Stand w/Lather Brush and Milk Glass Bowl - 13" H

117.Pexto and Lakeside No. 10 Draw Knives

118.Vintage Hopalong Cassidy Zoomerang Gun and a Bridgeport Metal Goods Cowboy Flashlight 

119.Vintage Imperial Magnum 16 Ga. Shotgun Shell Box - Full

120.Pattern Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp w/ Chimney - 17" H

121.12 - 1950's Al-Lure-O Fishing Lures Brainerd, Minn. by Louis Rasch - New Old Stock

122.1 Gallon Steel Milk/Cream Can - 11" H

123.Hercules Powder 25 lbs. High Explosives Dove Tailed Wood Crate - 8.25" H x 13.5" L x 9.5" W

124.Wood Duck Decoy - 14" L

125.1950's Plastic Car Haulers, Semi-Trucks, Tow Trucks, Tank Truck, Fire Truck, Cement Truck - Ideal, Banner and Unmarked

126.12 Pcs. of  1950's "Wood Grain" Pottery: Pair of Rocky Mountain Pottery Pine Scented Ashtrays, 10.5" Vase, 14.75" Goose, Rainbow Forest Lodge Boot - 6" H, 2 - Vases, 2 - Ewers, 3 - Planters

127.13 Pcs.of Hall Red Poppy Dinnerware: Serving Bowl, 2 - Soup Bowls,  2 - Dessert/Bread Plates, 4 - Cups, 4 - Saucers

128.5 - Vintage Ladies Hats w/a Hat Box

129.9 - Vintage Small Game Traps: Victor, Kompak No. 1, Diamond Brand No. 21

130.Underwood and Underwood Sun Sculpture Stereoscope w/Assortment of 50 Viewer Cards

131.Pint Jar of Marbles 

132.Slik-Toy Road Maintainer - 9.5" L

133.1 Gallon Brown Beehive Jug - 11" H

134.Du Pont Farmers' Handbook of Explosives - 1927

135.Vintage J.C. Higgins Xtra-Range 12 Ga. Shotgun Shell Box - Full

136.2 - Hatchets - One True Temper

137.Remington Scout Knives - Remington Arms Co. Dove Tailed Wood Display Box - 15.75" L x 5" W x 1.5" H

138.Big Little Book "Tom Mix and the Stranger From the South" by Pete Daryll - 1936

139.Kerosene Oil Lantern - 14.75" H

140.10 - A & W Root Beer Glass Mugs

141.1968 Louis Marx Carry-All Action Fighting Knights Play Set No. 4635 w/Accessories

142.27 - Classics Illustrated Comic Books: The Adventure of Kit Carson, Men Against the Sea, All Quiet on the Western Front, Tigers and Traitors, Around the World in 80 Days, Master of the World, Robur the Conqueror, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea & More

143.Gamble's Small Arms Ammunition Loaded Paper Shot Cartridges Wood Crate - 8.75" H x 14.75" L x 9" W

144.57 Pcs. of Vintage Grape Pattern Milk Glass: 8 - Dinner Plates, 8 - Dessert Plates,  15 - Water Goblets, 8 - Ice Cream Dishes, 6 - Cups, 8 - Saucers, Pitcher,  2 - Creamers, Sugar 

145.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy Signed Lawrence Bethel - 3.75" L

146.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy - 5" L

147.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy - 5.75" L

148.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy - 5.75" L

149.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy - 9.5" L

150.Wood Spear Fishing Decoy - 10.5" L

151.Edwardian Walnut Finish Wall Clock w/Key - 23" L

152.Wrought Iron Ice Tongs

153.Ca. 1896 Swedish Bayonet w/Scabbard - 13.75" L

154.Pair of Leather Straps of Sleigh Bells - Approx. 36" L

155.Wood Heddon Jointed Pike Fishing Lure - 4.75" L

156.1946 Martin Lizzard w/Glass Eye's Fishing Lure and Original Box - 3" L

157.Hanson Fish Lure Co. "The True Action Plug" w/Original Box - 4.75" L

158.J.C. Higgins Wood Fishing Lure - 2.75" L

159.Brooks Baits Manufactured by R-Jay Industries Reefer Lure w/Original Box - 2.75" L

160.Creek Chub Jointed Pikie Fishing Lure - 3.5" L

161.6 - Cup and Saucer Sets: Royal Sealy, Rosina, Royal Staffordshire, Charles Allerton, Tuscan 

162.12 - Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers: Red Wing Stoneware Co. McDonald's 1997 Red Wing MN, Mr. Peanut, Millie/Willie, Yellowstone Park "Indian and Horse", St. Cloud, MN Nodder Fawns, Lumber Jacks, Bakelite & More

163.Pair of Burlap Wrapped Duck Decoys - 14" L

164.Modern Toys Silver Mountain Express Tin Train w/Box - Japan 1960 - Whistle Works, Mechanism Doesn't 

165.31 - Welch's Jelly Character Collector Series Jars/Glasses: Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Sylvester and Tweety, Porky and Daffy, Speedy Gonsalez, Road Runner and Wylie Coyote, Foghorn Leghorn

166.9 Pcs. of  Wood Grain Pottery: Vases, Planters, Ewers, Center Bowl Candle Holder 

167.Daisy Cap Gun, Top Gun Jr. Cap Gun, Leather Holster, Leather Gun Belt, Pair of Spurs, Roy Rogers and Trigger Pin Backed Button, AAA Patrol Service Pin, Gene Autry Club Pin Back Button & More 

168.Sea Nymph 17' Aluminum Canoe - Maximum Capacity 830 Lbs.

169.Pair of Cast Iron "Constitution" Tall Ship Bookends - 5.25" H

170.Vintage Western Super X 12 Ga. Shotgun Shells Box - Full

171.1 Gallon Brown Beehive w/Spout Stoneware Jug - 8.75" L

172.Union Leader Cut Plug Tin - 7.75" L

173.Pattern Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp w/Chimney - 19.25" H

174.Ohio Art Tin Lithograph Rabbit and Chick Wagon Toy - 8.25" L

175.Better Little Book "Lone Star Martin of the Texas Rangers" by Peter Wyckoff - 1939

176.6 - Straight Razors w/Boxes: S.B Kahnweiler & Co. w/ Friedr, Baurman & Sohno Solingen, Germany Box, Silberstahl Solingen, Western B.S. Co. Minneapolis, Minn. Little Jeff Razor w/ Wilbert Cutlery Co. Box

177.Vintage Jug Style Cookie Jar - 11.5" H

178.1985 Tara Toy 24 Spot Car Case w/Cars: Midgetoy, Topper Johnny Lightning, Tootsie Toy, Matchbox, Tomica, Husky

179.6 - Pocket Knives: Barlow, Schrade, Ulster, Camillus, Kutmaster and Frontier

180.Pint Jar of Marbles

181.2 - Draw Knives - 14" & 18" L

182.Vintage Miners Helmet w/2 - Brass Carbide Lamps and Tin of National Carbide 

183.50" Mink Stole and 54" Marten Stole

184.5 - Cream & Sugar Sets: Germany Niagara Falls Roosters, Prussia Royal Rudolstadt, Radfords Bone China, Red Wing & Pink 

185.14 - Comic Books: Underwater Adventures, Maverick Marshal, Gene Autry, Robin Hood, Fury, Dick Turpin, The Crusades, Mysteries of Paris, American Presidents, Air Force, The Last of The Mohicans, 3 Famous Mystery's

186.15 - Miniature Oil Lamps 

187.DuPont Explosives 50 Lb. Dove Tailed Wood Crate - 10.25" H x 17.75" L x 12.25" W

188.9 - 1940's-1970's Magazines:  2 - McCalls 1952 & 1954, 3 - Look Magazines Nov. 1962, Jan. & Feb. 1967, 1 - Post Feb. 1963 and 3 - Life Jan. 1949, Oct. 1971 & Dec. 1972

189.Umco Aluminum Tackle Box w/Lures, Flies, Reels, Stringer

190.D & A Oak Cased Centennial Wall Clock w/ Key - 25.25" H

191.1950's Crawling Baby Wind-Up - Works - 4" L

192.Large Milk Glass Hen on Nest w/Glass Eyes - 6.25" H x 9" L

193.Hall Westinghouse Blue Pitcher  - 8" H

194.5 - Vintage Game Calls:2 - Johnny Jahn Crow Call Manufactured by True Calls Hopkins, MN  (1 w/ Original Box), Big River Game Calls, P.S. Olt Canadian Honker Call Model A-50 and A.L. Lindsey Pied Piper Call

195.Big Little Book "Gun Justice" by Robert Quigley - 1934

196.Justrite Brass Carbide Lamp No. 2-840 w/Original Box - 4.5" H

197.Vintage Hiawatha 12 Ga. Paper Shotgun Shells Box - Full

198.Gifford-Wood Cast Iron Ice Tongs - 14.25" L

199.Creek Chub Pikie Lure - 4.75" L

200.Acme Weedless Minnow Lure w/Original Box - 3.5" L

201.South Bend Babe Oreno Lure - 3" L

202.Bill Johnson's Deluxe "Silver Minnow" Lure w/the Original Box - 3.5" L 

203.Hand Made Painted Fishing Lure - 3" L

204.L & S Bass Master Jointed Lure  - 3.25" L

205.5 - Vintage Advertising Lighters: "Schenley For Elegance" King Lighter, "City Produce Co." Wellington Balboa, "State Central Credit Union" Howard, "Winston" Sarome Swallow and "Pall Mall" Continental

206.21 - 1950's Hard Plastic Cars, Race Cars, Trucks, Tractor w/Rake: Acme, Ideal, Crystal, Renwal, Knickerbocker 

207.9 - Vintage Salt & Pepper Shaker Sets: Fiestaware, Red Wing Bob White, Nodder Skeletons, Pigs, Artist Palette, Beehive, Crackle Glass, Round Jugs, Crystal

208.7 - Wood Spear Fishing Decoys - 3" L to 16" L

209.6 - Vintage Ladies Hats w/a Bader's Hat Box 

210.6 - Cup & Saucer Sets:  Regency, Royal Standard, Trimont Made in Occupied Japan, Lefton, Paragon and "Geisha" Lithophane

211.2 - Sets of Vintage Giraffe Theme Highball Glasses: 4 - Frosted Highball Glasses and 6 - Highball Glasses

212.79 - Wood ABC Alphabet Blocks

213.Assortment of Vintage New Unopened Collector Card Sets: Box of 36 Packs of Dinosaurs Pro Set, Box of 36 Packs Dick Tracy Movie Cards + Additional Opened Cards, DC Comic Justice League America, Marvel 1992 Super Heroes Spider-Man, Batman Returns, Walt Disney's Cinderella, Archie, Comic Ball 2, Flintstones, Superman, Popeye, Cinderella, Snow White

214.Comfort Self Heating Gas Iron - 9.75" L

215.WWI Hinged Lid Dove Tailed Ammunition Box - 4.5" H x 12.75" L x 4.5"W

216.Bulova Westminster Chime Mantle Clock w/Key - 16.75" W

217.Reloading Powder Measures, Shell Primer Loaders, Primer Picks, Primer Caps, Kraft Cheese Box 

218.6 - Vintage Advertising Pocket Knives: P & S Sales, "The Rand Shoe", Premier, MDT

219.Round Cookie Jar House - 7" H

220.Pint Jar of Marbles

221.Pair of Cast Iron "Indian Chief" Bookends - 5" H

222. New Standard No. 50 Cherry Stoner

223.5 - Sets of Philgas Salt & Pepper Shakers w/Original Boxes and Pair of Skelgas Salt & Pepper Shakers

224.5 - Vintage Zippo Advertisement Lighters: 3 - Swagelok, Fruehauf Trailers, Boise Cascade

225.Big Little Book "Buck Jones in the Fighting Code" by Pat Patterson - 1934

226.Vintage Western Super X 28 Ga. Shotgun Shell Box - Full

227.6 - Vintage Fishing Reels: Shakespeare Deluxe Spin Wondereel No. 1800 Model F6 w/Manuals in Original Box, Shakespeare Tru-Art Automatic No. 1827 Model EC Fly Fishing Reel w/Shakespeare Box, Pflueger Akron No. 1893L, Shakespeare No. 1962 and Zebco Junior Model 77

228.1967 Mattel Hot Wheels 24 Car Collector's Case w/Mostly Matchbox Cars

229.23 - Porcelain & Glass Shoe Figurines

230.70+   45 Records Including Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, The Beach Boys, Vaughn Monroe, Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby, Mel Carter, Tommy Dorsey, Nat "King" Cole, Dodie Stevens, Tom Jones & More 

231.9 - Vintage Comic Books: DC Superman Annual Issue No. 1, Flash Gordon, 2 - Fantastic Voyage, Total War, War Action, The Haunt of Fear, 2 - Tarzan's Jungle Annual

232.16 - Vintage Tin Cookie Cutters

233.Small Arms Ammunition Loaded Paper Shotgun Cartridges Wood Crate - 9" H x 14.75" L x 9.25" W

234.1981 Mattel Hot Wheels USA Builder Play Set 

235.Pattern Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp w/Chimney - 17.75" H

236.Victorian Portrait Collar Box w/Collars, Stays, Buttons, Assorted Ephemera -  12.75" H x 9.5" W x 5.75" D

237.Better Little Book "Detective Higgins of the Racket Squad" by Millard Thacksen - 1938

238.Hummel "Spring Cheer" Figurine - 5.25" H

239.5 - Floral Decorated Handled Plates: Bavaria, P.K. Silesia, Germany & Unmarked 

240.10 - Vintage Pocket Knives: Kamp King, Camillus, Sabre Japan, Gillette, Buck 527, Hammer Brand

241.3 - Gun Powder Flasks

242.Skil-Craft Handy Andy Tool Set w/Handy Andy Tools: Hand Saw, Hammer, Square, Level, Pliers, Planes

243.Vintage Sellier & Bellot 12 Ga. Shotgun Shell Box - Full

244.Western Stoneware 1/2 Gallon Stoneware Canning Jar - 10" H

245.3 - Cast Iron Sad Irons 

246.6 - Cup and Saucer Sets: Royal Winton, Adam's, Royal Grafton, Mason's, Royal Stafford and Royal Mayfair

247.7 - Upland Birds of North America by Wayne Anderson Plates: "The Grouse", "The Quail", "The Gray Partridge", "The Pheasant", "The Woodcock", "The Wild Turkey" and "The Blue-Winged Teal" 

248.8 - Ceramic Bird Figurines - One Goebel

249.14 - Vintage Stock Certificates: The Little Bernice Gold Mining Co. 1907, The Lucky "13" Oil Syndicate 1930, Burr-Mac Oil & Gas 1929, McCann-Rash Oil & Gas Co. 1917, Sunrise Oil Corp. 1927, Underwriters Oil and Gas Co 1913 + More 

250.39 - Vintage Aluminum Cookie Cutters 

251.Vintage Toy Tractors and Implements: Hubley Jr. Kiddie Toy Tractor, Auburn Rubber Tractor, International 784 Die Cast, Buddy L Tractor w/ Trailer, Die Cast Tractor w/Plow & Drag, Discs, Plows, Rake 

252.4 - Vintage Ladies Hats w/a Wormser Hat Box

253.Sterling Silver and Moissanite Ring - Size 7

254.10K Yellow Gold, Created Ruby, Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring - Size 7

255.10K Yellow Gold and Pink Sapphire Pendant - 3/8" L

256.Sterling Silver and Diamond Double Heart Pendant - 1" L

257.Sterling Silver Cameo Pendant w/a 16" Sterling Silver Necklace 

258.Sterling Silver Braided Chain Bracelet - 7.5" L

259.10K Yellow Gold Pendant w/an 18" Gold Tone Necklace

260.10K Yellow Gold Bracelet - 8" L

261.Sterling Silver Perfumer w/Sterling Silver Funnel in Original Box - Perfumer Measures 1.75" L and Funnel 1.25" L

262.Sterling Silver and White Sapphire Ring - Size 8

263.Set of 6 Sterling Silver Salt & Pepper Shakers in Original Box -
1 3/8" H

264.Silver Peacock Brooch Marked Guatemala Ladama Silver - 3.5" L

265.Sterling Silver Brooch w/Matching Clip on Earrings - Brooch Measures 2.25" L and Earrings 1" L

266.Sterling Silver Ankh Pendant - 1.5" L w/a 24"  Silver Tone Necklace

267.Sterling Silver Monogrammed Youth Belt Buckle Pat. Aug. 1921 - 1.75" L

268.Sterling Silver Link Bracelet - 7" L

269.Sterling Silver and Abalone Brooch - 1.75" L

270.Pair of Sterling Silver and Abalone Key Chains - 3.25" L

271.Sterling Silver Necklace - 23" L

272.Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Cross on Sterling Silver and Leather Necklace - 14" L

273.Pair of Sterling Silver and Abalone Clip on Earrings

274.Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet - 2.5" Diameter

275.Pair of Sterling Silver and Mother of Pearl Pierced Earrings and a Pair of Sterling Silver and Rhinestone Screw Back Earrings 

276.4 - Sterling Silver Charms: Frog, Circle, Bowling Pins and Double Heart "Sisters"

277.Sterling Silver Bracelet - 9" L

278.Set of 8 Sterling Silver "Salt & Pepper" Shakers - 1.25" H

279.Sterling Silver Franklin D Roosevelt Warm Springs Spoon Handle Ring - Size 9

280.Pair of Vintage Mother of Pearl Cuff Links

281.Sterling Silver Heart Ring - Size 5, Sterling Silver & Fire Opal Art Deco Ring -  Size 5, Pair of Sterling Silver Cuff Links, Sterling Silver Ring - Size 6.5, Sterling Silver Bar Pin and Sterling Silver Masonic Scimitar Pin

282.Pair of Sterling Silver Student NEA Pins, Sterling UMCY Pin, Sterling Bernard School 1939 Tie Pin, Sterling Symbolic Pin, 3 - St. Cloud State Pins, 1 - Tech Tiger Pin + More

283.7 Pcs. of Milk Glass: Grape Rectangular Bowl/Planter, Tear Drop Compote, Cactus Compote, Diamond Point Ash Tray, Open Lace Banana Bowl, Open Lace Heart Shaped Dish, Grape Pin Dish

284.6 - Cups and Saucers: Erphila Germany, Royal Tettau US Zone Germany, Royal Albert, T & V Limoges, Mason's England, Bavaria 

285.Assorted Lot of 15 Vintage Classics Illustrated Comic Books - Including The First Men in the Moon by H.G. Wells, From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne, Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne, Master of the World by Jules Verne, The Ox-Bow Incident by Walter Van Tilburg Clark, Etc. 

286.5 - Hand Painted Poppy Decorated Plates: Austria, Z.S. & Co. Bavaria, Thomas Sevres Bavaria, Haviland France, Hutschenruether Selb

287.Approximately 56 Porcelain and Ceramic Shoe Figurines - Many are Pairs

288.37 - Schmidt Scenic Steel & Aluminum Cans + 6 Additional Beer Cans: Cold Spring, Grain Belt, Acme, Schlitz and Great Falls Brewery

289.13 Vintage Hand Painted Fish Decoys - Measuring 5.75"L - 9.75"L

290.Gifford Wood Co. Cast Iron Ice Tongs - 14.5"L

291.Ruger Model 10/22 Carbine .22 Cal. Long Semi-Auto Rifle w/a Simmons Model 21012 Scope and Kolpin Soft Sided Rifle Case - Serial #118-18829.  This firearm requires registration and a NICS background check to be performed at no additional cost. Registration can only be done by the bidder/buyer of this lot.

292.Winchester Model 67 22 Cal. Single Shot Bolt Action Rifle w/a Soft Sided Camo Rifle Case - No Serial Number - This firearm requires registration and a NICS background check to be performed at no additional cost. Registration can only be done by the bidder/buyer of this lot.

293.Marlin Model 80 .22 Cal. Bolt Action Rifle w/ Soft Sided Rifle Case - No Serial Number - This firearm requires registration and a NICS background check to be performed at no additional cost. Registration can only be done by the bidder/buyer of this lot.

294.Savage Stevens Model 15-A .22 Cal. Bolt Action Rifle w/a Soft Sided Rifle Case - No Serial Number. This firearm requires registration and a NICS background check to be performed at no additional cost. Registration can only be done by the bidder/buyer of this lot.

295.Rohm (RG) Model 66  .22 Cal. Magnum Revolver w/a Hunter Leather Holster and Allen Soft Sided Pistol Case - Serial #50286. This firearm requires a Permit to Carry or Permit to Purchase and registration with a NICS background check to be performed at no additional cost. Registration can only be done by the bidder/buyer of this lot.

296.Iver Johnson's Arms and Cycle Works 2nd Model Safety Automatic .32 Cal. Revolver - Serial No. 47388 w/a Bianchi Pistol Holster. This firearm requires a Permit to Carry or Permit to Purchase and registration with a NICS background check to be performed at no additional cost. Registration can only be done by the bidder/buyer of this lot.

297.Harrington & Richardson Safety Hammer Double Action .32 Cal. Revolver - Serial No. 21557. This firearm requires a Permit to Carry or Permit to Purchase and registration with a NICS background check to be performed at no additional cost. Registration can only be done by the bidder/buyer of this lot.

298.Iver Johnson American Gun Co. Defender '89  .32 Cal. Revolver  w/a Bianchi Suade Holster - Serial #118. This firearm requires a Permit to Carry or Permit to Purchase and registration with a NICS background check to be performed at no additional cost. Registration can only be done by the bidder/buyer of this lot.

299.Harrington & Richardson The American Double Action .32 Cal. Revolver w/Leather Holster - Serial #738. This firearm requires a Permit to Carry or Permit to Purchase and registration with a NICS background check to be performed at no additional cost. Registration can only be done by the bidder/buyer of this lot.

300.Hopkins and Allen Dictator .32 Cal. Revolver w/a Leather Holster -  Serial #1696. This firearm requires a Permit to Carry or Permit to Purchase and registration with a NICS background check to be performed at no additional cost. Registration can only be done by the bidder/buyer of this lot.

301.Forehand & Wadsworth Pioneer .38 Cal. Revolver - Serial #185. This firearm requires a Permit to Carry or Permit to Purchase and registration with a NICS background check to be performed at no additional cost. Registration can only be done by the bidder/buyer of this lot.

302.Harrington & Richardson Young American Double Action .22 Cal. Revolver w/a Leather Holster - Serial #5560. This firearm requires a Permit to Carry or Permit to Purchase and registration with a NICS background check to be performed at no additional cost. Registration can only be done by the bidder/buyer of this lot.

303.Western Gun Works Tramps Terror .22 Cal. Revolver - Serial #1312. This firearm requires a Permit to Carry or Permit to Purchase and registration with a NICS background check to be performed at no additional cost. Registration can only be done by the bidder/buyer of this lot.

304.Remington Model 6 Falling Block .22 Cal Rifle - Serial # 438158. This firearm requires registration with a NICS background check to be performed at no additional cost. Registration can only be done by the bidder/buyer of this lot.

305.Neon "Open" Sign Mounted On Plexiglass - 52" H x 11.5" W

306.Vintage Burlap Wrapped Wood Duck Decoy - 14.5"L

307.Vintage Alcan Shotgun Shells in Sealed Box - 12 Ga., 2 3/4"L

308.Vintage Monarch Skeet Shells in Original Box - 20 Ga.

309.6 - Vintage Lighters: Ronson Brown, Realite Wood Grained in The Wellington Line Box, Windguard National Defense University, Symbol Kent Cigarettes, Kem Bottle Shape + a Vendom Engraved Poodle Perfume Atomizer

310.Hanging Betty Whale Oil Lamp - 7.75" H

311.Better Little Book "Air Fighters of America" by Roy Snell - 1941

312.Pair of Cast Iron "End of the Trail" Book Ends - 3.75" H

313.Vintage Cast Iron Aunt Jemima Coin Bank - 7.25" H

314.Vintage Wood Cased Hijostar 31 Day Pendulum Clock w/ Key - 28"H

315.4" Jar Full of Vintage Marbles

316.Stereoscope w/16 Viewer Cards

317.4 - Hand Painted Floral Decorated Plates: 2 - O & E.G. Royal Austria, RS Germany and Bavaria

318.Assortment of 12 Antique/Vintage Lures - Including Osprey Famous Fishing Tackle Dardevle w/ Original Box, Heddon River Runt Lure w/ Original Box, Top Notch Tackle Co. "Water-Lou" Lure w/ Original Box, "Little Joe" Pokey-Joe Lure w/ Original Box, The Kautzky Original "Lazy Ike" w/ Original Box, Vintage Fishing Keychain, Etc. 

319.Large Assortment of 25 Vintage Costume Jewelry Necklaces

320.Vintage Adams Bros. Sports Heater Model 152 w/ Windproof Jet Burners in Original Box

321.Tin Fuel Container - 9.5" H

322.Marx Toys No. 2257 Cowboys "50 Piece" Playset w/ Handy Storage Box

323.7 - World Wildlife Fund Bird Plates: "Chaffinch", "Red Robin", "Great Titmouse", "Golden Oriole", "Corsican Nuthatch", "Firecrest", "Blue Titmouse"

324.4 - Cast Iron Sad Irons

325.Rock Springs Beverages Wood Crate w/an Assortment of 24 Vintage Soda Bottles: Dad's Root Beer, M&S Mellow and Smooth, Sun Crest, Minars Beverages, Fleck's, Lemmy, Pepsi-Cola, Whistle, Nu-Grape, Bubble Up, Sun Rise, Kist, Go-For Brand, O-So, Vess

326.Christine Original New York Fur Hat, Bel Mar New York Paris Fur Hat and Leopard Fur Ear Muffs w/an Adam Hat Box

327.17 - Vintage "Giraffe" Themed Drink Ware: 14 - Highball Glasses, Shot Glass and 2 - Small Glasses

328.Red Wing 2 Gallon Small Wing Crock - 9.5"H

329.Better Little Book "Gang Busters Smash Through" by Gene Fletcher - 1942

330.Vintage Monark Skeet Shells in Original Box - 16 Ga.

331.Antique Santa and His Reindeer Friction Toy - Made in Japan - *Does Not Work - 7"L

332.Radiant Gasoline Iron and Monitor Model C Sad Iron, Big Prairie Ohio 

333.Shaving Cup w/Milk Glass Insert, Sterilized Shaving Brush in Original Box and Plymouth Cutlery Straight Razor in J.A. Henckles Twin Works Box

334.Lot of 3) 3.5" Jars Full of Vintage Marbles 

335.12 Piece Celluloid Handle Manicure/Pedicure Set

336.Clear Pattern Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp w/Chimney - 17.75" H

337.20) Vintage Gun Key Chains, Pencil Sharpeners, Cap Guns, Etc. - Including Mebe Toys Miniature Cap Gun, Uniwerk Italy S & W .38 Cal. Revolver, Molgora Miniature Cap Gun, Redondo Trueno, Etc. 

338.3 - Hand Painted Fruit Decorated Plates: J & C "Louise" Bavaria, Charlotte Bavaria and Z.S. & Co. Bavaria

339.The World at War 9 Volume Boxed VHS Set 

340.3) Vintage Lincoln Log Sets - Including Set 3C) Full, 3C) Half Full and 5C) Tin is Empty

341.5 Pcs. of California Originals Art Pottery:  Wood Hues, Leaf Shaped Dish, Deviled Egg Tray, Serving Tray and 2 Tier Serving Tray

342.15) Vintage Comic Books - Including 2) The Adventures of Bob Hope, 7) Dell Comics *Target: The Corruptors, The Littlest Snowman, Tom and Jerry's Winter Fun, The Defender's, Santa Clause, Etc., 4) DC Comics *Rudolph, Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Ozzie Smith, 2) Charlton Comics Teen Confessions and My Little Margie

343.6 Pcs. of  Colored Glass: Fenton Cranberry Opalescent Rose Bowl, Amethyst Compote, Green Opalescent Grape Bowl, Lariat Bowl, Cranberry Hobnail Bowl, Custard Toothpick

344.6) Vintage Game Calls - Including Scotch Squirrel Call in Original Box, N.C. Hansen Co. The Broadbill Call in Original Box, True Calls Handmade Tuned Duck Call w/ Original Box, P.S. Olt & Co. No. 1 Call in Original Box, Olt's No. 1 Hard Rubber Bird Call and 'Scotch" Duck Call

345.Vintage Kitchen Utensils: Trick or Treat Metal Cookie Cutters in Original Box, Nutbrown Pie Crimper w/Original Box, Pear Slicer, Cake Slicer, Grater, Basting Brush, Chopper, Can Openers, Egg Separator, Meat Thermometer

346.Assorted Lot of 68 Vintage Football and Boxing Sports Cards - Including Football - Capt. Don McRae, Nick Liotta, Joe Dudeck, Bob Marlow, Steve Wadiak, Bill Vesprini, Bob Smith, Walt Trillhaase, Mike Goggins, John Petitbon, WM Owens and Boxing - Jimmy Flood, Henry Armstrong, Jersey Joe Walcott, Gene Stanlee "Mr. America", Billy Soose, Joe Baksi, Etc.

347.8 - 1982 Smurf Collectors Glasses, 2 -1982 E.T. Pizza Hut Glasses, 1978 Burger Chef Endangered Species Collectors Glass, Monkey/Elephant Glasses, Care Bears

348.Daisy Pump Action BB Gun 

349."Nature Calls" Signed by Les Kouba Limited Edition Print 1767/2500 - 23.5"W x 21"H

350."Moose Country" Signed by Les Kouba Limited Edition Print 945/1200 - 29"W x 23.25"H

351."River's Edge" Signed by Kevin T. Daniel Limited Edition Print 221/750 - 34"W x 25"H

352."Wintery Afternoon - Ruffled Grouse" Signed by Art Long Limited Edition Print  281/300 - 28.25"W x 22.75"H

353."Getting the Scent - Timber Wolves" Signed by Ron Van Gilder Limited Edition Print 450/550 - 32"W x 22.5"H

354."Minnesota Heartland Decoys" Signed by Wayne M. Roman Limited Edition Print 159/1250 - 28"H x 23"W

355."Empty Blind - Canada Geese" Signed by Jerry Raedeke Limited Edition Print 410/580 - 31"W x 22"H

356."Popple Ridge Tree Stand" Signed by Les Kouba Limited Edition Print 613/5000 - 22.25"W x 18.5"H

357."Morning Light" Signed by Louis F. Fernandez Limited Edition Print 389/580 - 29"W x 23"H

358."Winter Snows" Signed by Terry Redlin Print - 26"W x 20"H

359."Restless Trio-Canada's" Signed by Lee Le Blanc Limited Edition Print 160/250 - 21"W x 26"H

360."First Season" Signed by Kevin Westlund Limited Edition Print 46/580 - 27"W x 21"H

361."Chief Joseph - Man of Peace" Signed by Paul Calle Limited Edition Print 343/950 - 30.75"W x 24.75"H

362."Teton Friends" Signed by Paul Calle Limited Edition Print 855/950 - 30.75"W x 24.25"H

363."Kindergartner" Signed by Jerry Gadamus Limited Edition Print 267/600 - 28"W x 22"H

364.Framed "Late Northern Bills" Signed by Les Kouba Limited Edition Print 437/1200 - 17.75"W x 13.75"H

365."Reveille" Signed by Trevor Eckhoff Limited Edition Print w/ COA 2294/2553 - 16"W x 20"H

366."Twins II - Loons" Signed by John McFaul Limited Edition Print 458/950 - 29.25"W x 23.25"H

367."Winter Silence - Wolves" Signed by Thomas Moen Limited Edition Print 933/6000 - 28"H x 19.25"W

368."Wings at First Outting" Signed by Rick Kelley Limited Edition Print 998/5000 - 18.25"W x 31.25"H

369."Waters Edge" Signed by Les Kouba Limited Edition Print 46/900 - 29.25"W x 23.5"H

370."Winters Flight" Signed by Les Kouba Limited Edition Print 815/900 - 29.25"W x 23.25"H

371.1850's German Sword w/ Wall Mount Plaque - 23.25"L

372.Better Little Book "Convoy Patrol A Thrilling U.S. Navy Story" by R.R. Winterbotham - 1942

373.Dietz No. 2 D-Lite Oil Lantern - 13" H

374.The Great War - World War II Collection Set - 10 VHS Tape Collection Set

375.Lot of 9 Pocket Knives - Including Mitsuboshi Japan w/ Leather Sheath, Victorinox, Colonial, Imperial, Etc.

376.Pheasant Head and Tail Feather Mount on Oak Wall Plaque - 25"L

377.13 - Advertising Beer Can & Bottle Openers: Schmidt's City Beer Club, Drewry's, Gluek's, Fitger's, Hamm's, Coca Cola

378.Vintage Hiawatha Plastic Shells in Original Box - 20 Ga., 2 3/4"L

379.2) Pint Jars Full of Vintage Marbles 

380.Mattel Inc. Hot Wheels Collectible Car Holder w/ Assortment of 24 Vintage Cars, Trucks, Etc. - Including 1977 Mattel Hot Wheels Dragster, 1979 Hot Wheels Spider-Man Car, 1981 Matchbox Peterbilt, 1971 Lesney Matchbox No. 74 Orange Peel, ERTL 1957 Chevy Die Cast, Etc. 

381.Cast Iron Ice Tongs - 16"L

382.Adjustable Shaving Mirror, 2 - Razor Strops, Marlin Blades Box w/Blades, Craftsman Razor Hone, 2 - Straight Razors, Safety Razor

383.Assortment of Smokey the Bear Collectibles: Smokey "Prevent Forest Fires" Bobble Head, 1967 Lakeside Smokey the Bear Rubber Toy, Glasbake Smokey "Help Prevent Forest Fires" Milk Glass Mug, Marlenn "Help Smokey Prevent Wildfires" Car Freshener, Little Golden Book "Smokey the Bear" 1955 Book, Rulers, Pens, Whistle, Postage Stamps

384.Assortment of 50+ Vintage Valentine's Cards

385.2 - Dobb's Fifth Avenue Men's w/an Original Dobb's Hat Box

386.Shakespeare Push Button Wonder Cast No. 1797 Box w/ Manual, 1944 Shakespeare Service Model FE Reel, Pflueger Sal-Trout No. 1558 Reel, Pflueger Supreme Reel, Unmarked Vintage Reel and Shakespeare Direct O Drive No. 1950 Mpdel FG Reel w/ Manual in Original Box, Etc.

387.Large Assortment of Costume Jewelry - Including Brooches, Necklaces, Earrings, Etc. 

388.30. Cal. Small Arms Ammunition Crate - 14.75"H x 18.5"L x 9.5"W

389.Pair of Triple Fives Boards - Five Cents a Play - Last Sale on Board Receives $2.50 - 9"W x 10"H

390.Whitetail Deer Rump Taxidermy Mount - 26"L

391.Big Little Book "The Story of Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen" - 1938

392.Vintage Girl Scout Items: Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. Talcum, Lotion, Deodorant Cologne & Shampoo Glass Bottles, Kutmaster Utility Pocket Knife, Pins, Stamps + Camp Fire Girl Stickers & Stamps 

393.Pair of Salt Glazed Shoulder Jugs - Both Measure Approx. 8.5"H

394.4 Side Socket Bayonet Marked 34934 - 19.75"L

395.Vintage J.C. Higgins X-Tra Range Shotgun Shells in Original Box - 20 Ga., 2 3/4"L

396.Aladdin Model No. 11 Kerosene Oil Lamp - 11.75" H

397.Marx Original Classics Vintage Collectible 1953 Chrysler Windsor 2 Door Convertible w/ COA - New in Box - 14"L

398.Horsman Baby Softskin in Original Box - Appears New in Box - 14.5"H

399.5 - A.C. Williams Co. Sad Irons 

400.Hudson's Bay 100% Wool Blanket - 64" W x 84" H

401.47 - Vintage Aluminum Cookie Cutters

402.7 - Vintage Nesting Dolls: Easter Bunny, Duck Egg, Halloween, Chick Egg, Santa, Thanksgiving, Rabbit Egg

403.6 - Cup and Saucers: Unmarked Nippon, Century Souvenir  Seattle World's Fair, Norcrest, Occupied Japan, 2- Unmarked

404.Cabbage/Kraut Cutter w/the Box - 25" L

405.Assortment of Antique/Vintage Marbles and 4) Suede Marble Pouches - Including Vitro-Agate Co. Cat Eyes Five Star Brand 10 Count Marbles *New in Package, 2) Lehman's Hand Made Glass Marbles *New in Package, Old Clay Marbles, Etc. 

406.Pattern Glass Kerosene Oil Finger Lamp - 11" H

407.Jug Cookie Jar - 9" H

408.2 Boxes of Vintage Remington Express Extra Long Range New Remington Crimp Shot Shells in Original Box(s) - 12 Ga., RX 12-4

409.Memories of War Pearl Harbor Collector Series 5 Pack  - New Unopened

410.Lot of 3 - 1957 Whitman Publishing Co. Krazy Ikes Plastic Toys in Original Containers

411.WM. Kratt Co. Professional Hit-Parade Harmonica in Original Box

412.Big Little Book "Jackie Cooper Movie Star of Skippy & Sooky" by Eleanor Packer - 1933

413.Large Assorted Lot of Antique/Vintage Lead Figures - Including Cowboys, Indians, Soldiers, Police Officers, Etc. 

414.John Luellen & Co. U.S. Navy Band Harmonica w/ Original Box

415.8 - Reverse Painted Japanese Snuff Bottles

416.Boy Scout Items: Trophy, Collapsible Tin Cup, Webelos Kerchief Slides, Steel Whistle, Bookmark, Key Chains, Pins &  Stamps

417.12 - Vintage Lighters: Allen Japan, Regens, Evans, Mitsugiri Mfg. Co. Permanent Match, 2 - Zippos + Ronson Flints

418.Indiana Glass Milk Glass Hen on a Nest in Box

419.Large Assorted lot of Costume Jewelry - Including Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Brooches, Etc.

420.12) 1950's Plastic Cars, Trucks, Etc. - Including Processed Plastics Co. Dump Truck, Glen Dimension Race Car, Archer No. 349 Streamlines Car Hauler, Kilgore Jewels for Playthings, Payton Product Inc. Delivery Truck, Etc. 

421.6 - March of Dimes Collector Plates: "A Time to Love", "A Time to Be Born",  "A Time to Plant", "A Time to Embrace" and 2 - "A Time For Peace" 

422.Assortment of Christmas Ornaments

423.13) Antique/Vintage Fishing Lures - Including South Bend Babe-Oreno w/ Original Box, Helen Tackle Co. Flatfish w/ Original Box, Brook's Baits Plug w/ Original Box, Kautzky "Lazy Ike" w/ Original Box, Cisco Kid, Etc. 

424.4) Antique Wood Planes - Including Union Manu. Co., Molding Plane, Etc. 

425.Assortment of Milk Glass: Salt/Pepper Shakers, Hen on Nest, Cream and Sugar, Mug, Vase, Compote, Cup, Plate

426.Big Little Book "The World War in Photographs" by Otto Kurth - 1934

427.Cast Iron Cookie Pan and Cast Iron Biscuit Pan

428.The History Channel America's Unsung Heroes of World War II - 4 Volume Collectors Series

429.Dietz Little Wizard Oil Lamp w/ Red Globe - 11.5"H

430.Assorted Lot of 12 Stock Certificates - Including 1906 The Little Bernice Gold Mining Co., 1925 Hazlitt-Simmons Corp., 1930 Paramount Drug Mfg. Co., 1913 Jones Razor Manu. Co., Illinois Central Railroad Co., Etc.

431.Vintage Copper No. 3 Coffee Pot - 8.5"H

432.Deer Foot Taxidermy Mount on Slab Wood Plaque - 10.5"L

433.1950's Triner Scale & Mfg. Co. Air Mail Accuracy Scale 

434.Vintage Federal Target Load Top Gun Extra Hard Shot Shells in Original Box - 12 Ga., 2 3/4"L

435.Pair of Questor Education Prod. Co. Tinkertoy No. 136 Toy Sets

436.Large Assortment of Piochle & Playing Cards - Including Pacific Playing Card Co. Card Holder, Lowe Plastic Interlocking Poker Chips, Hand Tooled Leather Card/Cigarette Holder, Etc. 

437.12) Vintage Cars, Etc. - Including ERTL 1960 Die Cast Corvette New in Box, ERTL 1964 1/2 Die Cast Mustang New in Box, ERTL 1923 Die Cast Model T Sedan New in Box, 2) ERTL Die Cast General Lee Collector Cars New in Package, Etc. 

438.Large Assortment of Military Insignia, Pins, Buttons, Badges, Etc., Antique Wood Whistle, Police Button Cover, WWII Non Cedo Perio 3rd Air Defense Artillery Regiment Pins, Harper & Brothers 1917 Rapid Fire English French German, Hitler's Last Will, Etc. 

439.Vintage Daisy Lever BB Gun

440.3) Hand Carved Hand Painted Duck Decoys w/ 3) Addition Hand Carved Decoy Heads

441.Assortment of 1950's - 1960's Paper Dolls - Including 1965 Children's Playmate Magazine, 1961 James & Jonathan Inc. Cowboys and Indians Punch-Out Stand-Ups, 1962 Mattel Inc. Barbie and Ken Cut Outs Whitman Pub. Co. 1955 Debbie Reynolds Paper Statuette Dolls and Clothes, Paper Dolls, Etc. 

442.3) Antique Ford Model T Wooden Case Ignition Coils /Battery w/ 5) Ford Wrenches

443."Goose Decoy" by David Killen Print - 15"W x 11"H

444.Original Oil on Canvas "Waters Edge" Signed by Harry Bonde Petersen - 26"W x 22"H

445."On The Move" Signed by Ned Ewell Limited Edition Print 206/480 - 17.75"W x12.5"H

446."Gradual Descent" Signed by Ned Ewell Limited Edition Print 193/480 - 17 7/8"W x 12 7/8"H

447."Woodland Drummer" Signed by Dick Miller Limited Edition Print 105/1000 - 24"W x 17.75"H

448."Winter Snows" Signed by Terry Redlin Print 945/1200 - 26"W x 20"H

449."Timber's Edge - Ruffed Grouse" Signed by David A. Maass Limited Edition Print 525/950 - 29.5"W x 21.25"H

450."Golden Retriever" Signed by Robert Abbett Limited Edition Print 199/750 - 18.75"W x 16.25"H

451."River Rendezvous - Blue Jay" Signed by Jeff Renner Limited Edition Print 2174/2553 - 26.75"W x 18"H

452."Winter Grotto" Signed by Les Didier Limited Edition Print 131/850 - 22"W x 19.25"H

453."Decoy" Signed by David Killen Limited Edition Print 87/600 - 20"W x 15.75"H

454."Screech Owl" by Don Balke Limited Edition Print 391/1000 - 23.5"H x 17.25"W

455."Woodland Bandits" Signed by Daniel Smith Limited Edition Print 110/500 - 23.25"H x 20"W

456."Snowy Owl" Signed by Don Balke Limited Edition Print 994/1000 - 22"W x 28"H

457."Red Fox Family" Signed by Don Balke Limited Edition Print 391/1000 - 27"W x 35.5"H

458."Red on a Winters Day" Signed by Mario F. Fernandez Limited Edition Print 221/580 - 21"W x 15.5"H

459."Decoy Still Life" Signed by David Killen Limited Edition Print 173/700 - 20"W x 15.75"H

460."Gray Squirrels" Signed by Don Balke Limited Edition Print 901/950 - 23"W x 18"H

461."Canadian Honkers" Signed by Kelly Vollrath Limited Edition Print 374/500 - 27"W x 22"H

462."The Investigator" Signed by Don Balke Limited Edition Print 391/1000 - 20.5"W x 19.5"H

463."Wood Ducks" Signed by Kelly Vollrath Limited Edition Print 192/500 - 28"W x 22"H

464."Shipwreck" Signed by Don Balke Limited Edition Print 421/950 - 32"W x 24"H

465.1922 & 1922-D Peace Silver Dollars

466.2 - 1964-D Kennedy Silver Half Dollars

467.1939-D Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar

468.1964 & 1964-D Kennedy Silver Half Dollars

469.1920 Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar

470.2 - 1964-D Kennedy Silver Half Dollars

471.1952 Franklin Silver Half Dollar

472.4 - Kennedy Silver Half Dollars: 1965, (2) 1967, 1968-D

473.3 - Kennedy Silver Half Dollars: (2) 1967, 1969-D

474.4 - Kennedy Silver Half Dollars: 1966, (2) 1967, 1969-D

475.3 - Kennedy Silver Half Dollars: 1966, 1967, 1968-D

476.3 - Washington Silver Quarters: (2) 1945, 1964-D

477.10 - Mercury Silver Dimes: 1936, 1939, 1941-D, (2) 1942, 1943, (2) 1944, 1944-D, 1945

478.14 - Roosevelt Silver Dimes: 1946, 1946-D, 1947-S, 1948-D, 1952-D, 1954, (2) 1957-D, 1959-D, 1960-D, (3) 1961-D, 1964-D

479.1890 Sweden Silver 2 Kronor 

480.1964 Norway Silver 10 Kroner

481.Roll of Uncirculated 2008 James Monroe $1 Coins

482.13 - Indian Head Cents: 1888, 1897, (2) 1898, (2) 1899, 1900, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1905, 1906, 1907 

483.13 - Indian Head Cents: 1882, 1887, 1888, 1893, 1898, 1899, 1900, (2) 1902, 1903, 1906, 1907, 1908

484.13 - Indian Head Cents: 1882, 1891, 1893, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901, 1902, (2) 1903, 1904, 1906, 1907 

485.10 - Jefferson Silver Nickels: 1942-P, (3) 1943-P, 1943-D, 1943-S, 1945-P, 1945-D, 1945-S, 1945? + 1949 & 1959 

486.21 - Buffalo Nickels: 1920, 1920-S, 1923, 1925, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1934-D, 1935, 1935-D, (2) 1936, (2) 1937, (5) ????, (2) ????-D 

487.20 - Buffalo Nickels: 1920-D, 1923, 1926, 1929-D, (2) 1934, 1935, 1936, (3) 1937, 1937-D, (7) ????, ????-D 

488.1895 & 1899 Liberty Head "V" Nickels

489.1979-S Susan B. Anthony Dollar & a 1984 Ronald W. Reagan 40th American President Round

490.61 - 1940's Lincoln Wheat Cents - Various Dates & Mint Marks (No Steel)

491.93 - 1950's Lincoln Wheat Cents - Various Dates & Mint Marks

492.12 - Canadian Coins: 1968 Silver Quarter; 1960 & 1967 Silver Dime; 1958, 1959 & 1960 Nickels; 1908 & 1916 Large Cents; 1940, 1950, 1955 & 1959 Small Cents

493.4 - Mexico Coins: 1950 Silver 25 Centavos, 1944 20 Centavos, 1962 5 Centavos, 1977 20 Centavos

494.1944 United States Philippines Administration Silver 20 Centavos & Silver 10 Centavos

495.12 - Nazi Germany Coins: (2) 1939, 1940, (2) 1941, 1942 50 Reichespfennig; 1941 & 1942 10 Reichespfennig; 1940, 1941 & 1942 5 Reichsepfennig; 1938 1 Reichspfennig  

496.10 - United Kingdom Coins: 1928 & 1943 Silver Half Crowns; 1920 & 1929 Silver Florins; 1941 Silver Schilling; 1959 Farthing; 1922, (2) 1931 & 1938 One Penny

497.21 - France Coins: 1954 100 Francs; 1951 & 1953 50 Francs; 1950, 1952 & (2) 1953 20 Francs; (2) 1951, (3) 1952 & 1955 10 Francs; (2) 1946, 1947 & 1949 5 Francs; 1937 2 Francs; 1944 1 Franc; 1940 50 Centimes; 1913 1 Centime

498.10 - Belgium Coins: 1950 5 Francs; 1952, 1953, 1958 1 Francs; 1942 & (3) 1944 1 Francs; 1944 2 Francs; 1944 25 Centimes

499.24 - German Coins: 1954 1 Mark; 1922 50 Reischspfennig; (5) 1935 50 Reichspfennig; 1950 50 Pfennig; 1867 3 Pfennig; 1924 & 1925 10 Reischspfennig; (3) 1950 10 Pfennig; 1935 5 Reichspfennig; 1949 & (2) 1950 5 Pfennig; 1924 2 Rentenpfennig; (3) 1950, 1969 & 1982 1 Pfennig

500.1972-D Lincoln Memorial Cent Mint Error, 1943-D & 1943-S Steel Wheat Cents

501.7 - Norway Coins: 1950 & 1957 1 Krone; 1956 & 1957 25 Ore; 1955 & 1957 2 Ore; 1957 1 Ore

502.7 - Austria Coins: 1825 Silver 1 Groschen; 1947 1 Schilling; 1947 50 Groschen; 1944, 1952 & (2) 1953 10 Groschen and 4 - Switzerland Coins: 1955 20 Rappen; 1950 10 Rappen; 1955 5 Rappen; 1948 1 Rappen

503.6 - Netherlands Coins: 1957 10 Cent; 1957 5 Cent; 1880 & 1890 1 Cent; (2) 1957 1 Cent and 2 - Denmark Coins: 1924 10 Ore; 1954 1 Ore

504.5 - Italy Coins: 1952 & 1953 10 Lire; 1953 & (2) 1954 5 Lire. 3 - France Coins: 1943 2 Francs; 1942 & 1944 1 Franc. 2 - Morocco Coins: 1953 Silver 200 Francs; 1951 1 Franc. 1899 Russia 1 Kopek & an Asian Coin

505.1949 Central Bank of Philippines 2 Pesos Note, (10) 1923 German 1 Rentenmark Notes, 1944 France 5 Francs & 2 Francs Notes

506.First State Quarters of The United States Folder 1999 - 2008 - Complete w/the Box

507.10 - Minnesota Centennial 1858 - 1958 Iron Nickels, Virginia Minn. (Aluminum)

508.Spirit 8 HP 25" Snowblower - Starts & Runs On Full Choke, Needs Carburetor Work, Tires Go Flat After A Couple Of Days

509.Topflite 5 HP 24" Snowblower - Starts & Runs

510.MTD Yard Machines 5 HP 24" Snowblower - Starts & Runs, Right Tire Loses Air 

511.Toro 22" Personal Pace Mower w/Bag - Pulls Over, Good Compression, No Fire

512.Beechwood & Wicker 5 Drawer Storage Chest - 41.5" H x 18" W x 15" D

513.Painted Asian Style Side Table w/Glow In The Dark Painted Top - 21" H x 17.5" Sq.

514.Painted Blue 1 Drawer & Open Shelf Dresser w/Mirror - 56.5" H x 26" W x 15" D

515.2 Pc. Pine Folding Book/Storage Shelf - Comes Apart & Folds Up For Easy Storage or Transport - 74" H x 28" W x 12" D

516.Maple Butcher Block Style Top & Painted Base Cocktail Table - Legs Need Tightened - 20" H x 59" W x 32" D

517.Wicker Chair - 28" H x 26" W

518.Mahogany End Table - 22" H x 22" W x 26" D

519.Maple Graduated Shelf Curio - 45" H x 12" W x 10" D

520.Pine 1 Door Hanging Cabinet - 30.5" H x 24" W x 7" D

521.Walnut 4 Drawer Dresser - 34.5" H x 42" W x 23" D

522.Painted Oval End Table - 20" H x 26" x 22"

523.Painted This End Up Chair & Ottoman - 25.5" H x 25.5" W. x 32" D 

524.Steering Column and Fuel Tank From An Implement - Tank Is Full of Fuel - 38" H x 20" W x 42" D

525.Early Childs' Plank Seat Rocker - 27" H x 13" W

526.Step 2 Molded Plastic Childs' Kitchen Center - 39.5" H x 25" W x 13" D

527.Large Giraffe - 44" H x 36" L & Tiger - 42" L Plush Toys 

528.8) Czechoslovakia Miniature Knives -  1 7/8"L

529.The Big Little Book "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll - Whitman Publishing Co. 1934

530.Set of 6 Vintage Wildlife Glasses - Including Pheasant, Duck, Grouse, Etc. 

531.7) Vintage .22 Cal Cartridges - Including 2) Western Super-X 22 Long Rifle, 1) 22 Short Rifle, 1) Canuck 22 Long Rifle, 1) Monark 22 Long Rifle, ICI 22 Long Rifle and Mohawk 22 Long Rifle

532.Assorted Lot of Antique "Snuff" Tobacciana - 4) Mother of Pearl Snuff Spoons, 1) Glass Snuff Spoon, 1) Sterling Snuff Spoon, 1) Sterling Teaspoon, 1) Pattern Glass Snuff Dish and 1) Japanese Snuff Container

533.The History Channel - Korean War 4 Volume VHS Collectors Set

534.4) Antique Nippon and Bavaria Hand Painted Porcelain Ware - Including Hand Painted Gilded RS Germany Serving Bowl, Hand Painted Gilded Z.S. & Co. Bavaria Dinner Plate, Hand Painted Nippon Handled Dish and Hand Painted Nippon Dessert Plate

535.5.5" Lidded Candy Jar Full of Vintage Marble and Glad 32 Oz. Container Full of Vintage Marbles

536.3 - Limited Edition Prints Signed by Les Kouba - Including 2 - "Cross Country Pheasants"  80/500 & 81/500 and "Tin Town" 224/500 - All Measure 15.75" W x 11.5" H

537.Vintage Remington Shur-Shot 16 Ga. Shot Shells in Original Box and Vintage Remington Express 16 Ga. Shot Shells in Original Box

538.Early 1900's Paper Mache Bait Bucket w/ 3) Herter's Sinker & Jig Head Molds - Model 4A1,4A4 and 4A8 

539.5) Wood Carved Giraffe Statues - Measuring 10.5"H - 24"H

540.Large Assorted Lot of Vintage Christmas Ornaments and a Tree Topper

541.Silkeborg Uldspinderi Aps 100% Pure New Wool Woolmark - 52"W x 80"L

542.3) Antique Sad Iron Trivets, 1) Cast Iron Trivet and 1) Cast Iron Monarch Coal/Wood Handle - Including Enterprise Manu. Co. and Witt Nashville, Tenn

543.Large Assortment of Costume Jewelry Necklaces, Earrings, Brooches, Dress Clips, Etc. 

544.Vintage Horsman "Yvonne" Replica of Antique Porcelain Doll in Original Box - 15"H

545.6) Vintage YoYo's w/ 1) Genuine Flambeau Plastics Corp Duncan YoYo String Replacement - Including Duncan Butterfly YoYo, Duncan Glow Imperial, Pro Yo II by Playmaxx, Etc. 

546.Large Assortment of Vintage Plastic Vehicles - Including F & F Mold & Die Works, Model Products Corp., Etc. 

547.3) Art Deco/Mid-Century Modern Glass Lamp Shades

548.Vintage Remington Express 28 Ga. Shot Shells in Original Box and Vintage Remington Express 410 Ga. Gauge Shote Shells in Original Box

549.Frank Capra's Award Winning Documentary "WWII" - 5 Volume VHS Collector's Set

550.Better Little Bool "Steve hunter of the U.S. Coast Guard" by W.A. Lee - Whitman Publishing Co. 1942

551.Daisy No. 177 Target Special Pellet/BB Gun w/ Soft Sided Case

552.Harold's Club Reno Beam Bottle, Paul Bunyan Beam Bottle & Ezra Brooks Bucking Bronco Rider Bottle

553.2) Antique Hand Drills/Drill Brace w/ 4) Drill Bits

554.4) Pheasant Head Mounts w/ Assortment of Pheasant Tail Feathers

555.Large Assorted Lot of Costume Jewelry Necklaces

556.4 - Wedgewood Collector Plates: "Be My Friend", "Playtime", "The Recital" and "Our Garden"

557.7 Pcs. of Lefton Holiday Ceramics: Sleigh, Christmas Tree, 2 - Reindeer, Cream, Sugar & Covered Candy

558.11 - Elephant Figurines: 5 - Brass, 5 - Hand Sculpted Clay and Carved Onyx

559.Large Assortment of 29 Antique/Vintage Pairs of Clip on Earrings - Many Made in West Germany, Japan, Etc. 

560.1955 Herter's Gun Powder Scale w/Original Box

561.2 - Cast Iron, Steel and Wood Barn Pulleys - 11" L & 12" L

562.Better Little Book " Punch Davis of the Aircraft Carrier" by Roy J. Snell - 1945

563.2) Vintage Halsam Original Axe-Hewn Square American Log Sets No. 815 in Original Tins

564.9) Jars Full of Vintage Marbles

565.Vintage Eley Grand Prix 12 Ga. Cartridges in Original Box and Vintage Winchester Super Speed 16 Ga. Shotgun Shells in Original Box

566.True Stories of the First World War by Paul Dowswell, A Long March Home by Clarence K. Larson, World's Greatest War Sinking by Thomas Herbert 1914, The United States in The Great War by Willis Abbot 1919 and An Illustrated History of the Civil War by William Miller

567.13 - Ceramic/Porcelain Bird Figurines: Owls, Loon, Quail, Mallard, Parakeets, Rooster 

568.Large Assortment of Vintage Brooches, Cameos, Pendants, Necklaces, Etc. 

569.Hand Wrought Ladle, Hand Wrought "Tire" Iron, Antique Wrenches, Antique Levels, Etc. 

570.19) Vintage Toy Vehicles - Including Tonka, Hot Wheels, Tootsie Toy, Husky Models, Matchbox, Etc. 

571.12 - Walt Disney World's 25th Anniversary Collector's Glasses

572.3 - Howell Sad Irons

573.Singer The Little Touch & Sew Sewing Maching w/ Accessories in Original Box

574.Assortment of 50+ Stereoscope Viewer Cards

575.8) Vintage Boxes of .22 Cal Cartridges in Original Box - Including Mastercraft Supreme, Remington Hi-Speed, Hi-Power Cartridges, Etc.

576.Pair of Vintage Sawyer's Inc. View-Master Stereoscopes in Original Boxes

577.Big Little Book "Believe it or Not" by Ripley - 1931

578.Antique The Weir Stoneware Lidded Canning Jar - 8.5"H

579.Crossman Air Guns 1008 Repeater .177 Cal BB Pistol w/ Soft Sided Case

580.Diamond Entertainment Corp. World War II - 5 Volume Memorable Videos

581.3 - Vintage Ladies Leather Purses

582.Large Assortment of Costume Jewelry Necklaces

583.Large Assortment of Antique/Vintage "Toys" - Including Cracker Jack Toys, Rabbit Foot Charm, Key Chains, Etc. 

584.5) Antique Ice Tongs - Including Ben Rosenquist Big Stone Lake Ice, Etc. 

585.8 - Vintage Nesting Dolls Sets: 2 - Chick Eggs, Angels, Cats, Soldiers, Babushkas, Clowns, Indians

586.Assortment of Vintage Easter Decorations

587.9 - Coins Banks: 2 - Ceramic Stacked Pigs, Red Glass Pig, Brown Ceramic Pig, U.S. Mail Box, Adequate Insurance Helps Self Assurance, First National Bank Book, American Can Century of Progress 

588.Large Assortment of Pendants, Pins, Buttons, Campaign Pins/Buttons, 4H Pins, Etc. 

589.3) Antique Hand Scythes 

590.Adlake B & O Rail Road Lantern - Red Globe Is Wrong Size - 10" H

591.3) Antler Mounts on Oak Wall Plaques - Including 2 Pointer, 3 Pointer & 5 Pointer

592.Better Little Books "Terry and the Pirates - The Plantation Mystery" by Milton Caniff - 1942

593.Outdoor Life May 1937 Magazine, Max Cook Sporting Goods Co. Catalog 1948 and Hunting Fishing March 1943

594.Pair of Wood Conestoga Wagons - 6.5"L & 14.5"L

595.2) Vintage Remington 12 Ga. Shur-Shot Shotgun Shells in Original Box(s)

596.The Civil War Collection - A Nation Divided - 3 Pack VHS Set

597.U.S. Navy Felt Pennant - 30" L, Hollywood Felt Pennant - 23" L, Universaty of Michigan Letter, Basketball Hints by Coach "Ozzie" Cowles 1949-1950 Edition w/ Wood Michigan University Pin

598.Large Assorted Lot of Vintage Costume Jewelry - Including Necklaces, Brooches, Earrings, Pins, Etc. 

599.Assortment of Porcelain/Ceramic Ware: Pair of Queen's Fine Bone China Mugs, 3 - Fine English Bone China Floral Knick Knacks, 2 - Germany Floral Cups, Bavaria Fruit Tumbler, Portrait Dresser Box, Candle Snuffer

600.Large Assorted Lot of Vintage Plastic Animal Figurine Toys - Including Jaru, Safari Ltd., Britain's LTD, Etc.

601.Assorted Lot of Antique Tools - Including Rail Road Spike Maul Head, Cast Iron Cant Hook, Log Drag, 3) Wood Handles, Etc. 

602.29 Pair of Vintage Costume Jewelry Clip On Earrings - Many Made in West Germany and Japan

603.DuPont High Explosives Dove Tail Crate - 8"H x 17.75"L x 13"W

604.1935 Morton H. Harris Marksman .177 Cal. Pellet Gun w/ Doskocil Hard Sided Padded Pistol Case

605.Marx Fighting Squadron Doughboy Helmet and Pressed Steel Doughboy Helmet 

606.3) Solid Brass Giraffes' - Measuring 8.5"H - 16.5"H

607.2) Vintage American Plastic Bricks by Elgo Set No. 7.5 & 725 in Original Containers 

608.Big Little Book - "Tom Beatty Ace of The Service" by Richard Vale - 1934

609.Saving Private Ryan Special Limited Edition Box Set and Frank Capra World War II 3 Pack Video Set 

610.6) Vintage Shotgun Shells Boxes - Including Peter's "Power Piston" Trap Loads, Browning Special Dove & Quail, Western Xpert, Monark Target Load, Gamble's Ace Shot and Herter's Inter-Nation

611.Large Assorted Lot of Vintage Toys - Including 3) 1982 Wacky Wall Walkers *New in Package, Party Toy Stay Slim and Trim Shake a Leg *New in Package, Northwestern Prod. Co. Jr. Slugger, Jaymar Tiny Tot Toy, Etc. 

612.Assorted Lot of Costume Jewelry Necklaces and Bracelet

613.Pattern Glass Kerosene Finger Lamp, Lamp Burners, Aladdin Lamp Wick, Flat Lamp Wicks, Aladdin Wick Cleaner

614.18 - Sexton Cast Aluminum Decorative Wall Hangings:  Coal Buckets, Cistern Pumps, Coffee Pots, Pot Belly Stoves, Bellows, Coffee Grinders, Rolling Pins, Tea Pot, Butter Churns

615.Itasca Swampwalker 1000 Gram Thinsulate Waterproof Boots - Size 6

616.22 - Vintage Tumblers & Jelly Jars: 5 - Antique Autos, Wisconsin Sportsman Paradise, Speedy Gonzalez, Wylie Coyote, Care Bears, Peanuts, Flintstones, Davy Crockett, Sadie Hawkins, Old Times

617.5) Vintage Board Games - Including Krazy Ikes, Parker Brothers Rook, J. Pressman & Co. Midget Bowling, W.H. Schaper Mfg. Co. Cootie, Etc. 

618.Hubley Diesel Die Cast Bull Dozer *Missing Track, Lido Plastic Truck *Missing Wheel, Assortment of Dozer Tracks, Wheels, Etc. 

619."Screech Owl" Signed by Don Balke Limited Edition Print 392/1000 - 17.5"W x 23.5"H

620."Gray Squirrel Family" Signed by Don Balke Limited Edition Print 910/1000 - 18"W x 23"H

621."Lone Duck" Signed by Kelly Vollrath Limited Edition Print 148/500 - 24"W x 20"H

622."Little Bandits" Signed by Don Balke Limited Edition Print 621/1000 - 18"W x 23"H

623."Flight Home" Signed by Kelly Vollrath Limited Edition Print 100/750 - 28"W x 22"H

624."Cardinal Family" Signed by Don Balke Limited Edition Print 993/1000 - 18"W x 23"H

625."Bald Eagle" Signed by Kelly Vollrath Limited Edition Print 230/750 - 20"W x 24"H

626."Osprey" Signed by Don Balke Print - 14"W x 11"H

627."The Investigator" Signed by Don Balke Limited Edition Print 392/1000 - 20.5"W x 19.5"H

628."Ruby-Throated Hummingbird" Signed by Don Balke Limited Edition Print 391/1200 - 19"H x 14"W

629."Horse in Prairie" Signed by Kelly Vollrath Limited Edition Print 44/750 - 24"W x 18"H

630."Passion Play - Hummingbird" Signed by Jeff Renner Limited Edition Print 2294/2488 w/ COA - 13.5"W x 27.5"H

631."Peering Sentinel" Signed by Gary Gandy Limited Edition Print 399/500 - 21"W x 25.5"H

632."Rufous Hummingbird" Signed by Don Balke Limited Edition Print 391/1000 - 14"W x 19"H

633."Bald Eagle" Signed by Kelly Vollrath Limited Edition Print 231/750 - 20"W x 24"H

634.Original Oil on Canvas "Meadowbrook" Signed by SJ Drews - 23"W x 27"H

635."Canadian Honker's" Signed by Kelly Vollrath Limited Edition Print 375/500 - 27"W x 22"H

636."Duck Country" Signed by Kelly Vollrath Limited Edition Print 143/500 - 28"W x 22"H

637."Flight Home" Signed by Kelly Vollrath Limited Edition Print 234/750 - 28"W x 22"H

638."Homeward Bound" Signed by Kelly Vollrath Limited Edition Print 155/500 - 28"W x 22"H

639.1977 Frankoma Republican & Democrat Political Mugs

640.Big Little Book "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville - 1934

641.4 - Hand Painted Scenic Plates:  Nippon, 2 - Ucagco China and Wheelock

642.Set of 8 Federal Polka Dot Tumblers

643.6) Vintage Shotgun Shell Boxes - Including Winchester, Hiawatha, C-I-L, Peters, Hawthorne and Federal Cartridge Corp

644.6 - Padlocks: Miller Six Lever, Yale, Reese, Oak Leaf, Corbin Iron Clad, Cyclops + an Assortment of Keys

645.U.S. Fighter Squadrons - The Challenge of Flight - 9 Volume VHS Set

646.8 - Vintage Toby Type Mugs

647.Set of 4 Sportsman's Ash Trays in Original Box, 2 - Plaster Quail, Plaster Pheasant, 2 - Plaster Ducks, 2 - Brass Ducks

648.3 - Colebrookdale Sad Irons

649.Large Assortment of Vintage Costume Jewelry - Including Necklaces, Brooches, Earrings, Pins, Etc.

650.22) Elephant Figures - Including Ceramic/Porcelain, Wood and Wax

651.Jewelry Box w/ Large Assorted Lot of Rings, Necklaces, Earrings and More

652.Hempe Framing Vise Model 3747 w/ Operating Instructions

653.Craftsman 8" Bench Top Swivel Vise and Anvil 

654.Alltrade 40 Pc. Tool & Socket Set - NEW

655.Cooper Lighting Worklight

656.Simer Portable Submersible Centrifugal Geyser Pump - Appears New in Box

657.Mallard Mantel Decor (18"H x 14"L) & Hand Carved Cedar Hunter Statue (14"H)

658.Vintage B.F. McDonald Aluminum Safety Helmet w/Flame Retardant Insert and a Vintage Aluminum Safety Helmet w/Flame Retardant Insert

659.Fletcher No. 32 Circle Cutter, Small Anvil, Assortment of Wire Solder, Fletcher Flex Master Point Driver, Etc. 

660.Large Assortment of Shotgun Shells & BB's - Including Remington Express 410 Shells, Higgins Xtra Range 12 Ga. Shotgun Shells, Bullseye No. 1 BB's, Leather Pouch, Daisy Key Chain, Etc. 

661.Timberland Pro Series 6" Boot - *New in Box - Size 8 1/2 

662.6) Ammo Storage Containers, 1) Red Head Soft Sided Pistol Case, Spare Barrel Cover, Holsters, Etc. 

663.Eagle Copper Oiler, Cast Iron Pulley, 3) Small Steel Oilers, Aluminum & Steel Horse Shoes, Art Deco Coat Hook, Pattern Saws, Etc. 

664.Assortment of Vintage Door Knobs, Locks & Back Plates

665.Daisy Model 105 B 4.5mm BB Gun 

666.Antique Hampden Pocket Watch

667.8 - Glass Candy Containers: Bottle, Lanterns, Dogs, Car, Donkey w/Cart, Revolver

668.29) Vintage "MAD" Books - Including Good'n' MAD by William M. Gaine 1969, MAD For Better or Verse by Frank Jacobs 1968, Fighting MAD by William M. Gaine 1961, Viva MAD! by Sergio Aragones 1968, Etc. 

669.18 - Vintage Bottles of  Higgins Ink, 2 - Boxes An-Du-Septic Dustless Colored Crayons, 3 - Presto Paper Punches, 2 - Sketching Books, 2 - Grifhold Crowquill Holders, Grifhold Lettering Pen Holder, Crayola Large Drawing Crayons

670.Jewelry Box w/ Assortment of Necklaces, Brooches, Rings, Pendants, Pins, Etc. 

671.13) Antique Ink Bottles, 3) Vintage Fountain Pens, 3) Vintage Mechanical Pencils, 1) Ball Point Pen, Speedball No. 5 Artist Set, Etc. 

672.2 - Chicago Century of Progress Spoons, 2 - Mickey Mouse Spoons, Machinery Hall St. Louis Worlds Fair Spoon, United Cigars Spoon, Gerber Baby Spoon, Clown Childs Fork, Girl w/Doll Childs Fork, Chicago 34 Century of Progress Lapel Pin, Chicago Pin, Miniature Dutch Wood Shoes Chicago Century of Progress

673.Large Assortment of Old Vintage Toys - Including Congress Canasta Playing Cards, Wolfe Prod. Co. Interlocking Checkers, "Matchbox" Series Made in England by Lesney BP Explorer, Donald Duck Balance Toy, Whitman Pub. Co. Old Maid, Muppets Inc. Cookie Monster, Etc. 

674.Peters Victor Field Loads 16 Ga. Ammo Box, Remington Empty Shotgun Shells 16 Ga. Box, Wards Hawthorne Reliance Plastic Shot Shells Box, Canuck Standard Load 20 Ga. Shot Shells Box, Etc. 

675.Mack Steel Toe "Gorman" Boots Size 8 1/2

676.Dr. Pepper Wood Crate w/7 - Vintage Bottles: Coca-Cola, Albany Bottling Works, Vess

677.Large Assortment of Wrist Watches, Watch Bands, Etc. - Including Westclox Scotty Pocket Watch, Time, Citizen, Benrus, Rutex Automatic, Timex, Guess, Etc. 

678.5) Vintage Picture Puzzles - Including Perfect Picture Puzzle "Santa Inez Valley", Built Rite Interlocking "The Friendly Road", Playtime House, Etc. 

679.13 - Bottles & Jars: Rawleigh's, Martin Molitor St. Cloud, Minn., Physician's Sample & Others

680.7 Tine Steel Fishing Spear - 58"L

681.6 Tine Steel Fishing Spear - 60"L

682.Shurkatch Tackle Co. 4 Tine Fishing Spear - 63"L

683.3) Gifford Wood Co. Ice Axe(s) w/ 2) Edward I. Rice Inc. 250 Lbs. Ice $1.65 Coupon Sales Records

684.Vintage Swenson & Swenson Bearpaw Snow Shoes - 29.5"L

685.3) Wood Hide/Fur Stretcher Boards - 25"L, 35"L and 48"L

686.Antique Dobbins Manufacturing Co. Dobbins Super-Bilt Metal Ware Potato Planter

687.Antique C.W. Hackett Hardware Co. Bush Hook and Antique Log/Ice Block Pick

688.2) True Temper Weed Cutters

689.Antique 2 Man Lance Tooth Crosscut Saw - 66"L

690.Pair of Vintage Vermont Tubbs 36" Snow Shoes

691.Antique 2 Man Crosscut Saw - 66"L

692.Antique The Wood Shop and Tool Manu. Co. Wood Handle Square Shovel and Antique Wood Handle Square Shovel

693.Antique Pick Mattock and Antique V Hoe

694.2) Antique Wood Hay Rakes

695.A.C. Kent "The Triumph" orn Planter

696.Vintage Snocraft Snow Shoes - 48"L

697.Pair of Antique Cast Iron Bar Clamps

698.Vintage Corn Seeder

699.Adventurer Rod Holder w/ Assortment of Vintage Fishing Rods - Including Heddon Vicount Custom 6' Rod, Coast to Coast Stores "Green Star" Rod, Garcia Conolon 6.5' Rod, Berkley Lightning Rod 6.5' and Shimano FX-2602A 6' Rod

700.Vintage Snabb Mora-Borren Hand Crank Ice Auger 

701.Vintage Montague Monterey Bamboo Fishing Pole - 67"L w/ Ocean City Manu. Co. St. Lucie Reel

702.Antique Crosscut Saw - 60"L

703.Hay Saw, Scythe Blade, Ox Yoke, Etc. 

704.Antique Log Roller and 4) Axe Handles

705.Horrocks-Ibbotson Co. Vernley Select Fly Rod Case w/ Berkley Cherrywood 6' 6" Rod and Daiwa Mini-Cast Gold 5' Rod

706.Heddon "Pal" Casting Rod and Case w/ Original Flyer and Morley Murphy Hardware Co. "Luckie Lure" Collapsible Fishing Rod (106"L)

707.Berkley PVC Rod Holder w/ Montague Rod & Reel Co. Bamboo Rod - 74"L

708.Rod Caddy No. 203-A w/ Assortment of 4) Vintage Fishing Poles - Including Shakespeare Ugly Stick (5.5'L), Shakespeare "Wonderod" (6.5'L), Abu Garcia Max Plus Rod (5.5'L) and Shimano AG-1602 Rod (6'L)

709.Flambeau Rod Caddy w/ Assortment of 3 Vintage Rods - Including Heddon 6' Vari Power Action Rod, Etc. 

710.Rod Caddy Model 108 w/ Assortment of Vintage Rods - Including Zebco 6' Heavy Action Rod and Heddon Global 6' Rod

711.A.C. Kent "The Triumph" Corn Seeder

712.3) Pairs of Antique Wood Skis (Lund and Hickory Ridge Top) and 4) Antique Bamboo Ski Poles (Muller 145, Etc. 

713.St. Croix Musky Hunter Premier 5' 6" Rod w/ Holiday 1182 Reel and Shakespeare Wonderod 6' 6" w/ Shakespeare Sea Wonder 2081 EC Reel

714.Howald Wonderod by Shakespeare in Original Case (8' 6"L)

715.Bruin No. SP123 12 Ft. Telescopic Power Pole Combo and "Extendo" Telescopic Rod w/ Zebco 9BZ Reel

716.Keller Model 676 6' Fiberglass Ladder

717.Valley Pro Series Limb Saw w/ Power Action Lever - 86"L

718.2) Antique Ox Yokes

719.Antique 5 Tine Manure Fork and Antique Snath

720.Antique Wood Reel Mower, Lon-Groom Edger and Antique Garden Hoe

721.2) Antique Buck Saws - Including Parker's Zenith

722.Nelson Traveling Lawn Tractor Sprinkler

723.Antique Logging Saw (44"L) w/ Limb Pruners

724.Antique Cast Iron and Wood Ice Saw Handle - 19.25"L

725.48" Crosscut Saw

726.52" Crosscut Saw

727.47" Crosscut Saw

728.One Man Tuttle Tooth Saw

729.Pair of Milk Glass Grape Harvest Pattern Covered Candy Dishes - 6.5" H

730.K Mart Dietz Oil Lantern - 12" H

731.5) Vintage Boxes of Ammo - Including Western 38 S & W Cartridges w/ Original Box, Remington Express 16 Ga. Slugs w/ Original Box, Twin Cities Arsenal .30 Caliber Cartridges, Sears 16 Ga. Shotgun Shells, Etc. 

732.3) Goldsmith Pub. Co. Books - Including Jack Pearl as Detective Baron Munchausen by Harold Sherman 1934, Eddie Canton in Laughland by Harold Sherman 1934 and Fire Chief Ed. Wynn and His Old Fire Horse by Harold Sherman 1934 and 4) Birds of America Books by Frank Ashbrook 1941

733.Jewelry Box w/an Assortment of Costume Jewelry: Wrist Watches, Clip On Earrings and Necklaces

734.Custom Made Youth Tool Box Organizer w/ Assortment of Hand Tools - Including Hammer, Wood Mallet, Screw Drivers,"C" Clamp, Etc. 

735.2 - Spoon Display Racks w/an Assortment of 27 Souvenir Spoons

736.Heddon #10-9-2 1/2 F Bamboo 3 Piece Fishing Rod - 9'L

737.13) Vintage "War Themed" VHS Movies - Including Frank Capra's Prelude to War World War II, From Hell to Victory, Anzio, Vietnam, Hell is for Heroes, Etc. 

738.5 - Collectors Plates:  "A Kiss for Mother", "Caught in the Act - The Golden Retriever",  "Tender Courtship", "Twilight Serenade", "Moonlight Retreat"

739.Assortment of Costume Jewelry Necklaces

740.10) Vintage Puzzles 

741.Assortment of Glassware - Including Apple Pitcher, Deviled Egg Serving Tray, Large Serving Plate, Etc. 

742.Large Assortment of Tie Clips, Cuff Links, Tie Pins, Rings, Etc. 

743.Milk Glass Hobnail Perfume, Royal Art Glass Dish, Amber Floral Bowl, Pink Depression Handled Bowl, Green Divided Relish, Blue Daisy & Button Canoe

744.100) Vintage Shotgun Shells in Ammo Organizer/Display - Includes Federal High Power 12 Ga., Remington Express 16 Ga., Western Super X 16 Ga., Winchester Repeater 12 Ga., Maxum 12 Ga., Monark 12 Ga., Nitro Express 16 Ga., Etc. 

745.2) Antique Stoneware Shoulder Jugs - 11"H

746.Pair of Petrified Wood Bookends - 4.25"H

747.1956 Whitman Pub. Co. 4 Picture Puzzles w/ Original Box

748.4 - Limited Edition Prints Signed by Les Kouba: "Tin Town"  225/500 - 15.75" W x 11.5" H, 2 - "Cross Country Pheasants" 114/1550 & 115/500 - 15.75" W x 11.5" H, "Headin' For Shelter" - 8.5" W x 6" H

749.Large Assortment of Vintage Plastic Figures - Including Farmers, Cows, Conestoga Wagons, Cowboys, Animals, Etc. 

750.6) Vintage Ammo Boxes - Including Remington .38 Special Target Master Box, Peters .38 Special Cartridges Box, Dominion 30-30 Winchester Box, Remington .38 S & W Box, Federal Cartridge Corp. Ball "Match" .45 Cal. Box and Western Super X 7MM Ammo Box

751.Assortment of 2) Perfume Bottles/Atomizer, Pearlescent Powder Dish, Ring Containers, Etc.  

752.11 - Vintage Childrens Books: The Gateway to Nature, Child Health Alphabet - 1918, The Santa Claus Book - 1972, A Little Cowboy's Christmas - 1951, The Sleeping Beauty, Framing The Declaration of Independence - 1926, Ancient Legends, The Metropolitan Mother Goose, There Once Was A Puffin - 1957, The Ghost Express, Throbs

753.Pair of "Hobo Joe" Book Ends, "Hobo Joe" Desk Top Pen Holder, Lidded Lion Keepsake Container, Pair of "Lincoln" Bookends, Vintage Thermometers, Letter Openers, Etc. 

754.Assortment of Porcelains: 5 - Germany Scenic Plates, Pheasant Plate, The Fort Garry Hotel Leaf Dish, Belleek Salt Cellar, 2 - Cups w/Saucers, Staffordshire Floral Whimsey

755.Assortment of Vintage Photos & Tintypes

756.7) Vintage Ammo Boxes w/ Assorted Ammo - Including Hiawatha "Airway" 12 Ga. Box, Federal Cartridge Corp. Monark 12 Ga. Skeet Shells Box, Hiawatha "Ace", C-I-L 410 Ga. Target Loads, Alcan Co. 100 Shotshell Primers, Gamble's Ace Shot Shells 410 Ga., Western Xpert Box w/ Assorted Shells

757.2 - Children's Porcelain Tea Sets

758.1956-1957 F.C. Taylor Fur Co. St. Louis, Mo Catalog

759.3 - Roger Tory Peterson Prints: "Blue Jay" - 14" W x 11" H, "Cardinal" - 11" W x 14" H and "Flicker" 11" W x 14" H

760.Assortment of Knick Knacks & Figurines

761.11) Vintage VHS Movies - Including John Wayne "American Hero of the Movies", John Wayne "The Dawn Rider", Tom Hanks "Cast Away", Russell Crowe "Gladiator", Mel Gibson "Patriot", Etc. 

762.5 - Collector Plates: "Seems Like Yesterday", "Peaceful Village", "Snow Bound",  "Sharing" and "A Puzzlement" 

763.Vintage Don Diego Wood Cigar Box w/ 10+ Sets of Vintage Cuff Links, Tie Clips, Capt. Hawks Sky Patrol Panama Red Brand Belt Buckle, Etc. 

764.Assortment of Costume Jewelry Necklaces

765.9 - Dietz Lantern Globes

766.Assortment of Enamelware: Pots, Colander, Refrigerator Pans, Tea Kettle

767.5) Vintage Shotgun Shell Boxes - Including Gamble's 12 Ga. Shot Shells, Hiawatha "Ace" 12 Ga. Shot Shells, Federal Hi-Power 410 Shot Shells, Federal 16 Ga. Shotgun Shells and Federal 20 Ga. Shotgun Shells

768.Twisted Wire "Heart" Rug Beater - 30.25" L

769.4 - Vintage Wood Canes - 33.75" to 35.75" L

770.Vintage Brass Umbrella Holder - 20.5"L

771.Red River Express - The Original Lincoln Logs Building Set 

772.The Flintstones - Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty Paper Dolls w/ Additional Paper Accessories 

773.28 - Vintage Copper Cookie Cutters

774.Large Assortment of Antique/Vintage Advertisement Calendars - Including "Love of Venice" 1936, Dodgers vs. Angels Schedule 1963, WM. Deutsche Steel and Machinery 1924, Brooks Bros. Everything in Lumber 1923, Etc. 

775.16) Antique/Vintage Brochures - Including The Commentator Feb. 1937, Days of '76 Souvenir Program Aug. 1933 Deadwood, S. Dak, 5) Trees of Minnesota Division of Forestry 75th Anniversary 1911-1986, Bennet Commission Co. St. Paul, MN Records Book, Etc. 

776.Large Assortment of Vintage Giraffe Decor - Including Pair of Large Plastic Giraffe(s) 17.5"H, Giraffe Resin Mirror, 2) Large Giraffe Brushes, Giraffe Planter, Mugs, Etc. 

777.Large Assortment of 1950's-1980's Plastic Figurines - Including Model Plastics Corp. Space Figurines, Colonial Soldiers, Etc. 

778.2 - Schreiber & Conchar Sad Irons and 2 - Asbestos Sad Irons 

779.18) Vintage Frame Puzzles - Including Walt Disney Prince Pauper, The Amazing Spider Man, Jaymar Mickey Mouse, Pooh, Etc. 

780.2) Antique Stoneware Shoulder Jugs - 11.25"H

781.Vintage Spitz Moon Scope in Original Box w/ Manuals

782.Assortment of Gold Tone Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rosary, Pendants, Etc. 

783.Assortment of Antique/Vintage Advertisement Ephemera - Including Lion Coffee Paper Dolls, Minnehaha Cleaners St. Paul, MN Booklet, Klein & Co. Undertakers Advertisement, 

784.Columbus Dubl Handi Wash Board - 18" H

785.1976 D.C. Comics Bat Man Record Set and Complete Set of 44 Bat Man Trading Cards

786.11 Pc. Japan Tea Set, Train Engine Bookends, Milk Glass Vase, Incolay Peacock Covered Box, Occupied Japan Ash Tray, Grape Harvest Pattern Basket, Southern Belle Planter

787.Assortment of Frog Lawn Decor - Including 3) Glazed Frog Statues (8"-9"), Frog Wind Chimes, Carved Frog Statue, Etc. 

788.30+ Vintage Plastic Cookie Cutters

789.Samuel Cabot Inc. Dove Tail Wood Crate - 10.75" H x 14.75" L x 14" W

790.16 Pairs of Vintage Clip-On Earrings w/ 3 Pair of Genuine Diamond Dust Earrings

791.Assortment of Vintage Kitchenware - Including Androck Grinder, 1940's Boes Dayton Nut Cracker, Cake Decorator and Cookie Maker, 1958 Minnesota Centennial Glass, Etc. 

792.Vintage Elk Table Runner (47"L x 12"W) & Vintage Tablecloth (48" x 48") 

793.Classic Automotive Collection Set of 10, Minic Ships by Hornby Die Cast Fighting Ship w/ Glidewheels and Friction Powered Tin Locomotive

794.American Bisque Animal Crackers Cookie Jar (No Lid), Owl Cookie Jar (No Lid) and a Plastic Locomotive Cookie Jar

795.3) 1950's Renwal Plastic Boats - Including Renwal No. 140, No. 138 & No. 142

796.9) Vintage Youth Puzzles 2) Are Sealed New - Including Golden Lion King, Fairchild Groove Groovies Puzzle, Jack & The Bean Stock  Puzzle, Etc. 

797.7 - Art Pottery Planters & Vases

798.Assortment of Tins: Binney & Smith Anti-Dust Pure Chalk Crayon, Binney & Smith An-Du-Septic Dustless Crayon, Klean Write Ribbon, Watch Works + Schlitz Beer & Sen. Paul Wellstone Beer Tax Coasters 

799.6) Bangle & Clasp Bracelets

800.Large Assortment of Vintage Dolls & Stuffed Animals - Including Rainbow Creatures Frog, 7) Twinkle Ty Beanie Boos, Vintage Magic Bottle Baby, Etc. 

801.Assortment of Figurines: Lions, Goose Pitcher, Fawn, Rabbits

802.Assortment of Vintage "Toys" - Including 2) Jeryco Product Just Like Mother's Baby Stroller *New in Box, Daisy Cork Gun, Wood Train, Miniature Wood Bowling Set, Etc. 

803.Squeezo-Strainer in Original Box w/Manual - Complete & Like New

804.Waring Pro Professional Deep Fryer - New, Never Used

805.Corning Ware 1.8L Divided Casserole Dish w/ Lid and 2) Additional Corning Ware Dishes

806.Majesticware by Oneida 24 Piece "Cherry" Dinner Set - Including "8) Dinner Plates, 8) Dessert Plates, 8) Coffee Mugs + Sonoma "Cherries Jubilee" Platter, Home "Cherries" Napkin Holder w/ Spoon Rest

807.Assortment of Kitchen Utensils - Including Copper Measuring Cups, Scale, Tongs, Meat Fork, Cake Knife, Copper Spatula, Etc. 

808.3) Youth Board/Card Games - Including Scattergories Junior, Balderdash Junior and Hasbro Star Wars Episode 1

809.18) Libbey Wine Glasses w/ Storage Box

810.Graniteware Roasting Pan and Graniteware Stock Pot

811.Vintage Fisher-Price Play Set - Including Play Family Castle, Fisher Price Circus Train, Fisher Price Figures, Etc. 

812.24 Piece "Hammered" Glass Dinnerware Set - Including 8) Dinner Plates, 8) Bread Plates and 8) Bowls

813.Assorted Lot of 10 Christmas Village Houses and Large Assortment of Christmas Village Figurines, Etc. 

814."They Came Two By Two" Wall Hanging, Noah's Ship Wind Chimes and Assortment of Additional "Noah" Themed Decor Items

815.27) Christmas Themed Cookie Cutters

816.Large Assortment of Vintage "Giraffe" Items - Including Vintage Giraffe Stuffed Animal, Morden Canada Giraffe Souvenir, Giraffe Planter, Hand Blown Glass Giraffes, Etc. 

817.Casio CTK-330 Keyboard w/ Power Adapter - Tested/Works

818.3) Souvenir Spoon Wall Display Shelves - Measuring (20"H x 10"W), (24"H x 17"W) and (20.75"H x 17.75"W)

819.Set of 8 Drinking Glasses and 16 Piece Set of Plastic Ware Serving Bowls

820.Echo Miracle 2 in 1 French Fry Cutter, Bloomfield Industries #40 Hamburger Mold, Bundt Cake Molds, Etc. 

821.Vintage Aluminum Colander Sieve w/ Stand and Wood Pestle

822.3) Vanity Jars w/ Lids *New, 2) Thomas O'Brien Soap Trays, 1) Mirrored Tray, Etc. 

823.Mid-Century Modern Style Copper Lamp - 21.75"H

824.2) Seven Seas Supply Inc. Seafarer Decor Kits - Includes Giant 5' x 10' Net and Shells

825.Assortment of Jerky Spice Seasoning Kits, American Harvest Jerky Gun, Etc. 

826.Kenwood 5 Disc DVD/CD Changer w/ Remote and Cables

827.Olympic Duplicate Bridge Boards, Lo-Jacs, Match Books, Match Box Holder, Playing Card Boxes

828.Assortment of Vintage Christmas Decor: Ornaments, Candles, Santa Figures, Angel Chimes, Trees, Figurines, Tinsel Garland

829."Hoot 'N' Holler - Great Horned Owl" Signed by James A. Meger Print 945/1200 - 21.25"W x 18.25"H

830."Little Bandits" Signed by Don Balke Limited Edition Print 944/1000 - 18"W x 23"H

831.Original Oil on Canvas "Floral Still Life" Signed by P. Royale - 20"W x 24"H

832.Horse Painted on Silk - 17" W x 13.5" H

833.3 - Louis Raymer Prints: 2 -  Pintail Duck and a Canada Goose - All 17" W x 14" H

834.2 - Prints Signed by Cory Michael Skaaren - 17.75" W x 14" H

835."Lovey Dovey" Limited Edition Serigraph Print Signed by Charles Harper 464/2000 - 18" W x 18" H

836."Loving Panda" Signed by Tobion Limited Edition Print 740/1000 - 17.5"W x 23"H

837."Little Bandits" Signed by Don Balke Limited Edition Print 946/1000 - 18"W x 23"H

838.7 - Train Prints by J.B. Deneen: 4 - Saga of the Iron Horse (SP & S 700, CB & Q Hudson, NP Challenger, Great Northern Mountain), "Empire State Express", "Santa Fe Chief" & Sunshine Special" - 22.75" W x 19" H

839.6 - Norman Rockwell Prints: "Only Skin Deep", "Walking to Church", "Before & After", "Homecoming", "The Art Critic" - 25" H x 19" W) and "The Family Tree" - 23" W x 29" H

840.5 - A. Maugeri Prints: 2 - Boat Harbor Scenes & 3 - Landscapes - 27.5" W x 19.75" H

841."Breaking Surf" by Walter Andrews Print - 33.5" W x 21.5" H and Grass and Leaves Print - 32" H x 15.25" W 

842.Pair of Antique Hand Carved Hand Painted Duck Decoys - 13.5"L

843.2) Large Plastic Punch Bowl(s) and 3) Plastic Pitchers 

844.Purex 2 Qt. Bottle, 1 Gallon Liquid Glass Jar, 2 - Ball Jars w/Oil Funnels

845.Vintage Plywood Spice Rack - 17"H x 12.5"L x 9"W

846.7 - Vintage Cigar Boxes:  Muriel, Royal Banner, Harvester Cigars, Tom Moore Cigars, Corina, King Edward 

847.Vintage Hires Root Beer Megaphone Container, L.F. Grammes & Sons Allentown, PA  Clip, Advertising Coat Hanger, Sewing Shuttle, Button Hooks

848.2) Aluminum Drink Bottles, Metal Cocktail Shaker, Cork Opener, Plastic Coffee Pot, Etc. 

849.3) Foldable Premium Stadium Seats

850.4) Antique Inflatable Rubber Duck Decoys

851.4 - Hat Stands & a Wood Wig Stand

852.Assortment of Telephone Wire Insulators

853.2) Carry-Lite Paper Mache Mallard Decoys and 2) Vintage Wood Duck Decoys

854.Assortment of 160 .22 Cal Cartridges - Including Federal, Peters, Western, Etc. 

855.Large Assorted Variety Of Cartridges - Including Western .38 Special, Remington .45, Peters .22 S & W, .50Cal., WRA Co. .30 Army, Etc. in Dove Tail Wood Box

856.2) Vintage F-704 Shaoe Cap Guns *New in Package, Three Stars Repeating Roll Caps *New in Package, Dick Tracey Cap Gun, Etc. 

857.Disney "Princess" Suitcase - 17"H x 12"W x 6"D

858.Assortment of Vintage Figurines - Including Ideal Telephone, Cast Iron Crash Car, Fisher Price Little People, Warner Bros. Rubber Road Runner, Etc. 

859.42) Vintage Cookie Cutters

860.Assorted Lot of 9) Decoys - Including Animal Trap Co. of America Majestic Duck Decoy, 2) Fiberglass Goose Decoys, Etc. 

861.3) Walt Disney's Productions Rubber Mickey Mouse Figures, Mickey's Air Mail, Assortment of Youth Tools, Ponderosa Tin Mugs, Etc. 

862.Large Assortment of Cook Books - Including Better Homes & Gardens, Hershey's Chocolate Classics, Oriental Cooking, Hellman's Best Recipes, Etc. 

863.Robinson Ransbottom Blue King Crown 10 Gallon Crock - 17.5"H

864.Holmes Model HA-50 - 5,200 BTU Air Conditioner - *New in Box

865.Carlson Dairy Co. Rush City, MN Steel 10 Gallon Milk Can w/Lid

866.Vintage 3 Legged Wicker Stool and Hand Painted Rush Seat Childs Chair

867.Portable Glass Top Wood Display Case - 30.75"L x 17.5"W x 5.75"D

868.10 Gallon Steel Milk Can w/Lid - 24" H

869.Pair of Spool Leg Milk Stools

870.Wall Mount Pine 5 Place Coat Rack - 51.75" L

871.1966 Playskool Giraffe Ride On Toy - 19.75" H x 22" L

872.Decorative Floral Foot Stool - 14"H x 17"W

873.Ladder Back Childs Rocker - 22" H & Aluminum Frame Childs Folding Chair

874.Pair of Wood Frame Folding Stools - 16"H

875.10 Gallon Steel Milk Can w/Lid

876.Collapsible Drying Rack - 43"H x 29"W x 14.25"D

877.Wood Framed Mirrored Back 5 Place Coat Rack - 36.25"L x 14.25"H

878.Oak Foot Stool - 14" H x 17" Sq.

879.Pine Plate & Mug Wall Shelf - 8" H x 30" L x 5.5 "D 

880.Framed Mirrored Back Wall Shelf - 48"W x  25.75"H x 4.5"D

881.Minnesota Ashtray, 2 - Minnesota Twins Key Chains, Louisville Slugger  Minnesota Twins 1969 World Series Miniature Bat, German Wood Pipe, Calzado Imperio Shoe Horn, Asian Hand Fans, Asian Tassels. 

882.Vintage Kiraku & Co. Inc. Grampus Fresh Water Set w/ Wood Fly Fishing Case and Bamboo Split Fly Rod Set w/ Snelled Hooks, 11) Fly Fishing Flies, Etc. 

883.Assortment of Vintage Maps: Canada, St. Louis Co. Minn., Lake of the Woods & Others

884.Dominion Waffle Maker Model 1316, Oneida Silversmiths Divided Tray, Wendell August Forge Hammered Aluminum Bowl, 2) Candle Snuffers, Etc. 

885.Assortment of Embroidered Appliance Covers

886.30 - Glass Lamp Chimneys

887.Assortment of Embroidered Table Cloths & Napkins

888.Hand Carved Owl, Sea Shore Bird House, Limited Edition 3724/16222 Fairy Nut Cracker, 2) Sun Catchers, Charles Craft 6 Piece Steak Knife Set, Etc.  

889.Clothes Pin Bag w/Wood Clothes Pins, 2 - Decorative "Catch of the Day" Baskets, Red Wing Saffron Ware Jar, 2 - Wall Shelves. 

890.Mid-Century Modern Maddux of California Casserole Dish, Stoneware Chips & Dip Platter, Oil & Vinegar Cruet Set, Floral Bowl, Harvest Fruit Platter

891.Large Assortment of Dishware - Including 8) Vintage Harkerware Saucers, World Wide Quality "English Cottage" 5) Piece Set, Etc. 

892.Globe~Wernicke No. 7310 C Dove Tail File Box (10"L x 5.75"W x 4.75"H and Miniatures Wall Display (16"H x 12"W x 2"D)

893.Large Assortment of Doll Stands and Plate Stands

894.Vintage Edge Brand Germany Deer Foot Knife w/ Leather Sheath, Marshall Wells Full Tang Hunting Knife, Vintage Floating Fish Knife Japan, 10 Blasting Caps Wood Box, The Acme Siren, Phillip S. Olt Crow Calling Part II, Etc. 

895.16) Vintage Western Themed Books - Including Louis L'Amour "Chancy", Louis L'Amour "The Rider of Lost Creek, Lewis B. Patten "Apache Hostage Law of the Gun", William Hopson "High Saddle", Etc. 

896.Crazy Style Mr. Potato Head, Rabbit Chalkware, Stone Egg, 47) Arm & Hammer Advertising Cards, Etc. 

897.2) Pattern Glass Platters, 1) Large Green Footed Vase, Salt/Pepper Shaker Set, Etc. 

898.9 -  Antique/Vintage Books: Dr. Chase's Third, Last and Complete Receipt Book & Household Physician Book by A.W. Chase, M.D. - 1901, The F.B.I. by Quentin Reynolds - 1954, The Home Book of Quizzes, Games and Jokes - 1941, Outdoor Lifes Gallery of North American Game - 1958, Save Your Soul - 1901 & Others

899.2) Clear Pattern Plastic Serving Platters, 3) Blue Trays, 1) Clear Plastic Divided Server and 1) Sterling & Noble Battery Operated Clock

900.Assortment of Antique Jars, Lids & Seals

901.Hand Painted Elephant Cookie Jar - 11"H

902.Table Tops Gallery "Cherry Blossom" Set - Includes, Cookie Jar, Spoon Rest, Napkin Holder and Trivets

903.5 - Childrens Books: Gene Autry and Red Shirt by -1951, Roy Rogers and The Rimrod Renegades - 1952, Rin Tin Tin - 1953, Fairy Tales From Grimm and a Davy Crockett T-Shirt Iron On . 

904.Assortment of Bells, Triangle Instrument, New Haven  Slumber Stopper Radium Alarm Clock, Youth Belt Buckle, Horns, Brass Alcohol Burner, Brass Iron 

905.Vintage Planters Mr. Peanut Stuffed Figure, Vintage Novelty Pencil w/ Sharpener in Original Box, Beenybud Style 003 Doll w/ Original Box, Etc. 

906."Around the World With A Camera" Book - 1919 

907.Cast Iron Bracket Lamp Holder,  2 - Oats Baskets, 2 - Cranberry Pickers, Bale Hook, 2 - Stove Grate Handles, Wire Tea Pot Figure

908.6 - Limited Edition Prints Signed by Kelly Vollrath: "Wandering Moose" 418/800, 2 - "Lone Elk" 439 & 444/800, "Whitetail Buck" 586/800, "Mt. Goat" 400/800, "Doe & Fawn" 478/800 and "Lone Elk" 439/800 - All 14" H x 11" W

909.Assortment of Handkerchiefs and 4 - Pair of Ladies Gloves

910.Barn Wood Framed - Oil on Board "White Tail Buck" Signed Under Frame  - 25" H x 23.5" W

911.Framed "Canvasbacks" by Peter Cernia Lithograph - 17.25"W x 13.25"H

912.Framed "Wild Duck" by Paul Wood Lithograph - 13"W x 17"H

913.Framed 1910's Pair of American Golden Plovers - 19"H x 16"W

914.Framed "Fisherman's Pride" Print - 10"W x 13"H

915.Framed "Deer Country" by Julie Crocker Print - 23.5" W x 19.5" H

916.Framed "Canvasbacks" by Les Kouba Print - 22" W x 18" H

917.Wood Framed "Country Life" Print - 15"W x 17.5"H

918.Antique Wood & Plaster Framed "Old Windmill" 2610 Print - 25"W x 21"H

919.Framed "Village by Moonlight" by J.W. Gozzard Lithograph - 11.75" W x 19.75" H

920.Framed "Winchester - The W Brand" by Phillip R. Goodwin Print - 13.25" W x 17.25" H

921.Framed "Bufflehead" by Athos Menaboni Print - 18.5" W x 23.5" H

922.4 -  Vintage Pillow Covers: Sweetheart, Camp Hale Colorado, 1952 73rd Tank Battalion Korea, Aloha Hawaii and a Japan Handkerchief

923.Oval Maple Beveled Wall Mirror - 34" H x 20" W

924.Framed "Home Town" by Luigi Luciani 1935 Print - 21" W x 18.5" H

925.Framed "Big Catch" Print - 8.25" W x 10.25" H

926.Framed "Day Dreaming About Gibson Girls" by Charles Dana Gibson Copyright 1903 by Collier's Weekly Print - 21" W x 18.5" H

927.4 - Vintage Canine Prints: "Golden Retriever" by Harry Tollas - 10" H x 8" W, 2 -  "English Setter" by Roger Cruwys - 20" H x 16" W and "German Short-Haired Pointer" by G. Hartmann - 20" H x 16" W

928.Assortment of Crocheted Doilies

929.Framed "Indian Chief" on Black Velvet - 23.5" H x 19.5" W

930.Wood Framed "Home Landing" Print - 22.5" H x 18.5" W 

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